CHINA - Chengdu (Sichuan)

Something different from the usual scene happens in Chengdu, in 
comparison with the major towns of China (Beijing, Shanghai).
Here, it is even easier to contact local girls (I mean, for 
free), but it is also easy and somehow more funny than in 
Beijing to pay girls.  They can be found virtually in every 
pub, karaoke, disco, bar or even bowling places.  They are 
usually on the phone, answering to calls from their beepers 
(pagers) that continuously beep.  If you are in a 'normal' bar, 
or far from a tourist hotel, they are not there looking for 
western tourists, but usually ready to serve local demand.  
Indeed, Chengdu lifestyle is more happy than in the rest of the 
country: here people enjoy themselves in many different ways, 
sex included.

Nevertheless you can have some difficulties: first, be sure 
that you can communicate with her in some language.  Second, 
even if you dance, kiss, hug and maybe touch one of these 
girls, it is not certain that later on you can take her to bed.  
In some cases this adds some fun to the adventure, in other 
cases this can be annoying.  If you are in a hurry, ask 
everything at the first time, and check if she can go with you 
in your hotel room or if you have to go somewhere else.

There is another possibility: some kind of bars, like the one 
called 'Everyday is Spring' located on the riverside, close to 
BinJiang hotel, are expressly dedicated to this activity: here 
you enter, chose a girl (that is generally waiting on the bar) 
and then decide either to sit in the bar, dancing slow dances 
with her in a nearby dark tunnel (when you can go deeper into 
your Chinese knowledge) or go in a separated room, where you 
are allowed (if she likes) to touch and be touched.  In the 
meantime, you can also sing some karaoke.  This will cost you 
about 200Y for the bar, plus a tip for the girl, usually from 
100Y to 300Y (100Y=8,8 USD on June 96) - start with 100Y, she 
will ask some more, give other 100.  

Another good place is the karaoke bar under Ging He Hotel (Read 
Ging Ho), open till midnight.  Here you will find many girls 
waiting for your company.  You chose your friend, and go into a 
separate room (single or double), 'to sing some songs'.  The 
room is equipped with some sofas and a karaoke laser plant.  
Usually this place is for groups of people: 2-3 men and 2-3 
hired girls; while one sings, the other go to dance in the 
nearby room, kissing and touching.  In theory to make sex here 
is prohibited.  Again, you have to tip the girl.  100 or 200 Y 
is ok.

Another possibility is to indulge with a massage girl that you 
can find on the street: these are real masseuse, and a massage 
can be very good for your health, but if you are looking for 
something else, ask her to reach you in your room for a special 
massage.  They can usually reach your room only during day-
hours, being forbidden by the hotel security staff to receive 
guests (of the opposite sex) during night hours.  Expect at 
least a hand job, a bj is also possible, usually not more.  
Price will be 200-300Y for 1 or 2 hours.

Last, the usual scenario can be seen in the night clubs of 
expensive hotels: many girls waiting for you, but usually at 
high prices and with no poetry.  Try to avoid.

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