Hull: the area is just to the West of Princes Quay: Waterhouse Lane,
Myton Street, and Osborne Street. It also continues west on Osborne
Street across Ferensway on to St Luke's Street, Great Thornton Street, 
and Cambridge Street. 

Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 23:03:18 +0100
Subject: a.s.p FAQ

For those of your readers who don't follow the newspapers.....

Just a note on Hull, as of the beginning of may/end of April the Police
were looking for a murderer of a working girl in Hull (crime committed last
October (97)). Press reports have them trying to DNA test 2000 men known or
suspected to have visited the red light area / streetwalkers in the area.
Whether this also means an increased police presence at the moment I don't
know but your readers may wish to give this some thought before venturing
down that way. Easiest way to identify street scene - it's behind 'Staples'
the office superstore.....

A note on the one place i have visited in the area. Mystique/Merlin's is
the same place. Only time I went (Mid-Feb 98) Mystique shut at 10:30 and
Merlins took over - they had plans to open Mystique 24 hrs a day when I was
there. Hard to judge on basis of one visit. Very spacious rooms 20gbp room
negotiate service (45gbp full on this occasion for 45 mins)  this was after
hours so, I believe, somewhat more expensive than usual. Sophie, v.
pleasant and in good shape 25 looks about 17/18, and the actual massage was
pretty good in itself  - which makes a nice change. Bugger to find though,
it's up a long alleyway behind the pharmaceutical/chemical place. Phone
them, they're used to people getting lost. Look in the Hull Daily Mail
under Massage/Escorts. Bizarrely, I thought, Mystique is also in the Yellow
Pages (and gives its McCoys rating) under Saunas which appears in the book
just above 'sausage makers' which cracked me up :-)

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