One brothel is Ludwig str. This is a one block long area where the
women sit in the window with a red light on. Window shopping is
great!!! They are beautiful and in various stages of undress. No public
nudity but almost. All in Hannover have a set of standard rates for
services: DM 50 for suck (blow job) DM 70 for Suck/Fuck (this is the
best value IMO) or DM 100 for fuck (straight sex). You can fuck two at
once (zusammen) for DM 100 , I have not tried this yet but I will, it
sounds interesting!!  Lots of sex shops in the area also. The two
areas in Hannover are clean neat, well lit, seem safe. I've had no
problems and highly recommend them.

Subject: Prostitution FAQ List       Country:Germany    City:Hannover
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 08:29:30 UTC

Hannover, Germany

Streetwalkers you can find after dark at the Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse,Herschel-
strasse, Odeonstrasse and arround. There are some young and beautiful and
some not so beautiful girls. Prices start up from 30DM ($20US)to 100DM ($70US)
and more in your car. If you have no car rooms are available, but to go there
you need a taxi. Room cost 30DM extra, Taxi arround 15DM. Girls charge for
one hour in the room min. 100DM for s/f.

Sometimes you can find some very young and beautiful girls from
eastern countries.  They charge from 100DM to 200DM and more, it's
expensive but very good. They are really amateurs. All(?) use condoms.
The former streetwalker area - arround the markthalle - is out. You
can find only 2 or 3 old ladies....but if you like, why not.

Some of the girls are junkies, they suck you without condom (good
luck!) for 100DM. In Hannover you will never find more than 20
streetwalkers in the town, so it is sometimes very busy there (more
costumer than girls). Drive careful in this area, because the
policestation is nearby and in front of the police- station sometimes
you find some girls waiting.

Have a nice time in Hannover. More about clubs and brothels I tell you
after my next visit.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:14:41 +0100

 I forgot the name of the streets but it is easy to find if you ask. There
are some streetworker round the station but forget about them. The most
interesting are the Thai-houses. Prizes start at 50DM. Some woman are a
great deal you should bring a good feeling to avoid the rib off. I found a
girl named Mina. She was the nicest I ever had. The first time I went to her
we had a normal suck and fuck game for 50 DM but it was really great so the
next day I decided to go back. She remembered and proposed a Thai massage to
me... without any extra. She then gave me a blowjob without condom... and in
the next moment I felt her tongue in my mouth. We fucked in different
positions and after I came first I reengaged for another 50DM. After we
finished again I gave her another 100DM extra... she was worth the money. I
had to stay 5 days in Hanover and 5 days I went to Mina... every day we went
closer and closer and in the end I did not know if she was my girlfriend or
a professional I met by "accident". I am looking forward to meet her again
on my next trip to Hanover in 4 month.

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:43:05 +0100
Subject: Hannover, Germany

After some investigations during CeBit fair here are two remarks to make in 
addition to the previous research reports:

1. Phone numbers of prostitutes at Hannover and around can be found in the 
BILD-Zeitung. I got pretty reasonable service for 100 DM in a private 
environment.  However that girl which claimed to be 30 looked rather like 40.

2. I paid 120 DM in the Ludwigstrasse brothel, but the girl would not
even take all her clothes off for that price and demanded an upgrade,
which I refused.  Therefore I only gut a blow job with condome. Of
course I did not try an other girl out of Ludwigstrasse. So I can only
guess if I had made a particularly bad choice, or conditions are
generally worse if a fair (Hannovermesse, CeBit etc.)  is on at
Hannover. I recommend not to use the most well known places during a

Have fun

Subject:      [ASP] Report: Hannover, Germany
Date:         1998/04/07

Hannover, Germany: Reitwall Strasse / Scholvin Strasse

In the red light district in Reitwall Strasse / Scholvin Strasse in
Hannover you find several brothels with Thai prostitutes only and also
some houses with other nationalities (German, East-European, ...). The
Thais offer you a fuck & suck for 50 DM.  Some may ask, if you want to
spend more money, when you enter their room, but it's ok, if you
insist on 50 DM. They give you what they have promised. If you spend
100 DM, you can really have half an hour of good time: a backrub with
oil, cuddling, kisses (on the cheek), a blow job and a fuck in several
positions. Or another alternative for 100 DM: 2 Thais, fuck & suck
(but not half an hour). I recommend the Thai houses! In the other
brothels with European prostitutes you get a fuck or a suck for 50 DM,
both for 70 DM.

Subject: [ASP] Report on Hannover, Germany
Date: 13 Jul 1998 00:00:00 GMT

Report on Hannover, Germany:

1. Ludwigstrasse:

a) I tried a girl who offered S/M for 100 DM at the window. In the
   room she asked for 10 DM extra "for the room". On a scale from 1
   (professional, correct domina) to 10 (rip-off) I would rank her
   service and overall behaviour as 7.

b) A second experience was with a black-haired, large-chested German
   beauty. She offered a blow job and a fuck for 70 DM at the window,
   which she confirmed in the room _before_ I gave her the
   money. After I had handed it over, she turned out to be a real
   bitch.  She only gave me a hand job and treated me as
   disrespectfully as could be. Rip-off!

2. Reitwall Strasse / Scholvin Strasse:

These are two streets with a lot of brothels. Each house has its
characteristic nationality of girls:

a) One brothel is arranged inside as a "street" with black African
   women sitting in windows waiting for their customers. Here you can
   get a fuck & suck for 30 DM.  Very cheap price, no beauties, medium

b) Thais (House "Bangkok" etc.): 50 DM fuck & suck & more. Cheap
   price, some beautyful girls, good service. Excellent service
   (hugging, kissing, backrub, fuck&suck) for 100 DM.

c) East-Europeans (House "Reitwall Sex"): 70 DM fuck & suck. Medium
   price, some beautyful girls, good service. Excellent service (very
   beautyful and sexy girl, 69, fuck) for 150 DM.

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