Hi, I am born and brought up in pakistan. I am 27 year old guy. And I started screwing at the age of 17. Though pakistan legally does not allow prostitution, it goes on in private houses. You don't see any advertisements outside. My favorite places in Karachi are one called Salma's and Farida's. This places offer good line up of 6/8 girls in their 20s. 80% of them are good looking. Prices are Rs.1200 for upto 3 hour session (they bargain and settle for Rs.1000). Most of them speak english and urdu. Best time to visit them is after 6:30pm (but before 9pm) and best day to be there is friday (not many visitor as it is holiday and you can get laid cheaper). They don't accept credit cards. Cash is king. =========================================================================== Subject: Re: Karachi, Pakistan scene Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 14:30:19 UTC >Hi, > >thanks a lot for the Pakistan info. One question: how to find the >private houses if you are clueless? U can't find them in Newspapers. In Karachi, if u ask rikshaw driver they will take u there. I have couple of friends working in Police dept. They know this places (they get regular bribes from Madams). They directed me to houses.

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