I had an awsome time in Accapolco not Cancun but... ask any taxi driver to take you to LAS WHERDOS "The Whores...........Outdoor facility clean...young* girls in 1991 (25$) each for an hour........honest.. some where beautiful. =========================================================================== Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 11:16:38 -0500 Subject: Acapulco posting I think your contributor is wrong on "las Wherdos". I speak Spanish, have never even heard of it. He probably meant "La Huerta", well worth while, even a must see there. Also recomend the various "Quinta XXX's" where XXX is a woman's name. The best is Quinta Rebeca. =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 08:47:44 -0700 Subject: Foxys Club in Acapulco Foxys club in Acapulco is the place to go. It is located towards the beach behind the Acapulco Plaza and next to the Acapulco Plaza Hotel. Admission is about 40 pesos or about $10 US. The girls there are all 8s and above. They do the normal three dances ending up sans clothes. Some of the girls are rather risque and exactly what you are looking for. Table dances run anout $10 US and you can do everything but total intercourse. If thats what you want a room is available in the back. The price for that service generally runs around $100. If you want to do it with an 18 year old 10, then Foxys is the place to be in Acapulco. This data was current as of April 1997. For general information, I ran into the one and only Ed Powers in Foxys in April.

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