I have some information for you about the Netherlands.

I went to a privat house in Amersfoort. A privat house is different then
a club. Normally you go to a room and they show you the girls that are
available, so you do not meet or see other customers. This privat house
in Amersfoort is a little bit different. Sometimes there are more girls
than rooms. When all the rooms are occupied you have to wait in a lounge 
where you get a drink. Here you wait with other customers and the girls.
When there is a room available you choose a girl and go with here.
I went with Josephine, a Puerto Rican girl of I think 23. She looked
very good. Her tits where the least attractive, small and sagging.
I had to pay her HFL 110,- (US$ 100 = HFL 160) for an hour.
There was a movie running but we did not pay much attetion to that. She
washed my dick very carefully and tender. After that we went on the bed 
and she started kissing my body. She had a flu so she did no french
kissing, normally she does. She started kissing my balls and fondling my 
dick. After a while she took some oil and started massaging my balls and 
my ass. This went on a while and she put in her finger and kept on
fondling my balls and dick.

After that she put on a condom and started sucking my dick. The she said 
it was time for something else. I had to spread my legs and she sad with 
her back towards me on my dick and put him in her cunt. And she kept
massaging my ass. That took a while and after that she insisted on me
doing it to her doggy style.

It was a great experience and afterwards she told me that next I had to
cumm a little bit earlier because she would make me cumm twice.

The address is :
Woestijgerweg 27
tel. 0031-(0)33-4638206

It is easy to find you take exit leusden zuid from the A28
follow centrum
take second street left
then it is the third street to the right I think maybe it is fourth but
there is a sign woestijgerweg
Then you drive in this street and on the left side on a corner is nr. 27 
The entrance is around the corner.

Have fun and give them my regards

Date:	Mon, 25 Aug 1997 15:47:36 -0700

Also recommended:
Amersfoort, Vlasakkerweg 51

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 06:05:09 PDT

Amersfoort woestijgerweg no. .... when you drive to the centre of the 
city on your left side on a corner. There is a sign saying entrenca 
around the corner.
Normally they have good service here. You get one hour for NLG 110,- and 
you can choose from several nice girls (no models, but good) and I 
enjoyed it going there. One time I tried anal for NLG 160,- an hour. I 
had a french girl, she was a bit rushed she kind of forced me to get my 
dick in her ass. I wanted to enjoy it a bit more and learn from it. I 
was outside after 45min so that was disapointing. For normal sex it was 
allways ok.

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