Take a look at 'Casa Nova' in Haarlem! Very good!

The address is Baan 17, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

There is a bar. You have to pick out the girl you like
yourself. They're coming to you. The first drink is free. When you
wait long, it costs you 10 guilders per drink. Drinks are all free
when you choose a girl.  Normally there are 4 or 5 girls
available. There are rooms with showers, baths and 'bubble'-baths. The
bubble-baths are 300 guilders an hour, the rest is 225 an hour.  You
shouldn't take rooms with showers, the showers are very small. The
rooms however are very luxurious. The girls know what they're doing and
they're doing it good!  It's a nice place.


Date: July 1996

The red-light district is near the railway statin on the Begijnhof in
the direction of the church. Two more areas: "het Poortje" (charges 7
gulden admission) and "het Steegje" with free entrance.


Subject: clubs in Haarlem , Holland
Date: Mon,  3 Jun 1996 20:14:29 UTC

If you're in Haarlem take a look (and have a good time :) ) in Huize 
Ester located at Generaal Bothastraat 42.
The drinks are free and one hour cost 150 guilder.
The have a bath and there are always 5 girls age between 20 and 38.

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:55:12 +0800

Of course, the world is full of hopes! If there is a will, there is a
way! I can advice you to try the JB in Haarlem, which is about 20
minutes train from Amsterdam CS. The address is:

Spiegel Straat 29, Haarlem 
(Tel. 02 35 33 44 63)

When I visit the joint, they have some nice girls from Ukraine and a
really cute girl from Spain. The price is the same as other JB (150G
for 1 hr.) and had a wonderful hour with the Spanish girl.

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