Subject: Guatemala

Now that the war is apparently over, tourism to Guatemala should
increase dramatically. For men this is fortuitous since Guatemalan women
are attractive, flirtatious, and sexy. It isn't far from the truth to
characterize Guatemala as the Thailand of Central America when it comes
to sex.
     There is plenty of sex for hire in and around Guatemala City. One
merely has to look under massage in the classified section of the daily
paper, Prensa Libre. All of those listed are brothels and the prices are
moderate. If you pay more than $50 you are being robbed. Bargain
friendly but hard.
     Speaking of being robbed, Guatemala City is rife with crime. Don't
wear jewelry and don't carry much more than the amount you intend to
spend for your sex outing.
     One establishment in Guatemala deserves special recommendation as a
"best buy." It is amusingly called Colmenar, which means "beehive." It
is owned by a lovely, kind, generous woman named Yolanda. She also
happens to speak English quite well, so you can make your arrangements
over the phone rather than awkwardly stumbling in and trying to plead
your case.
     At Colmenar you will get a fair deal from one of the four girls who
staff the place. Unlike the other places, you won't need to argue price:
expect to pay Q240 ($40US) unless you want something special. Drinks are
available and moderately priced. Be polite, friendly and fair and you
will  not be disappointed.
     Colmenar is in Zona 7. (Guatemala City is divided into various
zones.) Yolanda will give you specific directions over the phone, but it
is near Molino Las Flores and Roosevelt, which is one of the larger
     You can call Yolanda at 595-6147. She will be delighted to discover
that you learned of her business on the Internet, so don't forget to
mention it.
     If you want to venture out of Guatemala City for sex, you can make
the half-hour trip to Amatitlan, which has a mountain lake and a very
busy weekend market. It also has some down-and-dirty bars with whores
right out of central casting. They cater not to tourists but to the
local trade. The prices are cheap and value is high. But they don't
dress for success. Always look over your shoulder. One easy to find bar
is Tenampa, which is on a corner and is bright yellow and red with
"Coca-Cola" painted on the side. You can't miss it since it is directly
across the street from a large crucifix. The Latin American paradox.

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 20:06:46 -0400
Subject: Guatemala

My last contribution on Guatemala did not get printed, I hope this one
meets a better fate.  You have recently posted info on Guatemala, but I
beg to differ with the author.  
	First, he states that "Guatemalan women are very good-looking" or
something like that.  The fact is that almost all of the working girls
in brothels in Guatemala are from El Salvador, with a small contribution
from Honduras.  The reader is further directed to a brothel in Guatemala
City which, I infer, is set up for foreigners.  That may be the best
option for persons who speak no Spanish, but one should at least be
aware of the brothels for locals.  There is a strip in the zone 18, a
rather dangerous locale, with several brothels, most notably a place
called "Hollywoods".  It's well out of the city center, a taxi driver
would probably charge you around $10 or more to get there.  But the
place is like a big disco with a dance floor and everything, and about
30 young and attractive working girls.  Two years ago the cost of a girl
was $6.  In fact, a big liter beer cost more than a woman.  To
consummate your relation there are numerous rooms in the back for this
purpose, where the girls actually live when the place closes.  
	Also, there are numerous brothels of a lower order in Jocotenango, the
village bordering the awesome tourist destination of the city of
Antigua, Guatemala, a 30 minute ride from the capital.  The best one is
"La Fuente", a $3 taxi ride from Antigua.  The driver will know where
it's located.  The price is just about the same, again with on-site
service.  The women are usually quite good looking.  It opens about 2
pm, and it's safest to go during the daylight.  Make sure to use a

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 01:51:55 -0600

Hi I live in Guatemala City.

here you can get prostitutes in this way

1- Bars
2- Closed Houses
3- Massage rooms
4- Stipteasse shows

here are many bars you can see it at night but not a good idea to go
there: some are dangeroeeus.

better is you go to a dance strip show and take at finish there a
girl. they cost about Q300.00 plus Q100.00 for a good hotel

you can also take the girls from the newspaper in the section masajes

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:39:36 -0600

Guatemala - Guatemala

There is one place called "Las Flores" - this place is an "old fashioned"
whorehouse with worthy material. Girls vary from 6s to 9s; I even spotted
there a couple of 10s. Price are very cheap (as anything else in
Guatemala!), they vary from US$10 to US$90 - but whores will charge you for
every hour (or every time you get off, whatever is first...). Be careful
with the drinks there - they are very expensive when purchased for the
whores (who will keep asking for one all night long!). I recommend not to
run a tab, but pay for every shot instead, that will keep your wallet under

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:39:27 -0700

Guatemala City (GC):

This place is something else! There are clubs like the Sirenas all over the
place.  Each one more fun than the last.  All with the same theme, nice
bar, couches, lots of girls, elegant bedrooms, and little or no english
   My buddy and I went to one called Facinacion.  He immediately fell in
love and was gone.  I did not see any real winners at first so I got a brew
and just wandered around.  As I did so, I noticed this little beauty kept
moving from place to place so I could always see her.  So I went and sat
next to her and she cuddled right up holding my hand, stroking my leg and
so on.  Given she was drop dead gorgeous, I was in love too.  By now my
buddy is back but was willing to wait for me. Off we go...this lady was a
dream.  I have to give her a 9.5 for looks especially after she took off
her clothes!  Wow!  Perfect breasts, legs, ass, curves..Yum!  She knew I
was enjoying looking at her lovely body and walked around the bed posing
for me.  Put on a great show.  The bed, by the way, was king size, on a
raised platform with a kind of step all around it.  It also had subtle
lighting, a canopy with a mirror in it, more mirrors on the walls.  There
was also a large bathroom with shower.  She had a glamour shot of herself
on the wall, poster size. I tried to buy it from sale.  It was
scrumptious.  In all, I visited 6 of the clubs and I know there are many
more.  The ones I saw were in Zona 9 and 10 near where I stayed.  Club
Facinacion, The Men's Club, and Club Maruchas were all great.   All were
about the same as I have described with the exception of the last one I
visited the night before I left.  
	It is called CAPRICHO and is at 5 ave. 13-69 Zona 9, it is not far from
the new Marriot hotel, which is not open yet. I stayed at the Las Americas
on Aveneda Las Americas and could have easily walked to the place.  When I
walked in there was a young lady up on a stage dancing nude.  Hey, I'm
going to like this place!  A fellow that spoke fair english sort of latched
onto me and wanted to help me pick a lady.  Now this was difficult, too
many choices!  One little cutie came walking by and when I spoke to her she
hopped on my lap.  My guide pointed out that she was sixteen years old! 
Too young for me but I did party with a seventeen year old later.  A real
beauty too.  They have a flat rate there, Q 400  which is about $65 USD. 
The guide told me that he would have the girls put on a show for me and
soon one was up on the stage dancing.  Shortly another joined her.  Before
long both were naked and going down on each other and the like.  Then, one
walked to the back of the stage, took a dildo out of a box and strapped it
on.  She then proceded to plunk the other girl with it.  At first I did not
think she was actually entering her with the thing, it was pretty big.  But
when she laid on her back on the stage and the other girl sat down on the
thing there was no doubt.  They finished up doggie style with the reciever
going nuts..Terrific show.  Those clubs are great!
	My experiences were confined to the clubs so I am unable to report on much
else.  I did try the phone number given in another report for Yolanda
(595-6147) and she she sounded good, said she had four flaca (slender)
ladies and was near our hotel.  Told her I would call her back so I could
talk it over with my buddy.  Tried for a half hour but, never got another
answer.  We went to the Sirenas that night. There were plenty of ads in La
Prensa for escorts and massage but, I focused on the club scene.  What with
armed guards at the door, they seemed pretty safe and with prices from Q400
to Q700 for great senoritas, why bother?  After dark it was taxi time.  One
night early on, I was going to walk to a shop about one half block away
from the hotel.  Hardly half way there, a passing car honked his horn at
me. Also, not another soul in sight in any direction.  I took the hint and
headed home, fast.  Lots of talk of kidnappings, car-jackings and so on. 
Also, taxis are expensive and the drivers never seem to know any english. 
Many are free lancers and are not to be trusted.  If you decide to partake,
my advice is Cuidado!  And have fun...

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