This is a story I got out of the journal 'Der Spiegel':

In Summer 1994, 6 persons were killed in a high class brothel in
Frankfurt a. M. in Germany. Four of them were Russian prostitutes
having just arrived in Germany a couple of days earlier on tourist
visas, the other two were a Hungarian couple who managed and
owned the brothel.

All six were strangulated with electric cables.

The brothel was located in a mansion in an expensive part of town and
reportedly served only referred persons and known customers. They
didn't do any advertising.

Witnesses saw a car with a southern German license plate and suspects
have been found by the police in a southern German home for Russian
immigrants. It is believed that the murder was ordered or carried out
by the 'Russian mafia' because the Hungarian couple resisted their

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 18:44:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Frankfurt report (June 1997)

I recently visited Frankfurt on a stopover back to the US.  While there I
checked out the numerous "Eros Centers" in town.  These are located on
Elbestrasse between Kaiserstrasse and Mainzer-Landstr.  This is roughly three
blocks from the Hauptbahnhof (train station).

The block (begin at the corner of Elbe and Taunus strasses) contain several
Eros Centers that are really apartment or hotel buildings converted to
brothels.  They are typically five stories and each floor has multiple small
rooms occupied by women.  The women are dressed in teddies, g-strings and
bras.  They are all quite friendly and typically are happy to converse in
English.  I went through at least five Centers and found no unfriendly girls.
 Each has decorated her room individually and just seeing the variety is
interesting.  (Hint:  take elevator to top floor and walk down.)

The girls are from a variety of places:  Africa (top floors), Asia and some
Germans.  The African girls are aggressive and vary in attractiveness.  The
Asians are in general quite attractive.  The Germans are tall, handsome and
into S and M.

Prices appear quite uniform - 50 marks - to get in the door, except the
Africans request only 30.

I chose a Thai after a detailed survey.  She was cute, conversant and good
natured.  I payed 50 dm, and we immediately stripped.  As we lay on the bed
she aroused me and asked for another 100 dm - we both knew this was a game
and I willingly paid.  She then performed fellatio (condom) so well and
vigorously I ejaculated quickly.  She appeared really disappointed (she had
told me to tell her when to stop!), but then went on to give me a real Thai
massage including the back walking.  I was tired from my flight but this
rejuvenated me and (surprise!) she requested 100 dm for another round.  I
agreed willingly, she giggled and I laughed.  I told her no more money and we
proceded to make love passionately.  She went down again, tickled my scrotum
with her tongue, and...  She then sat on my erection, and I realized how
small she was.  I lay on top of her, she licking and gently biting my
nipples.  I continued on top again forcefully until I came again.  We then
lay holding each other for some time.  We talked about her home, and then got
dressed.  Total time was about 45 minutes.  We parted with a friendly kiss.

So, if you're in Frankfurt check this out.  The neighborhood is safe and well
policed, although there are some addicts at the local drug clinics.  There
are many small hotels away from the redlight zone.  Try the Hotel Atlas at
Zimmerweg 1.  Tel (069) 723946, fax (069) 723946 (same number).  Its cute,
clean and about $30./night.

I'll report back on my next layover.

Date: August 1997

The Sudfass-Schwitzbad in Frankfurt a.M., Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 10, Tel
069-444566 is a popular sauna club. They have a sauna and a little
pool to cool off. About 15-20 topless girls after 8 pm. Non-alcoholic
drinks for DM 10. Entrance fee DM 50, half hour fuck DM 150. Fuck and
suck with condom.

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 16:22:27 -0700
Subject: Frankfurt Fun

I would like you to treat this as anonymous, well in anycase it here

I've been going to Frankfurt/Main (Ffm) on and off and have done some
exploring based on your Ffm postings.  Although the melange of women are
interesting in the Eros Centers, there's something rather crummy about
those places that kind of get me out of the mood.

Rather, I checked out a place on Oskar-Miller strasse along the river,
called Oasis Sudfass or something like that.  Its a Sauna Club.  At the
door they charge you 50 dms and give you a locker key.  The locker comes
with two large towels and a pair of plastic slippers is at your disposal
on top of the lockers.  The locker room level has a number of saunas,
hot tubs and showers, none of which seem to be occupied.

You go down a flight of stairs, and lo and behold, you enter a bar/room
full of fine ladies with a short towel wrapped around their waist or in
panties and a very small towel over their shoulders, barely covering
their breasts.  Some dispense with the shoulder towels altogether.  They
are sitting about sipping soft drinks or chatting to the guys with the
towels around their waists.

Eventually the conversations leads to would you like to get a room. The room rates run 50 dms for a half hour plus a 50 dms security deposit returned when you return the key, or 100 dms plus 50 dms security deposit for an hour. For the half hour the girl asks for 100 for herself. The half hour treatment is a quick 1/2 and 1/2. The room is a large walkin closet in size. For the hour (250 dms for the babe), you get a massage, a shower with the babe, and a slow and sensual session of eating pussy, blow job and a fuck in as many positions as you can handle before you lose your load. Another shower afterwards. I recommend the hour. Also you get a much nicer room. There a several outstanding girls I have tried. Jasmine, a Turkish/German mixed with very large natural top is real nice. So is a Greek babe named Elena, tall, dark eyes and the finest ass I've seen in a long time. If you really enjoy yourself you generally give her the security deposit when you turn in your key. Afterwards you can go back down to the bar and chat with her or relax or actually take in a sauna, hot tub or jacuzzi. I recommend this place, its clean, safe and if you like you can just browse the babes and you're only out 50 dms entry fee. Happy hunting. Ffm Dog =========================================================================== Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 23:06:44 -0400 Subject: Frankfurt, Germany As a former long-term native of Frankfurt, Germany I was surprised about the great details you have about the Frankfurt 'Redlight District' The main whorehouse on Elbestr. that was being referenced several times is called 'Kontakthof'. =========================================================================== Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Germany, Frankfurt Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT I consider Frankfurt to have one of the best of the Eros Centers -- though I must admit I have not sampled all that many of them. But from the descriptions on TWSG and my generally good experience there, I would certainly take Frankfurt over Hamberg. Cruise around and look at all the houses. By and large, the German women cost the most and they tend to be within easiest reach on the lower levels: 50 - 100DM. The only times I have gotten less than satsifactory service here is when they were really goodlooking German women. Perhaps there is enough demand that they can get away with it. Prices tend to get lower as you go up the stairs, 40DM instead of 50DM for both oral and sex. You will find nationalities of just about every sort from European to Asian to South American. I have had very good luck with Asians and Spanish ladies, usually at 40DM. Often they will do oral without but everyone uses a condom for sex (you really don't want to take the chance). There are some stunning ladies around here and there seem to be many more breasts of the natural variety than in Hamburg or Berlin. Amsterdam and Frankfurt: choices in abundance. The Stevedore - =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:19:40 +0200 Okay, here's some Info on Frankfurt: Anuschkas Dollhouse Habsburger Allee 6a Frankfurt am Main/Bornheim Phone (from within Germany): 069/449923 Offering escort Service SM-Studio Massages Bathing... etc... I got this flyer/Info-thingie from a friend working as Taxi-Driver, The girls present are nice, and he knows some of em personally ... (Yeah, Taxi-Drivers get payed for bringing customers) The girls R looking quite nice, many russian girls obviously, English and Russian is spoken. The building itself looks kinda like some small hotel, from what I can see on the picture. Opened Daily from 10.00 - 03.00 During fairs: 10.00 - 06.00 From what I was told by my friend concerning rates: 250,- DM half an hour full service 350,- DM for a full hour it's for sure a rather luxuary place for PPL with enough money, loving it a little exquisite .... CU ... DarKRaveR

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