I notice you don't have anything on Jamaica. My info is a bit old, but may
be helpful.

Ocho Rios:  Young hookers will approach male tourists swimming.

Kingston: Prostitution is outlawed, but pervasive. Especially among the poor
(women's unemployment rate is over 50 percent). 

Streetwalkers can be found: in the New Kingston area along Knutsford
Boulevard, esp. in front of Wyndham and Pegasus hotels. On Trafalgar
Road, between Knutsford Boulevard and Marescaux Road. These streets
are close to Kingston's main hotels and guest houses.

In addition the (very) adventurous can try downtown Kingston (East Queen
Street just east of St. William Grant Park), or the Half Way Tree Road.

Several clubs on the Half Way Tree Road are havens for prostitutes.

Expect to pay 5 hundred to a thousand Jamaican dollars ($J40 = $1US). Less
if you pay in US dollars.

Subject: [ASP] Information on Jamaica
Date: 6 May 1997 16:51:07 -0400

It's about time you had an update on the action available in Jamaica so
I thought I would contribute with some recent experiences.  First, by
far the best place in Kingston for street hookers is on Waterloo Road
just near the Embassy Apartments.  Lots of girls hang out there at
night.  Most of them pretty fat and ugly, but some exceptions.  Last
time I was there I saw one who I would have rated about 7 or 8 (didn't
try her).  I have been approached in the Pegasus Hotel from time to
time.  The only girl I've been with there was not much of a looker (I
was desperate), reasonably good body and a bit pricey (US$120).  Once in
the room she stripped off quickly and took a shower (good sign).  She
seemed pretty enthusiastic and reasonable personality. She gave me a
reasonable blow job (with condom) and then let me fuck and kiss her all
over.  I told her I like girls to talk dirty and make a lot of noise and
she was very happy to oblige with some real nasty talk.  She was a bit
reluctant to let me fuck her doggy style but once I persuaded her she
was really good.  Nice tight pussy and a nice ass.  Although I'm sure
she was acting she put on a terrific show for me and almost screamed the
house down.  I finished by shooting my load into her and she gave a very
good impression of a simultaneous (and very noisy) orgasm.

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