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Subject: Edmonton Canada

Edmonton is one city that you don't carry any information on but I must 
say there is action there.  I have visited two massage joints there and 
can vouch for both of them.  These are Aristocrat on the south side and 
Sinderellas, a new place closer to downtown.  They are only open till 
11AM and can be busy later in the evening.  These places only have 2 
girls on at a time so there is not a big selection.  Basic charges are 
30.00 for 1/2 hour massage and up to about 50.00 for an hour.  Most 
places encourage 1/2 hour and that is plenty of time to enjoy the service 
and walk out with a smile.  My favorite place is Sinderellas.  I have 
enjoyed the services of Raven (about 28 yrs old, long and lean, not too 
pretty but great body), Tara (about 23 yrs old, nice nice full tits,) and 
Tammy (the star of the place, advertises herself as 29 yrs but closer to 
39,  very good shape, big tits but not all real, she really gives a good 
rub and lets you try anything - didn't ask for anal). In addition to 1/2 
hour fee, full service with suck and fuck is 150.00.  Girls have changed 
at Aristocrat but it has a good rep and prices are the same.

Also recently visited the Executive Baths on Ellice ave in Winnipeg 
recently.  Costs 60.00 to have one of the girls join u in the tub for 3/4 
of an hour..don't book 1/2 hour as it is a rush.  They don't provide full 
service but there are two girls there that I quite enjoyed.  Both give a 
nice massage and after they both sit on the end of the table, you with 
your ass in their lap and legs around them.  Brittany gives a great hand 
job and uses her rather nice big tits to get you off.  She likes you to 
cum on her tits.  The other girl I tried, Chantele, uses her tits a bit 
but mostly hand.  I enjoyed her more cause she got into it with the dirty 
talk and asked that I make sure I tell her when I was close.  When I did, 
she slowed down and backed me off, then got me going again and when I got 
close the second time, she pushed her finger up my well oiled asshole and 
 gave me an orgasm that had me smiling for the whole day.  Tip for each 
was 60.00 in addition to the fee so a bit expensive but enjoyable.

Thanks for a great service.  I use your information a lot and have my 
notes in place for a trip to Montreal this month.  Of course, I don't 
want my name published with my update.  Cheers!

Date: 6 Jun 1998 15:18:10 -0000

December, 1997

Work recently required me to take frequent extended trips to Canada and 
Denver.  The following is a series of reports of my various stops.  
First stop in December, fifteen nights in Edmonton, an industrial city 
of approximately 900,000 people about 200 miles north of Calgary.  I 
noticed that the WSG does not have anything on this city, so here is my 
rather lengthy report.

At around 11:00 pm Saturday night, after winning $600 at a downtown 
casino (not a bad casino for a smaller city, I chose a cab in front of 
the hotel (one that has a driver who speaks English, most of the cabs 
are driven by individuals who speak very little English).  The driver 
Greg, a part-time college student, was very friendly and I gave him $50 
to be my guide for an hour or so.  A tip for the readers, a night shift 
cabby knows a lot about night time activities.  Please note that all 
amounts noted in this article are in Canadian dollars which is worth 
about $0.70 US.

He showed me a couple of strip joints near downtown.  A place called 
Pinky's which was very busy.  When we walked in, there were a few 
policemen there breaking up a fight so we walked out.  He showed me 
another place called Chez Pierre but we didn't go in because there is a 
$10 cover charge and it was shutting down at midnight.  The girls are 
suppose to be excellent and fully nude table dancing is available but no 
alcohol and no touching.

Greg drove me around where the street walkers hang out:  a two block 
radius around 102 Avenue and 96 Street (these ones dress like working 
girls so you will have no problem spotting them).  Beware, on one 
particularly dark street, they are all transvestites (if you are not 
careful, surprise!).  The asking price is $80-$100 for a bj and up to 
$200 for a half & half.  Greg said 80-100-140 is the going price after 
negotiation.  For a smaller Canadian city, the selection is 
significantly better than some major U.S. cities; there were about 20-30 
girls (between 5 and 8 in ratings) on the streets.

Further north along 95 Street is where the lower price girls hang out.  
I saw a few sad looking ones there.  Even the better ones look like they 
have been on drugs for centuries.  I wouldn't go near them if I can 
avoid it.

Greg drove on to 118 Avenue between 95 Street and 82 Street where there 
may be a few "independents".  Greg said most of the girls in the main 
area work for pimps or gangs, other girls hang out here to avoid 
problems.  Some are students or housewives out making a quick buck.  You 
don't see many of them but may find a gem occasionally.  We didn't see 
any that night but I did pick up one a few nights later.  These girls 
dress normally so you have to make eye contact to know if they are 
working girls or not.

That night, we went back to the main area and I spotted an extremely 
attractive slim blond girl.  Greg stopped and I asked her how much.  She 
said $200 for a half & half (Greg whispered that it was way too high) 
and I talked her down to a $150 half & half (about $110 U.S.) with the 
promise of a tip if she is good.  Greg dropped us off at my hotel and I 
gave him a generous tip.  He was a good guide.  

We got a few strange looks from the bell hops because Elise was gorgeous 
(look=10 or pretty dawn close):  long blond hair, wearing a short white 
leather skirt, white high heel boots, white bra, white panties (which 
you can see easily under the short skirt) and a black leather jacket, 
you can definitely tell what profession she is in.  I probably should 
have been more discreet but the hotel staffs didn't do anything to stop 
us.  When we got to my room, I gave Elise $160, I didn't have change for 
$150.  With the better light and her clothes off, it dawned on me that 
she looked really young.  I asked if she is legal and she said she is 18 
which is suppose to be legal here (I am not a lawyer so don't quote me).

She used her mouth to put a condom on me which caught me by surprise.  I 
have never experienced that before and I didn't even see her put one in 
her mouth.  For her, even with extra money offered, no bareback oral 
(just hand jobs), no kissing, no anal.  She gave a reasonable bj, say a 
6 or 7 out of 10.  As for the lay, she just laid there with her legs 
apart, no emotion whatsoever, at best a 4.  I asked and she finished me 
off with a bj; she didn't change the condom which surprised me.  The 
whole thing lasted about 30 minutes and she never hurried me.

I gave her a $20 tip and asked her if she has a number.  She said she is 
visiting from another city so no number to give out.  Too bad, the sex 
was only so so, but she is truly fine looking, I bet that she can be a 
fashion model if she had tried.

Two nights later, I rented a car and drove through the areas Greg showed 
me.  On 118 Avenue, I picked up a girl who looked like a student (she 
was wearing no make up,  blue jeans and sweat shirt).  She was quite 
pretty (7) and she said her name is Terri and she is 20.

She quoted $30 for a bj and $60 for a lay.  She refused to come to my 
hotel room so we drove into an industrial area and parked. I gave her 
$40 and she placed a condom on and started to suck.  I told her that to 
take her clothes off and she complied.  She has a nice body and I 
started to rub her tits, ass and clit.  She wasn't skilled (4) but she 
was energetic (8).  She sucked for over 30 minutes.  I really wanted to 
fuck her but held back because we were in a car.  

I gave her another $20 for some bareback oral but she won't let me cum 
in her mouth.  All things considered, a pretty good experience for $60 
($42 U.S.).

During the upcoming few nights, I drove through the 118 Avenue area a 
few times and didn't see any girls at all.  On two separate occasions, I 
picked up two other girls in the main area which were not that 

I am scheduled to return later this month, I will try out the local 
massage parlors and escorts.  

Returned to Edmonton in January for another two week stay.  Like 
Toronto, the local newspaper SUN has nearly a page and a half of 
personal ads.  

I visited one of the downtown massage parlors.  A blond lady by the name 
of Tammy gave me a massage.  The ad in the paper says she is 29, well, I 
think she may be closer to 39.  Anyhow, the asking price was $25 (Cdn.) 
for a half hour in the room and another $30 in minimum tips for release.  
For $140 in total, you get a nude bj and $180 in total gets you full 

Tammy was a little older but she gave me an excellent body rub (9) and 
an reasonable bj (6).  The whole thing lasted way more than half an hour 
but she never hurried me.

I visited another parlor in the northside.  A blond girl by the name of 
Mariah gave me a massage.  The prices are almost identical to the ones 
listed above.  She is suppose to be 18 but she looks more like 25 and a 
little on the chubby side.  Anyhow, body rub and bj both okay (5) and 

Same northside parlor, brunette girl by the name of Jordana, nice body.  
Identical prices, looks late twenties, body rub (6), bj (5) and lay (6) 
(she moans a lot).

My understanding is that almost all of the parlors are full service.  
The prices are virtually identical from parlor to parlor.  The girls 
move around a lot so most of the parlors list the girls which are 
working there.  I probably won't go back to Mariah or Jordana, but if I 
need a good body rub, I will return to Tammy.  

PS:  On my return to Edmonton in February:  I did visit another downtown 
parlor  on a Thursday night and used another girl named Tammy or Demi 
(not sure about the name) (different from the first Tammy).  This one is 
not full service but she told me that all the other girls at that parlor 
are full service.  She has red hair, very pretty, early twenties, so I 
kept her got a nude massage from her with release.

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