Huddersfield, England.

For a few years now, the red light district has centered around the
dimly lit industrial back road 'Great Northern Street', located
between the town centre and the Fartown area of Huddersfield.

Driving through, after dark, one might expect to see
up to six girls on the street.  This number has dwindled considerably
in recent months which leads me to beleive that the district might
have moved
elsewhere although I have no information on this.  Perhaps this might
be linked with the occaisional police cars and vans often seen lurking
in side streets.

I have had three experiences in this area and all were typically
shoddy, seedy and rushed.  The first was with a slim young brunette,
wearing a short black skirt and knee high leather boots. She charged
me 15 pounds for a topless hand job, in a dark (and very smelly) alley
between buildings.  My second experience was with a slightly older
woman who had no worries about giving
me relief in front of a row of houses.  I was rather drunk at the time
which is just as well.  My last experinece was with a tall, thin girl
with black rings around her eyes.  I had no doubt that she was on
drugs. She was totally detached and emotionless, even looking in the
other direction as she releived me.

I would not advice looking in this area for both interests of hygiene
and discretion.  The best place to find links is in the small
advertisments of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Local Evening
Paper).  These used to be listed in a column called 'Personal
Services' but now have a column of their own, entitled
'Massage'.  There are usually 6 to 8 contact telephone numbers in the
column, advertising in a style such as 'discreet massage' or 'sensual
massage'.  Spotting them is not difficult.  Most of the girls are
located within a couple of miles of the town centre and typically
charge 30-50 pounds.  Most adverts are for solitary girls working from
private addresses.  There are not many true massage parlours that I
know of but one
that I can recommend is located in the Fartown area of Huddersfield
and is called 'Harmony' (formally called 'Pleasure Rooms').  It is
tucked away behind a row of shops in a residential area but is quite
discreet.  I believe that there are up to half a dozen girls working
there, although typcally only two of three will be
present at any one time.  I have only been once but will certainly be
going again. Here is my experience:

I made my way around the back of the row of shops (past rubbish bins and the like) and found the door. Ringing the bell, I waited for a moment before the door was opened by a tall red hed in her underwear. She welcomed me cheerfully and I entered the small reception area. It was extremely hot and so I took a seat as far from the portable gas heater as possible. Her name was Chelsea. She was about 26 years of age. 5 feet 8 and with a lean and lightly tanned body. Her breasts were quite average in size but appeared to be well shaped. On one shoulder was a small tatoo. She told me that the other girl (Marie) was busy and that she had to stay on reception until Marie had finished and then I would be able to choose between the two of them. I have to stress that I was rather paranoid since the waiting area was small and was right next to the back door. If another client had arrived then I would have had no chance of hiding my face! Eventually the client from up stairs came downstairs and left by the door. I turned my head away and did not see him but I don't know if he saw me. Marie emerged. She was about 5 feet 4 and with long reddish brown hair. She had a perfectly shaped, tanned body and nicely proportioned breasts. She was wearing blood red lipstick and was rather good looking. I choose Marie and was taken upstairs. There were three rooms to choose from. The basic room, which was very cold, bare and sported only a hard massage bench, costing 30 pounds for 20 mins. The VIP room which was warm and sported a single bed and a sunbed (what a gimmick!) - costing 40 pounds for 30 minutes. Finally there was the Luxury room with a double bed and a shower, costing 50 pounds for 45 minutes. I chose the 40 pound room and paid the money. She said that she would return in 5 mins and that I should get myself ready. I stripped off totally and sat waiting for her to come back. Eventually she returned, wearing knickers and a bra and announced that she would start with a massage and that I should lay on my front. She asked if I would like talcum powder and I said I would, if it was non-perfumed and therefore more discreet. Kneeling next to me, she began to gently massage my shoulders and back in a very expert fashion. She said that she was only eighteen but she was certainly very good. It seemed to last forever! I glanced at my watch and discovered that she'd been working on my back and legs for nearly 15 minutes and I decided that I should ask for extra services. I asked if I should turn over yet and she told me to be patient, promising that I would 'get some'. She spead my legs and worked around, tickling my buttocks and thighs. I felt VERY aroused and eventually she said I could turn over and this I did, very hastily! She stepped off the bed and removed her underwear to reveal that she had perfectly shaped and tanned breasts and was totally clean shaven. She continued with the massage, which got more and more sensual, for about 10 more minutes and I had to ask how much time we had left. She assured me that we had lots of time and that there was no hurry. She slowly centred in on my groin, lighter and lighter and closer and closer, barely brushing and sending shivers all over. She eventually brushed my erection and the feeling was unbeleiveable. It was not long before she began to administer a very slow and gentle masturbation. Alarmingly, I found myself about to reach climax within a few seconds. I had to have her stand back for a moment. As she did, she readied a condom which she gently placed on me before suddened thrusting me into her mouth and giving the best oral that I have ever had. Time and again I had her pause and she patiently did so. Eventually, I sensed that time was running out and I asked her to finished me quickly with her hand, which she did in a rapid and merciless manner. I would recommend 'Harmonies' to anyone, especially the girl that I visited. I have experienced over 20 other such girls in the Huddersfield area and they have ranged from poor to pretty good. All have working from private addresses and therefore cannot be named. Furthermore, I have found that many girls often move house and change their names or numbers. Best thing to do is to keep a log of all numbers that are called and all names and descriptions. Eventually, a picture will be built up. It would be interesting to know of anyone else has had any experiences whatsoever, in Huddersfield.

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