Howdy! I live in Florence, and would like to contribute the WSG with this report about my beloved city. Please keep this anonymous.. Prostitution in Florence. Traditionally, the place to find hookers in Florence is the Cascine park. In the 80's it became the exclusive domain of transsexuals, mostly (but by no means only) of south-american origin. Nowadays transsexuals are still present, but have been joined by female prostitutes of east european origin, mostly from Albania or ex-Jugoslavia. Transsexuals are often quite attractive, but reknown drug addicts, so take care. They will set you back at least 50.000 Lira for oral sex, 100.000 for anal intercourse, in your car. Some of them will accept to come to your or their room, even with another partner, for more money. Females are cheaper, 50.000 Lira for oral sex and intercourse in your car, but often not very beautiful or kind girls. If you are willing to pay more most girls will bring you to an hotel room. In Italy prostitution is legal, but sex in car can be considered a criminal offense if you are caught by the police, which is quite busy at night in the park. Besides this, the Cascine is a relatively safe place. Another place to find hookers is Viale XXI Agosto, commonly called "Il metano", just after Viale Guidoni, near the airport. This is a really ugly place, with a few prostitutes, not very young and not very nice: I do not recommend it. Just out of Florence, take the highway to Bologna and stop soon at the Calenzano exit. Just out of the highway, in Via Pratese near the hotels, there is quite a large number of black girls of african origin, and some south american transexuals. The girls are often quite nice and cheap (30-50.000 Lira minimum for sex in car) and will do just about anything for some extra money. Police can be a real problem: a lot of people have had their car seized and suffered charges for obscene acts. If you ask the girl to bring you to a safe (far) place and pay her a little more you can reduce the chance to be visited by the infamous Carabinieri. To be absolutely safe, choose a prostitute who works in an apartment. You can find numbers in the "La Nazione" newspaper (the issue out on Tuesdays) or the "La Pulce" magazine (out Monday, Wednesday and Friday) looking for "public relations", "massages" or "model" ads. Call the number, get the address and some information on the sex worker (mostly girls, but some transexual or male prostitute as well). They operate mostly in small apartments at the ground floor of buildings in central Florence (that by the way is inaccessible by car most of the day). They are often of south american origin, from France or Austria: there also some ...Italian girls, yes, but sadly not the most recommendable. They will set you back at least 150-200.000 Lira for half an hour (usually oral sex performed on you and/or by you and intercourse). If you want something else and the girl is willing to, you are going to pay more: as an example, if you want anal intercourse you could pay 100.000 extra, an hour with two girls could cost 1.000.000 Lira, but this may vary. In Italy brothels are illegal: in Florence illegal massage parlors or "private clubs" do exist, but they are rare and hard to find (look in the mags cited above), quite expensive, and quite short lived. =========================================================================== Date: June 1997 Street prostitution in Florence: - Viale F. Strozzi at the south side of the Fortezza da Barra near the railway station. Some Italians, good looking and young, go with you to a nearby room for some $100. - Via Montebello: Also Italians with apartement. - Via Nazionale: Older Italians. - Viale degli Olmi, north-west of the center, Piazza Vittorio Veneto lots of young good-looking Yugoslavs and Albans. Fucking can be in a hotel, a car or in a nearby park and starts at $40. Action starts after 10pm, sometimes as late as 12am.

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