Subject: Kyoto, Japan possibilities

This message is not designed to give the full lay out on Kyoto but just to
suggest some areas.

The "Fashion" scene in the Ponto-cho area is really quite good and in
many (but definitely not all) foreigners are welcome.  Speaking
Japanese is a big plus but not essential.  The girls range in age from
early 20s to late 40s.  Hand jobs de rigeur and beyond a definite
possibility...depending upon how nice you are to them, sexy and how
fat your bill fold is.  Some joints will try to squeeze to gradually
luring you on to suggested fantasy.  Beware.

Crystal off of Kawaramachi Shijo on one of the back streets
particularly welcomes foreigners.  Ask for Mimi.  She doesn't speak
much English but likes foreigners.  The hairier and better endowed the
better for her.  If you are particularly nice and return two or more
times the possibility of going further is definitely there.  Well,
more than there.

Good Luck.

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