Report on ripoff in Bognor Regis UK for [ASP] In the Freead Mart picked up at a rest stop on the M road, there are ads towards the back for escort services and saunas and massages. One of the ads reads: Before and after. Come over to my place, talk to me, take a look at me before you decide to stay for afters. Get more for less, with me, the best. Call Suzie on 01243 827659 or 0378 605804 Sounded like a good approach so I called. On offer was the minimum of had release for 10 pounds (you certainly can't beat that) and, among other prices, oral for 40. So I went along on the A29 from Chichester to Bognor past the pub on the right to the third house on the left called Westwood with an old horse drawn cart. She met me at the door in a robe which she let hang open while we talked about the services - a very good marketing touch on her part. She was relatively attractive with large (natural) breasts but with a large tummy as well. You had to give her the 10 pounds to then get the real prices: the oral was now 45 pounds on top of the 10. That should have given me a clue and I should settled for the hand release (though I suspect that it really meant I could do it myself while looking at her). I chose the oral (55 pounds total) and we went to the bedroom where I stripped and waited for her. She proceeded with no preliminaries to put on the condom and started doing an oral that was mostly hand work despite repeated requests for not using her hands. After about three minutes, off came the condom and out came the oil and a shift to simply a hand job that was adequate but not anything out of the ordinary. Given what you can get around Portsmouth to Bournemouth or Brighton for much less, altogether much too expensive for the value received. Avoid - unless of course you can actually get the hand release for 10. The Stevedore - reporting for ASP and TWSG =========================================================================== Subject: Re: [ASP] Report - Beware of Suzie in Bognor Regis, UK [ASP] Date: 12 Mar 1997 08:23:30 GMT >Report on ripoff in Bognor Regis UK for [ASP] <blah, blah> >She [Suzie] was relatively attractive with large (natural) breasts but >with a large tummy as well. You seriously need an eye test mate - she is fucking ugly as HELL. Just visualise a beached whale and you get the picture. OK she's not the *most* ugly looking whore I've ever seen - that honour goes to a whore in Brighton - but she is still pretty disgusting. >Avoid You got that right. I visited her too some time ago. Her ad makes her sound like the best thing since sliced bread and she sounds nice on the phone too. When I turned up and saw her I nearly vomited. She is one ugly fucking whore. I did pay her the 10 quid to discuss what she did and she stripped off. God is she fucking fat and ugly. She seems to be under the misapprehension that she has a desirable body. If I was as fat and fuck ugly as her I'd make sure I wore so much fucking clothing no one would know I was under it. How she has the gaul to strip off I just don't know. Now I know what a fucking ripoff she is as well I'm glad I fucking left before parting with any more of my cash. This bitch is the sort of tart that gives whoring a bad name. ONCE AGAIN FOR THOSE WHO HAVE A SLOW BRAIN - SUZIE IS ONE OF THE UGLIEST PIECES OF SHIT GOD HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO ALLOW TO CRAWL ONTO THE EARTH. TELL ALL YER FRIENDS *NEVER* TO VISIT HER (IT?). <rant mode off> I think you get the picture <g>. My advice is to visit Natalie who works just outside of Brighton - she is hot and reasonably priced. She advertises in the local Brighton papers (like the Argus). The ad says something like "Come and unwind with lady escort" and their is a mobile number to call. Suzie isn't fit to lick Natalie's toilet clean. Anyone else know anyone good around Brighton/Sussex? BTW If Suzie is on the Net and reads this then I just want to say that I have nothing personal against you. Just do us all a favour and get the fuck out of the whore business.

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