Hello, from Cambridge, UK. I moved here from the States about 5 years ago and finally noticed the ads in the back of the "Cambridge Crier". Called up "Ladies in Waiting - Visiting Body Massage". Answering machine message gave me another number to call which I did. Woman answered the phone. Told me it would be 105 pounds for an hour ($180). I was careful to confirm "full service and no extra charges" (always do this). Price seemed steep, but it was about what I'd expected based on the UK postings in the WSG. (also steep considering the pretty OK fucks available for 40 pounds ($70) in Soho in London) But this would be an hour (vs. 20 min in Soho) and she was going to come to me, and I was very in the mood, so I went for it. The woman described the lady to me ("Skye", red hair, 27 yo, 5'6") and said that the lady would be calling me back. Skye did a few mins later and I gave her directions. She said she'd be a little over an hour. 45 min later she called to say she was a few blocks away. Luckily, from all the posts in the WSG I knew that the escort scene in the UK was high on price, low on quality, so I wasn't expecting anyone that fabulous looking - and I also had the sneaking suspicion that 27 could mean all the way up to 40. So when she showed up a few mins later, I wasn't too disappointed. Pretty OK looking. Well dressed. Very friendly, and at ease, but probably late 30's / early 40's. Nice B/C cup breasts that some might complain were a little saggy, but I found quite enjoyable with both nipples pierced. She was a little flabby around the middle, but that gave her a nice full ample ass that was great for sliding into. I put on some music and we slow danced a little which was nice, then I slowly raised her skirt and through her black hose put my hands around that excellent ass and gave it a good squeeze. I reached around and grabbed a tit and was pleasantly surprised to discover no bra. Out popped her tit, with a soft nipple that got full and hard as I sucked on it. She gave me some very excitinng light touch massage with me laying on my back. I lay her down on her back and she spread her legs and lay there looking very inviting. We fucked in two different positions before I came, with her lovely ass jiggling from my hard cock. So she wasn't that great looking, but she was really nice, and had good moves. Overall, a decent fuck, but somewhat overpriced in the big scheme of things.... So what are you waiting for? Check out the World Sex Guide at paranoia.com, get the instructions for posting anonymously, and share your experiences with the group. It's fun, and a service to us all. =========================================================================== Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 22:20:11 +0000 Subject: Cambridge Just a Note to let all your UK readers know that Cambridge is fast becoming a center for prostitution, at least 6 in the city center offering a limited choice of services most costing between 45-60 with a good range of girl's usualy around the 18+30 age range, I would recommend the establishment in Cherry Hinton they have 3 girl's that I have visited both the colored girls are out of this world 'Tia' a short petite little thing is great at BJ's and the sex is good too. on my last visit about 6 week's ago in the evening I met the second colored girl who is tall and stunning, in the excitement I forgot to get her name but be sure I will be going back, it was the 'wrong time of the month' so I had to be contented with oral and a hand job but god was I impressed!! Another establishment I have visited was on Newmarket Road and last year I was a frequent visited then the girl's changed for the worst and the last visit was disappointing. Oriental women working in Milton gives very good FWO I am still looking for Anal in Cambridge if anyone knows of a place please post, All the above can be contacted from the 'DAILY SPORT ' Newspaper

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