Uploading and Viewing Pictures

Pictures are viewed the same way that messages are viewed. Simply click on the title of the message where the picture resides and it will automatically be displayed on your screen.

To upload a picture for everyone else to see, simply post a new message or respond to an existing message as you normally would and then add the following code where you would like the image to appear: \image{description of image}

For instance, if someone wanted to upload a picture of a good looking chica they met, they might do it like this:

Hey guys! Here is a picture \image{Cuban Babe!} of a chica I met in Cuba!

After doing this, and selecting the post option, the computer will ask for the name of the file and where it is located on your hard drive. The result, in this case, would be the message being displayed with the picture in the middle. You need Netscape 2.0 or better or Internet Explorer 4.0 or better to use this feature. There is also no spaces between the word \image and the first bracket "{" that is typed. It is really very simple, just don’t forget the slash goes this way \ not like this / and it is these {} brackets, not any of the other ones. It also only works with JPGs and GIFs.

So, to sum up, where you want to insert an image type: \image{filename} and then follow the online instructions.  It is really very easy.


Reducing Picture Size

Pictures that are uploaded to WSA must be smaller than 100K in size.  In most cases it is best to keep the picture under 40K.  You can still upload quality photos under 40K if you reduce the file size with the correct software.

The best software I have found to reduce file size is called IrfanView.  You can download IrfanView for free by clicking here!

After you have downloaded and installed Irfanview, follow these simple instructions to reduce file size:

1) Start IrfanView
2) Click "File" then "Open" and then select the file you wish to edit.
3) Click "Image" and then "Resize/Resample"
4) Select an option to reduce the file to the proper size.  You can chose options such as "Half" or a percent of the original size/
5) Click "File" and then "Save".

All done!  You will see the file is now much smaller but still has a pretty good quality.

Additional comments and questions about using IrfanView can be posted inside the archives on the "General Chat" message board.


Tips for WSA Digital Photography (Added by JustJoe)

Hey People,

I thought I'd provide a few tips for digital photography, since I'm seeing quite a few new photos posted in bad formats, lighting, etc.


1) The sensual traveler needs a small but versatile digital camera. I travel with a Canon S110 with a 256mb card, on which you can store several hundred photos. Why is a small camera important? Because like your penis, the smaller the camera, the less it scares the girls. And negatives and glossies are much more trouble to hide from your wife than discreet digital photos. You can buy the Canon online for about US$400. Try mysimon.com to comparison shop. With a 256 mb card and a spare battery, you'll be set back maybe $700, but you know, it'll be worth every penny.

2) If you travel to less tolerant countries, hang onto the 16 mb card they give you when you buy the camera. When you go through certain customs gates, they might want to see the photos, and if they're nudes of young girls, they might confiscate it and see if you were doing underage girls. It's a good precaution to bring along the 16 mb card, which could hold maybe 30-40 photos, and take touristy shots with that card, but swap to your secret one for the hobbyist photos. To hide your photos on your laptop or desktop, you'll need special programs like OneApp Secret Folder for the Mac (http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10248-100-1427098.html?tag=st.dl.10000-103-1.lst-7-1.1427098) or Ghost for Windows (http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10248-100-2947971.html?tag=st.dl.10000-103-1.lst-7-3.2947971).

3)Taking photos of girls is a great pastime. They always start out "okay, but don't take a picture of my face!"... but by the end of the night, they're spreading for me and want to be photo'ed doing a blowjob. It is extremely exciting to watch the process of the exhibitionist open up. With a digital camera, take the first few photos without their face, showing them that you can be trusted. Also, if you have your laptop handy, have a few photos you've done that are perfectly cropped and prepped, and if you've done a good job, they'll beg for photos. If you don't have a laptop handy (incall instead of outcall), you can take photos you've finalized, adjust them into the pixel size of the camera, and upload them back to the camera to show girls. If you do this, the doors will open. I've even been offered freebies in exchange for photowork (which I am more than happy to accept, since these invariably lead to more intense sexual experiences).

4) You MUST learn how to use PhotoShop. In PhotoShop, you can learn how to crop photos, adjust levels, contrast, colorize, pinch their noses and waists, increase their bust sizes a bit, etc etc. It's really important to fix the brightness and contrast. If you do so, you can remove some of the blemishes that the eye normally doesn't see, but the camera with bad lighting always captures. It's worth it to buy a book on erotic photography, because what you're trying to do is capture the emotion of the moment, and not document something like a morgue photo. Here are two photos that I did all of the above to, very economically, to produce good work.

7194.jpg (43438 bytes)


7195.jpg (24016 bytes)

I shot these, and about 20 others, in fifteen minutes, in a hotel, against a plain wall, with no special lights, and using only available clothing she had on her. Another 20 minutes in front of my laptop with Photoshop, and this girl was so happy she did me for free for the entire afternoon.

5) After you prepare the final photos, you need to resize them to something that won't be too big for the screen at WSA. I suggest 400x600 in JPEG format. Then the pictures will look really nice, and are the right size for WSA. For the actual instructions for picture upload, just follow the instructions that Mark has posted in /help-pics.html.

6) The S110 also takes AVI movies, which is the next hot thing to play with. On a Mac, you can use Premiere and FinalCutPro to make your own sex videos. Tres cool. I'm hoping that Mark will set up a special section for links to movies produced by our community.