Karlstad, Sweden.

Vaxnasgatan (above Christer's Hair Salon)

Have been here twice, both with same girls. Price is 100 SEK for entrance and 
then 600 SEK for wank, 800 for oral and 1000 sek for vaginal. This is quite 
nice, but expensive....This is a friendly brothel and you even get tea and 
coffee there!

Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 21:31:19 +0100
Subject: Re. Sweden Karlstad

The name of the referred place is "Afrodite". Any cab driver knows.

Subject: Sweden update
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:25:23 PDT


I send you this information from Karlstad Sweden. I went to the club 
Afrodite, which was previous mentioned at your page. It's a small club 
located on top at a hairstylist. The entrance fee is 100 SEK (aprox 14 
USD). Inside there are two rooms with a large TV- Screen that they show 
pornomovies on. There is also a bar where you can buy beer, cofee, tea, 
sodas etc, but no drinks. The bartender is an older man that is very 
nice. This is obviously not a place where they try to get the customers 
as drunk as possible. There are no striptease going on but there are 
several girls who walk around and offer to take you into a private room. 
When asked I was told that there are two girls working there full time 
and there are often girls who come and work for a weekend only and then 
moves on. 

When I asked I was informed about the prices: 600 SEK (85 USD) for a 
handjob, 800 SEK (114 USD) for a blowjob and 1000 SEK (142 USD) for a 
fuck which inlcuded a blowjob. 

When I was there it was still very early so it was only one girl 
working, Gunilla, an middle aged woman. I decided to try a full service 
anyway and I was taken to a small room with a bed and mirrors at the 
walls and the roof. After paying I was told to undress and lie on the 
bed. She came back nude and put a condom on. And she then proceded to 
blow me while using her hand it was quite good. After a while she asked 
me if I wanted to do it in any special position, when I said no she got 
on top of me. And when asked to she switched position and I tried her in 
3-4 different before finishing.

Afterwards she tells me that there is no problem in having two girls at 
the same time. Two orgasms costs 2000 SEK, but you can get two girls in 
bed at the same time for the ordinary price. One girl will blow you and 
you may fuck the other. Sounds cool to me.

Afrodite is open at Friday and Saturday 18.00-23.00 (6.00 PM-3.00 AM) 
and often at Wednesdays during the summer at the same time.

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