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World Sex Archives is the largest interactive database about escorts and adult travel in the world. There is no site quite like it on the Internet. Many try to duplicate the massive success of WSA but there is only one WSA!

Did you know that in some countries there are beautiful 18 year old girls that are just waiting to meet you? We are not talking about crack-whores that need to get another fix, but rather students or young women with professional careers. (Of course, there are also some not so educated babes who do it just for fun!)

There are many places in the world where women will treat you like a king!

Members of World Sex Archives (WSA) are seasoned travelers who have been around the world experiencing the finest pussy on the planet. At WSA members interact with one another in real time discussion boards to keep each other informed and up to date on the best places in the world to find the ultimate pussy. Newbies learn from the experienced pros as to where they too can find nice 18 year old girls.

Thousands of Pictures (Over 17429 and Counting!)

Inside WSA there are thousands of pictures of real girls from all over the world that you too can fuck! All the small pictures on this page are examples of the photos that have been uploaded by members. But these photos are only a small sample of the thousands you will find inside. There are no models at WSA. All the girls are genuine "girlfriends" just waiting for another tourist to come and visit them. Inside you will find out exactly where to meet these girls, what their personalities are like, how well they performed in the sack and what they charged (if anything).

Videos of Girls

Due to popular demand we are now accepting videos of girls.  You have to see this stuff to believe it!  HOT!

Tens of Thousands of Travel Reports

WSA has information on virtually every adult tourist destination in the world. Find out exactly where to go and how not to get ripped off before making any travel plans.

Find out everything that you need to know to ensure a safe trip with lots of girls. Everything you need to know about your next trip is available at WSA. Trip reports contain information about where to meet women who want to meet you, the best discos, how to avoid rip-offs, guest-friendly hotels and a whole lot more.

Do a search below on any topic you can think of to get an idea of what is inside!

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Avoid Rip-offs

WSA members regularly discuss how to avoid being ripped off when traveling to a new country. By joining WSA you will know exactly what your next trip will cost before going.

Know exactly what the taxi drivers should be charging and find out where the best accommodation is for a fraction of what others are paying. Avoid finding out you paid more than you should have! How can you afford not to join?

Cheap and Safe to Join

It is really cheap to join WSA! Less than $4.95 a month when paid yearly!

All purchases are handled by third party billing companies that use secure servers to ensure your transaction is safe.  So, you never have to worry about the safety of your purchase.

Your wife will never know what you bought! The 3rd party billing companies using generic names like so no one looking at your monthly statement will have any idea of what was purchased. Everything is safe!