The red light district in this city is located in the streets: Wenckenb.
straat en Galvanistraat. The area is quite small (about two hundred meters
length). There might be 10 to 15 girls available (all behind windows). It's
a 20 minutes walk from the central central railwaystation. If you have to be
in Eindhoven anyway, maybe you can visit the neighborhood, but don't go
there just to visit the red light district because you will be disappointed.
It's not advised to go there alone at night...It's not the safest area in
the city... Prices: comparable to those in Arnhem.

Subject: prostitution
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:30:52 +0100

Hai there,

I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
All you say about the "red-light-district" is true, except for the safety. 
I can't say that it is absolutely safe to go to that part of town, but to
say one shouldn't go there alone at night is too far-fetched. I work as a
journalist in Eindhoven, so I should know about the safety in town. And
there is no problem in the "red-light-distict" in Eindhoven. The number of
clients that were unsafe in Eindhoven is 0 during 1996.

Subject: Eindhoven , Netherlands
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 20:50:04 +0000


     I'm reporting about a house in Eindhoven, a large town in the

     As a single guy, I always have an address to relax if I don't have a
     girlfriend around. This place is called "Yvonne's prive huis"
     (Yvonne's Private House) and is located at the 'Hofstraat 87' in
     Eindhoven. It's about 5 minutes driving from the main railway station.

     The house is a very clean and there are about 40 girls working, but
     normally there are about 11-12 girls available. The place is opened
     from 10.00am until 12.00pm on working days, from 12.00am until 12.00pm
     in the weekends. Every day on 6.00pm there is a new 'shift'.

     You can go upstairs with a girl for at least an half-hour for 100
     Guilders (= approx. 60 US$). This includes french kissing, BJ and a
     Full House (or even two, if you can achieve this!). A condom is always
     used during intercourse.

     Normal the prices are 200 Guilder per hour for a girl, but there are
     several extra's possible for 25 Guilders each (e.g. Dildo show). There
     is a 'menu' available with prices.

     The girls are nice, pretty and most of them are Dutch. Drug-addicted
     girls are not tolerated!

     There is also a bar, but a free drink is included in your visit.
     However if you want to order a bottle of Champagne this is possible.

     If you are a regular customer, there is even a special number that you
     can call for a reservation of the girl of your choice. Ask your
     favourite girl for this number if you want to visit her again.

     I hope you don't mind if I don't tell you my favourite girl!

     Have a nice time.

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 06:05:09 PDT

Eindhoven :
In a massage club I had a very good expierence. This club is in a normal 
house in the parcivalstraat, on the corner with the koning markweg. Here 
I choose Yvonne. She gave me a good massage and afterwards we had good 
sex. She sucking me, I licking her and then fucking here in several 
positions. I had the impresion that she was really enjoying it. It cost 
NLG 100,- for half hour.

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