In Kazakhstan prostitution is illegal and in the capital (Almaty) I did
not see anyone walk the streets - granted I did not really look.  If you
take a cab to a disco late at night, the driver may suggest a girl for a
$100 or so - I never accepted, but am pretty sure he can be negotiated
with.  Most foreigners stay in Hotel Kazakhstan (it has a nice casino in
the basement), and a few women usually hang out in the lobby.  They are
pretty, sober, seem to be 23-35 or so, and speak little or no English -
not a problem since I speak fluent Russian, as does everyone in Almaty.
I picked a tall Amazon (rate her 8) who asked for $100, but agreed to
$50; later I asked her to stay in my room all night, which she did for
another $50.  She was warm, funny, and I had a very good time, although
it would have been less so without a common language.  She told me
walking the streets means not only watching out for police, but also
giving $20-30 a night, plus free service, to the local mafiosi.

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