The mall in Essen, Germany Hello, A few days ago I visited the mall in Essen, Germany. It is located Stahlstrasse. It is not far away from the city and the university. It was the first time I visited the mall in Essen. I have seen many malls before but I was really impressed when I saw the mall in Essen. The street looks like as if it is not a mall but a normal street in a suburb. You could get the impression that normal families had been living there before and that children had been playing on the street. It is really nice. The girls were sitting behind windows but also sitting outside on camping-chairs in front of their houses. The athmosphere was really relaxed. You could walk around and watch the girls. Some of the girls called me to come in. I estimate that there are 10 to 20 houses with up to 50 girls. There are many foreign girls from Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia. I think about 1/3 of the girls are not German. That is not a disadvantage. I made many good experiences with girls from Eastern Europe or Asia in other German malls. The girls ranged from young, beautiful, good-looking to old, ugly and fat. You can really find all types of women there. I walked around for about ten minutes and talked with several girls. Most of them offered fucking and sucking together for DM 50,- (about US-$35). But exept for older women or some girls from poor countries you can be sure that you will get only a hand job for that money. While walking around I suddenly discovered a very beautiful girl. I think she was the most beautiful girl in the mall. She was very natural and smiling all the time. She looked like a typical young college girl. I asked her for the price and she told me DM 50,- for normal sex. I came in and then I asked for the "real" price. She told me that DM 50,- is the real price but if I wanted to have more fun for about 30 minutes she recommends spending DM 100,-. I gave her DM 100,- . She took the money and put it into a safe in the wall. Then we stripped off all clothes and layed down on a bed. She offered me sucking but I prefered some petting. She was really tender. While petting each other we had a nice talk. She told me that her name was Simone and that she came from Arnheim in the Netherlands. She is 22 years old and has started that job when she was 20. Before she has been working in the brothel she had studied pedagogics. She had changed the job to earn more money. She told me much more about her. It was really interesting and nice. I had really good luck to find that girl. She was very tender to me and also enjoyed having petting with me. She told me that she likes petting and talking to her guests before having sex to get an impression about the man. Then we stopped talking and I closed my eyes. I was just enjoying what she was doing with me. After several minutes she sat down on my lap and put my penis into her pussy. She started riding on me very softly and slowly. After some minutes we changed positions. She layed down on her back and I came over her. She pulled her legs up to her body and showed me her red pussy. It was really very beautiful and sexy of course. She was smiling and encouraged me to get wilder all the time. Then I got one of the best orgasms I ever had. While putting on our clothes we talked about sex and her job. Before I left she gave me her phone number and I promised to come back. Outside I looked at my watch. We had spent about 40 minutes together ... I think that girl is a real exception. I only know about two or three other girls that you can nearly compare with her. But I think she is the best of all I know. The main reason why I like her very much is that she made a very natural impression. She looked like a typical young college girl and NOT like a girl working in a brothel. She behaved as if we were friends and got to know each other somwhere else. =========================================================================== Subject: Essen, Germany Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:21:20 UTC I agree with you about Stahlstrasse. It's an excellent place to find a variety of girls. During my trip to Essen in the summer of 1995, my friend took me to Stahlstrasse and to my delight I found everything I ever wanted in life. All kinds of women - from fat to skinny. Something else that I really liked was the choice of nationalities. My friend and I went to the neighbourhood at circa 14:00hs. I was quickly summoned by a large-chested blonde when I entered; however, she wanted DM100. So, I continued walking down the street and there I saw one of the sexiest females I have ever seen in my entire life. It turned out that she was Dutch and yes, she did speak English. She wanted DM50 for a BJ. So, we quickly hurried up to her room. As she was going up the stairs, she turned around and asked if I wanted to feel of her ass. Of course I said yes. Wow! What a great bum it was! Anyway, we got up to the room and pealed our clothes off. She talked to me. She actually seemd interested in me. Once againg she reconfirmed our price of DM50. I paid her and she placed the money in a safe in the wall. She gave me an excellent blow job and I told her that I wanted to fuck her. So, I had to spend a total of DM100 for "full service"...Well Worth It!!!!! =========================================================================== Date: 06 Jun 1997 The club Penelope at Hundebrinkstrasse 8 in Essen, Tel 0201/325187, is a very clean nudist sauna club with swimming pool. I visited on a Friday and saw 9 girls (7 Germans) ranging from 6 to 10. All were completely nude at all times. Entrance is free (you'll have to pay DM 50 if you leave without having fucked though), a soft drink or a coffee is DM 5, one drink is free after every fuck. They open at 11 am every Monday to Saturday. Fucking is DM 80 from 11am-1pm, then DM 110 until 9pm, and again DM 80 until 12am when they close. All girls offer oral sex without condom. I didn't see any french kissing. You can fuck in a big mirrored playroom in the basement, possibly together with another couple. This club obviously belongs to the chain of FKK clubs in Herne, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund. It is the best of the lot IMHO. The old problems persist however: very limited selection of beverages and no snacks. Directions: Highway 42, exit Essen/B224, turn left at the seventh traffic light (in direction Katernberg), then turn right at the third traffic light to enter the Hundebrinkstrasse. =========================================================================== Date: October 1997 On a later visit, I saw 6 girls on a Friday night, ranging from 6 to 9. Prices had changed to DM 90 per fuck at all times. Still later, they changed to the following scheme: DM 80 for french without condom, DM 120 for french and intercourse. They seem to change tariffs daily: on another visit, they charged DM 60 for french without, DM 120 for french and intercourse, DM 160 for "like on the honeymoon", and DM 15 "for the towels". Since they started these lower prices for french, there doesn't seem to be any foreplay in the public area any more. Furthermore, there's now obviously the danger of women starting to haggle on the room, but I haven't personally observed it. Make sure that you arrive well before 10pm because some cool chicks leave at 10. At 12am the staff changes and the club becomes a non-nudist bar till 7am. Prices and manners change a lot then, to the negative. Atta =========================================================================== Date: October 1997 There's a club for women, called "Treff 76", in Essen-Werden, Heidhauser Str. 76. They have a Sauna and claim to have 7-10 men waiting. Open Tues-Sat from 7pm, Tel. 0201/404826. I would be interested in reviews. Atta =========================================================================== Subject: ASP: germany Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:29:26 PDT Hi Atta! Here's another quick club-report from germany. Cheers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME : Penelope PHONE : 0201-313514 ADDRESS : Essen, Hundebrinkstr. 8 OPEN : Mo-Sa 11-24h PRICE : no entrance (50 DM if you leave without fucking), girl costs 120DM, 5DM per drink # GIRLS : 8-10 COMMENT : sauna, swimming pool, solarium This club is really dark. So don't forget your flashlight, if you wanna see a little bit more. At my visit some girls had effusions of blood. I can't imagine that this was from an harmless accident. Think about it. For more information, make your own experience. Keep in mind that reports will never be objective and I will not recommend this club.

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