read your piece on prostitution in s.africa.

you left out cape town and its famous dock area which has been home to 
hookers for over 100 years.  "dock road" is the official strip but 
hookers can be found everywhere lately.  in the hotels (esp the "skyline 
hotel") along the main roads, esp. green point and sea point etc

watch out for aids.

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:05:39 -0400

Cape Town - South Africa
All kinds of clubs in this town that are combination strip club/cat
houses.  Just look in the newspaper or ask at your hotel.  All out in
the open, and for $80US I got a nineteen year old that had started just
two days before.  Wouldn't suck (weird, huh) but another $20 to her in
the room (the 80 having been paid to the owner) got her to take it in
the ass.  Other than the anal, there really wasn't much to recommend
her, but the owner and I had a great time yukking it up as the place was

Subject: Cape Town prostitution scene feb1997
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 02:18:10 +0200

I have been in Cape this year. A good place to go is the MEDITERRANEO
and EL GRECO clubs. Lots of girls in the summer, less in winter. It`s
a mix of professionals and amateurs and you never will be sure until
is to late. Every saturday night you'll find girls from the inland
looking for fun ready to take you to their sumptuous houses. For the
pros, 300 rands seems to be the average price. If they ask you 600,
then they don't like you, and remember to save around 100 more for the
hotel. Amateurs seem to live all of them around 20 miles away and the
cab drivers are real rippers so be careful not to end the night drunk,
empty and begging with the police. All the clubs have girls working as
waitresses that are available after 4 am or around 16 drinks
bought. The GRECO is more classy and you will need a bit of effort to
get something. Both clubs are mainly crowed by seamans and due the
actual strenght of the yen, japanese fishermans will be real

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