Hi. I promised to give some information on red light districts in Holland. I hope my English is not too bad... I will be focusing on Arnhem, because this area is the most interesting for foreign visitors (the ones in Eindhoven and Nijmegen are very very small). ************************************************************************** ARNHEM The red light district in Arnhem is the best we have in Holland. Why? Because it's safe, the girls are very beautiful (there are also ugly ones if you prefer them) and last but not least: it's not expensive. It's much more fun than in Amsterdam (the girls are friendlier), but it's not as vast of course. How can you get there? The area in Arnhem is called "Het Spijkerkwartier" and is located near the railway station called "Velperpoort". By train it's a three minutes ride from the central railwaystation in Arnhem. Get out at "Station Velperpoort" and cross the street. Then turn left and walk towards the railway tunnel. Just before the tunnel, turn to the right, you then enter the street called "Hertogstraat". After about one hundred meters, look to the left & you know where to go... If you go by car I advise you to buy a map from Arnhem and look for the streets called: Drie koningen dwarsstraat, Karel van Gelderstr, Spijkerstraat. At what time should you visit the area? There is 'action' from about 14:00u to 02.00u. The best time to visit is at night of course. The beautiful red lights make this an experience you'll never forget. The ambiance is great. Most of the time there will be policemen on street. Don't worry about that: it's a perfectly legal business and they are just there for your safety... How much money do you need? For about fifty guilders (or 25 dollars) the girls will suck you and then you can fuck them (total time about half an hour). Of course this is the average, there are girls who ask double that amount for the same things. For about 40 dollars you can have "real" sex i.e. you can kiss their nipples and breasts and kiss them on the mouth (real kissing!)...and then fuck... With most girls you can come twice for about 75 dollars. Misc. Even if you're not there for the real action it's fun to walk through the neighborhood. In summer some girls leave their seat behind the window and take their stool outside. You can talk to them (can be nice but of course they will try to get you inside as soon as possible). It's recommended to go there by foot (not by car). At night there are about 100 girls available. Most girls sit behind their windows, but there are also some cheap brothels.

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