Here my memories are more current.  Souda Bay is a Greek naval base 
and where all the ferry's and visiting military ships come into.
Surprisingly though, there are only 5 or 6 bars including one
"nightclub" of the previously describes sort [on the Athens
page]. It's called bar L'moure (pretty trashy atmosphere), and it's
one of the few that will let you take the girls out for a short time
before closing time.  The price seems to vary on how much the owner
likes you.  Getting too drunk in this town is dangerous, if the
visiting GI's don't beat you up and rob you, some of the local's will.
About the only reason to go to this town is to catch a ferry to other
islands, or to go to the Fish House to eat (excellent food and cheap).
There are a few legal whore houses here, but they are very hard to
find, even when I lived in the area.

     Chania is the second largest city on the island, Heraklion is the 
largest and the capitol.  The legal houses are past the eastern end of 
the old Venetian harbor.  Walk all the way to the end, then cut through 
a short street to the right, take a left when it T's, then the first 
right.  About halfway up the block on the right you'll see the red 
lights and the girls' names under them.  This is where the soldiers and 
sailors who don't know their way around go.  Besides what I was told 
about them all having diseases, the cheaper ones in these houses were 
once men, but had everything changed to female.  When there is a ship in 
town, there is usually a group of men sitting in the coffee shops along 
the street.  At the first sign of any trouble and they will all jump on 
anyone who looks like a soldier.  Many a drunken sailor has been soundly 
thumped if they got the least bit physical in their bargaining, or 
decided to break anything up.

     Scattered throughout the town are numerous "nightclubs", some of 
them like the Tooti Fruiti, really are quite good and legitimate 
nightclubs in the tourist season.  Some of the better places to find 
prostitutes don't even have names, you just have to know where they are 
or have a friend who has a friend who.....  .  The easiest places to 
find are right on the main street running through town, parallel to the 
coast.  As you head west past 1866 Square and Halidon street (which 
leads to the old harbor), continue past the square for about 100 meters 
and on the left you'll see signs for the Seismos, the Lips, and the 
L'amoure.  If you continue through the light, there is one more, not so 
popular that just says "Piano Bar".  Of these, only the Seismos 
occasionally has a strip show, and is the closest thing to a decent 
atmosphere (these places are pretty trashy).  These places are pretty 
much the same as the clubs I described in Athens, with a major 
difference being they cater mostly to Cretans, anybody not from Crete is 
a foreigner in Crete.  They will, however, take anybody's money.  It can 
be difficult to find a girl that speaks english in these places, even 
more so if you chance apon one of the unnamed clubs.  Again, ask one of 
the managers about which girl he recommends.  Here again the girls are 
transient and stay in various hotels around town.  One of them is on the 
left turn just before the bars, called the Kydonia.  There is another 
right on the city beach, called the Danaos in Nea Hora.  This is a good 
place to stay if your looking for women, pro's or not.  It's advertised 
as a four star but some would probably give it a three, but it's clean 
with private bath and right on the beach with reasonable prices, and you 
can get food at any hour (limited menu after hours though).  There are 
always a few girls staying there that are pro's.  It's relatively easy 
to meet them in the hotel bar, but they won't ask you if you want sex 
(while you're inside the hotel).  The best bet is to stay there, then 
visit the clubs and see who you run into from the hotel.  From there 
some very convenient arrangements can be made.  The "meet me for coffee" 
also applies to Crete, and is the only way to get prostitutes without 
dropping some big bucks on bar tabs.  Prices are also about the same.  A 
drink for a girl in a bar costs from 1,000 to 5,000 Drachmae.  A bottle 
of 5 dollar champagne for a girl is about 40,000 Drachmae (about $100 

     A few of the real nightclubs will cater to tourists during normal 
hours, then open up again later.  The pro's will go to these places and 
work until 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning, and things can get really 
     Make friends with some of the Greek men (make sure they're not 
gay), and you will find a lot of women.   I personally don't care if a 
woman is a pro or not, but I find that a lot of the pro's like to go out 
and have a good time.  Greece is a great place to party!!

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