Prostitution Report
from Colombia

I am back in more ways than one. Having an eye opening experience in Medellin, I learned much about Colombia, and who you should travel with and how you should travel. I will be putting up a full report soon but will start by saying that Colombia had been pulling me into her direction for a while. Being nervous at first, Cartagena seemed like a good start, and was. Seeing the beautiful women and hearing everyone tell me about the women and beauty of Antioqia, and medellin in particular, i needed to go.

Being very unfamiliar with the place and still alittle nervous, I contacted the owner of Colombian Sweethearts, a marriage agency owning a mansion in the city with hundreds of girls in the agency looking to meet American men. I asked if he would consider renting the house out as more of a hotel than an agency and made it clear we were NOT looking to marry, rather enjoy the girls and the city. The owner Steve agreed and provided a house, unlimited introductions to "fun" girls pre selected from and anything else we desired.

Without getting too dramatic, I carefully selected my group for this trip based on a great second experience in Cartagena. The second trip was void of many of the "morons" many criticize here and other places. It was a pleasure to hang out with 2 guys who could keep there mouths shut when needed and didn't bring a lot of ego and baggage with them. I guess i have grown out of the "sport fuck" mode and enjoy the chase and culture a little more. One certain element wouldn't take the clue and came on the trip without money and basically ruined the trip in many ways. His personality mixed with ours as well as water mixes with oil. Oh well, onwards and upwards. I'm not sure that a public flaming is appropriate here.

Getting There:
Unlike Cartagena, which is served exclusively by Avianaca through Miami, unless you want to go through Panama City on Copa, Medellin is served by major carriers on various schedules. We used American. The flight is about 2 hours and lands in the night on top of the mountains of Medellin. My fears of FARC and the like were erased by the hairpin turns taken at high speed. The owner of the house had 5 girls awaiting us with a cooler full of beer.

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The city:
Medellin was a city that immediately struck me for its beauty and cleanliness. They have a modern subway system i never saw and the neighborhoods I stayed in were very nice and well kept. I was told which neighborhoods to avoid and did just that. Poblado is the high class area and reminded me much of many US cities with outdoor cafes and shops that were ideal to stroll through at night and during the day. The only difference was the sheer volume of beautiful women that seemed very intrigued by a foreigner. Very absent was something I hated in cartagena, the touts which are on you like flies. There aren't tourists in Medellin, so the touts wouldn't have much luck with the cheap sunglasses and sandals here. High fashion is the style and the malls are world class. For those looking for bargains on suits, leather, and other things, Medellin is heaven. Leave home the flip flops and tank tops you brought to Cartagena, they don't work here.Climate.Beautiful, California like weather. Hot in the day and comfortable at night. Never had a/c and never missed it. Very little humidity but warm enough to be in light clothes.Other stuff to do.

Unless you are visiting friends here, besides the mall trips and golf or horseback riding, the lack of a beach made me believe that after 4 days here, you would be very bored. I am a huge fan of reading and loved the book "Killing Pablo." It gave me a lot of insight on the city and its past, and a trip up to Escobar's grave was high on my list. I took a girl horseback riding and she mentioned a couple turns later, we could be there. Something that still stands out in my memory is when she began to cry as we neared the grave. I asked what was wrong, and she told me her father was a gunman for Escobar and was shot down in the cartel wars in the 80's and buried over there.

I can only compare Medellin to Cartagena and can say that Medellin has plusses as far as the amount of beautiful women, but many are not going to jump directly into the sack with you like Cartagena. Like I mentioned, Medellin has little do do for the tourist unlike the beach, however annoying the touts can be, in Cartagena. The malls in Medellin can be a day ot two worth of fun.

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As far as the marraige agency goes, it is a very nice place to stay, but if you stay there and do your business there, you will quickly be discovered. I would highly recommend meeting girls through the introduction services and you can set up several per day if you're so inclined. All of the girls will be glad to go out dining and dancing with you and most will be eager to set claim on you. As hard as i tried to avoid it, this one almost ruined me for the trip but didn't work out. very hot, but also very typically dramatic and jealous, which is very common in Medellin.

This is where Medellin was greatly different than CTG. Most p4p bars had a very good selection but the prices asked wer eye popping. Fazes Dos was the best i found and the girls wanted 300.000 pesos to come back!!! they did have side rooms for use, but that was never my thing. The best i was able to negotiate was 150.000 to the girl and the 100.000 exit fee, which made the experience 3 times the norm in CTG and certainly NOT 3 times as good.

The real fun is in the massage houses, Lutron being my favorite. Lutron is a gated complex that looks like a retreat/spa with all the ammenities anyone could want to use except overnight lodging which would have been great. You sit in the main lounge and they parade around 15 girls through who introduce themselves, open their gown and show their outstanding bodies. Plastic surgery is big in Medellin and the girls here all had huge tits. the hard part was remembering the name and chosing from the girls who were ranking from 7's to absolute knockouts. I was torn between two darker ones and took them both for a very rewarding hour session. The massage was similar to one you would pay a lot for in the US and the rooms were very well decorated with music played. The cost was a bargain at 70.000 pesos for an hour. Note: the peso was exchanging at around 2500 to one dollar. Also, DO NOT show up with dollars to exchange, rather use the many ATM machines to take out your cash.

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