You have to visit the Reeperbahn in Sankt Pauli, a northern part of
the town near the port. Many sex shops, live sex theaters (mostly in
the sidestreet "Die Grosse Freiheit") and the famous brothel street
Herbertstrasse (enter the sidestreet next to the police station
"Davidwache", then the Herbertstrasse is to the right behind a metal
shield), where good looking women offer their services. You will pay
DM 100 to DM 150 or more, up to 400 DM, no matter what she says on the

Street prostitution next to the Davidwache is allowed after 8pm. It's
funny to stroll there at that time: the girls are very punctual!

The best live sex theaters are those where no one is standing in front
of the door and asking people to come in (they have the best shows, at
least). The Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit have the only sex theatres
in Germany that show live fucking on stage.

Date: 13 May 1995 22:47:49 -0400

I enjoy Hamburg more than Amsterdam. I can recommend the Colibri and the
Safari live sex clubs on Grosse Freiheit Street.  The
translation means "Great Freedom Street".  How appropriate.  At the
Colibri, one recent act portrayed the changing of the guard at Buckingham
Palace. After being posted, the guard is, by tradition expected to stand
stock still.  In the live sex version, an attractive young damen tempts
the guard out of his hussar hat and riding boots and they fuck freely and
with abandon to the tune of the 1812 Overture.  The Safari had an opening
act that was a parody of the opening act in the legitimate production of
CATS.  The Safari did have less attractive actors and actresses and they
were all mediterainean for some reason, not nordic, as in most of the
other shows.  I do also recommend the Tabu, as described by a previous
respondent.  I paid 50 or 60 Dm to get in with a 10Dm tip to the guy on
the street who hawks the show to get me a good seat at a front table (with
a bunch of people (male and female) who came on a bus to see the show with
their social club).  I suggest you order bottled beer (yeah I know it is
not authentic alt or pilsner  but it is still german beer and it is safe)
as your required drink minimum which will add about 10Dm.

I also suggest you tour the Reeperbahn (Street of Ropemakers, named for
the maritime craftsmen that spliced rope in this district during the age
of sail).  I get a kick out of the pros in the window....but I always hook
up with an amateur from the streets who uses a room in the neighborhod to
entertain.  Saturday night is the BEST night to hit his area although you
can blow your brains out with complete satisfaction on any night.  If you
go on Saturday night, arrange to hook up with the damen of your choice
about midnight or later. (try a few early bird specials before you do). 
With the last girl, plan on spending the night (she will encourage it late
on Saturday night) and on Sunday morning get up and go to the "Fishmarket"
with her for breakfast and shopping.  The fishmarket is the worlds biggest
and best outdoor market.  It is open on Sunday morning in Hamburg from May
through October.  It is the best shopping under the sun for anything you
can name....don't miss it. The hookers love it on Sunday morning and it is
a fun party event with their "overnight guests"

Finally....AND DON't OVERLOOK THIS CRITICAL POINT.....when you talk to the
girls, if you do not speak German ask them "Americanish bitte?"  DO NOT
ask them to speak English!!!! You must establish that you are not British
or even Irish.  They treat the English like shit and as an American i have
always been treated great...if you think I am kidding, try both and
compare.  Most girls will want some verification, they will be coy or
subtle about it, show US dollars, passport, tattoos or whatever you have
but I have had trouble in Essen, Dusseldorf, Bochum, Troisdorf and Bonn
when confused for a Brit...especially after a recent soccer match.
Happy hunting chums!

Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:27:48 -0600
Subject: Hamburg

You may attach my remarks to the listing without my name.  I trust that you
are discret.  I recently visited Hamburg and I did some extensive research.
Here is some of the real facts.  

Hamburg: The place to be is the Reeperbahn. This area is devoted to sexually oriented businesses and there are not bones about what to expect. One experience I had was a bad one and so I will post a warning to all visitors. The establishment is located on Grosse Freiheit Street and it is called BINGO CLUB. There is generally a man hawking outside. He will tell you you can see a fuck show and the cost of a beer is 9dm. The real cost is 20dm which is not bad. The girls start to work on you and get you to buy them a drink. DO NOT buy a drink without knowing the cost. If you do you will find the cost to be 270dm a bottle. Being trapped by a guy 6 foot plus with his hand out is not a fun time in Hamburg. They are heavy handed and the guest is in some danger if he does not comply with all requests. Best to stay out of this one. The prostitutes are restricted to one side of the street and can invite you to join them for regular sex for 50dm. This is really a room charge and a hand job. The real cost of sex is 300dm. The prostitute may or may not allow you to have sex until you are almost ready to come and then you may slip it into her for a moment. There are no bargains here. =========================================================================== Date: August 1997 Hamburg has Sex cinemas similar to the ones in Berlin. "Kinobar Schlaraffenland", Henriettenstrasse 51, Tel 040-4915334, Mon-Fri 10-24, Sat 10-19: Entrance fee is DM 10. You can watch porn movies. 4 girls offer handjobs for DM 50 or french for DM 70 in the cinema, or in a private room for DM 100. "Moni's Sexkino", Eiffestrasse 584, Tel 040-2194586, Mon-Sat 10-3. Again, DM 10 entrance fee, DM 50 for french, DM 70 for half and half, DM 100 for more time (all in the cinema), DM 160 for half an hour and DM 320 for the whole hour in a private room. =========================================================================== Subject: Hamburg experiences Date: Wed, 7 May 97 04:45:24 +0200 Dear Atta, having read the WSG with interest and made use of the Frankfurtreports (accurate), I would like to contribute some lesser known facts about Hamburg. Everyone talks about the quarter St. Pauli located around Reeperbahn as the only place to be in Hamburg. Well that's by far the largest place and you will get everything starting from a DM 20 hand job under the table whilst drinking your beer in a bar. In general for good service I consider this place to be too expensive and too professional to enjoy. The street hooker scene is located around Suederstrasse. Service (in your car) is around DM 100, all girls are pimped, some very good looking. For straight sex I personally prefer the scene near the main railway station in St. Georg, since many girls are not pimped and the average attitude is very good if you choose carefully. Despite other media reports St. Georg is very safe for the average sex customer round the clock, much safer than St. Pauli. You will find a great variety of girls and several junkies of course. Girls concentrate on three parallel streets I will describe for you. On Ellmenreichstrasse half and half is 60 to 70 DM plus 20 DM for half an hour in the hotel "Adria". Sometimes I find Czech girls (great attitude) and asian ones (implants) here. Do not try the majority of south american (tend to be fat or transvestites) or german girls here. On Bremer Reihe you will find only german girls. There are stunning ones towards the railway station, but don't expect them to deliver as negotiated on the street. Down the road there are ugly junkies, hotels are not very clean. Quoted prices are DM 50. Most action and the youngest girls, mostly german, can be found on Steindamm where I do most of my shopping. Half and half is DM 50 to 100, I had my best experiences for 60 to 80. Some girls are drug addicts, some are pimped, some just work on their own bill (these will be best of course). You pick a hotel nearby for DM 20, "Blasender Engel" and "Arian" are the best. Condom is mandatory, although some girls will volunteer sucking without if you like.

How to choose your girl: Some of the really good looking ones will not deliver more than a hand job upstairs unless you are willing to pay a hefty surcharge. If you speak german, just ask "Was machst Du? (What do you do?)". She should answer "Französisch und Verkehr (half and half)". Then ask "Mit Ausziehen und Anfassen? (Undressing and touching OK?)", to which she should answer yes. If she does not give straight answers, you won't be lucky later. If you don't speak german well there is another way to tell after you have chosen your girl. If she will lead you to a hotel across the street Steindamm, definitely let her go, as these are prepared to support her in ripping you off. Junkies: Most of them are easily distinguished (if you are new to this subject, just look for bad teeth, scars, open wounds, swollen feet and legs), but there might be some in the early stages of their drug career, as it is rather common in Germany for drug addicts to work as prostitutes. If you care, just keep in mind that heroine slows people down and that cocaine can make hyperactive, so avoid the pushiest. Have a good stay in Hamburg, =========================================================================== Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 14:56:03 -0700 Of course everyone who is within 1000 miles of Hamburg Germany's Reeperbahn should go there but I have found another area in Hamburg that is cheaper and the girls give better service. Most of the girls in the Reeperbahn cater to tourists whom they never expect to see again so they do the minimum for the maximum amount of money. I have found that one in four girls there will really deliver what they promise while they are taking your money. Yes, I have been on the Reeperbahn enough to have made a statistically valid sampling. The area that I discovered is a couple blocks from the Hauptbahnhof (main trian station) There are usually about a dozen German girls there and always at least one will be an 8 or 9. (out of 10, 10 being best) Many of them are new to the business and havn't learned all the dodges yet. My weakness is for beautiful blondes and I have always found one there. Directions: As you exit the Haupbahnhof on the Kirchenalle side walk to the south end (to your right), cross Kirchenalle street at the light and continue straight through a confusion of little streets for about 75 feet. This will bring you to Steindamm street. The long block that follows is the area. It is well traveled and well lit. The girls will be on the left hand side of the street. They are there from around 4pm to take care of people leaving work until midnight. They will take you to a nearby hotel which charges 20 Deutschmarks (about $13) for the room. You make the deal in the room with the girl. This is usually 100- 150 Deutschmarks ($70-$105) for half and half, about half the price of the Reeparbahn. Where one girl in four (25%) on the Reeparbahn will really give you a good time about two out three (66%) will in this area. When you get a deep French kiss after handing her the money you know you found the right one. Warnings: Do not use the tunnel by the station entrance to get across Kirchenalle street. I have seen dopers there at night shooting up. One block north of Steindamm is Bremer Reihe street. This street is full of dopers and is not safe, Stay away! Two blocks north is Ellmenreich street. There are some girls there but they don't look so hot and the street is empty and not well lit. Walk it if you must but don't expect much. Watch your wallet around the train station. I carry my passport etc. in an inside jacket pocket and the money for the girls distributed deep in different pockets. So often the price is however much money you pull out. So pull out a little at a time. =========================================================================== Date: Dec 1997 Street prostitution near the Reeperbahn is restricted to an area south of the street, next to the police station Davidwache, consisting of the streets Davidstrasse, Herbertstrasse, Hans-Albers-Platz and Silbersackstrasse. The Paul-Roosen-Str, parallel to the Reeperbahn two blocks to the north, has several Turkish brothels. The fuck show Salambo was closed in Nov 1996. A dancer from Venezuela had gone to the police and complained that she was forced to fuck on stage. The following police operation found a hidden illegal brothel in the club and two pistols and a handgrenade in the female boss's flat. =========================================================================== Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Germany, Hamburg Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT After having heard about how bawdy and rowdy Hamburg was I must admit I was very disappointed when I finally got there. Yes, there are sex shops, hostess bars and strip joints. Yes, there are a few eros style houses: two on Reeperbahn and one on Grosse Freiheit Strasse (off the north side of the Reeperbahn, down towards the end of the district) - the latter was more interesting because there were at least a few see-through outfits there. Prices there were 50 to 100 DM, `alles mit gummi'. Yes, the prostitutes were lined up about six feet apart on Davidwache (off the south side of the Reeperbahn) in standard German prostitute garb. The prices here were 100DM and up. As in Berlin on 17 Juli, hardly a natural boob on the street. And yes, there is the famous brothel street Herbertstrasse (going west off Davidwache) where the ladies of the evening off themselves in the windows of their facilities seated rather than standing as in Amsterdam. The prices in TWSG are accurate: 100 to 150 DM and more. Here the outfits were much more revealing than on Davidwache. Here also there seemed only to be enhanced breasts - maybe one or two natural ones. One the whole very large-breasted, but enhanced ladies. After Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and the FKK CLubs (which are all much more resasonable), Hamburg just did not seem to click for me. Perhaps if I had been hornier.

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