The Eros Centre of Dresden is in Lvbtauer Straße. It's not far from
the centre, but you can also get there by Tram No 8, it goes along
this street and you can't miss the barracks on the left side (when
going away from the centre). Late at night in the small street nearby
you can see a few cars with chicks inside.

Also in that area is a small bordel, at the eastern end of
Bauhofstrasse, red curtains on windows on the first floor. It's right
near the main railway line with trains from Berlin to Prague and
Vienna. There's a girl called Katja, about 30, blond. She's kind, has
a wonderful touch, she caressed my dick without rubber for a long time,
very gently, also with her soft tits. Her pussy is also very soft. I
think she's often busy. She said she was there Monday to Friday, 9am
to 24pm. Like many in east Germany, she speaks a little bit of
Russian, but I don't know if she speaks English. (I speak German
myself.) I've been once by the other girl there when Katja was busy.
This one was Hungarian. She speaks German not too well, she's not very
polite and not too good in bed. I fucked her quickly and went home.
The prices there are 150DM for half an hour and 250DM for an hour.

You can read ads of whores in the local edition of the Bild newspaper
or in Dresdner Morgen Post. You can also buy Dresden's Stadtplan für
Männer. There's a sexshop "Erotik exklusiv" in Bautzner Straße. From
Albertplatz walk to the east, it'll be on the right side.

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