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Prostitution in: Italy

General Information about country, people, geography and climate can be gotten from the CIA World Factbook entry.

Legal Situation: Prostitution itself is legal. Streetwalking and operating or working in a brothel are not. This is not vigorously enforced. Prostitutes are not registered and no health checks are required. "Favoring" prostitution is also illegal, and that law has occasionally been used against husbands, boyfriends or landlords of prostitutes.

The age of consent is 18; among teenagers one year difference is also legal, but minimum is 16. If a minor engages in prostitution this is considered as a crime of "moral corruption" by whomever introduced her/him to it, and the minor her/himself is institutionalized.

Finding prostitutes: Many small, illegal brothels, employing only one or two women, exist. They usually pay off the police. Typically, the prostitutes are transferred to another place after one week.

Streetwalking is widespread, many girls on the street are from Africa or from eastern Europe; call girls ("squillo") who operate out of their own apartments exist; they advertise in local newspaper or special ad papers as "accompagnatrice" or "massaggiatrice".

Magazines with informations:unknown.

Keywords in local newspapers and the yellow pages: unknown.

Specific information

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