Subject: Re: More on Bolivia

I just noticed an entry on Bolivia in the list of countries. I think I 
can contribute some information about the sex industry in La Paz, 
Bolivia's largest city.

For the cheapest action, there is "La Plaza del Estudiante" and the 
adjoining avenue "El Prado" and "Landaeta" street. After midnight, 
streetwalkers can be found in this area. I never tried one of them, 
because they looked not just ugly, but repulsive. I would guess a full 
service by one of these women goes for less than 100 Bolivianos or 
US$20 (1 US dollar = 5 Bolivianos). I have no idea where these woman 
take their customers, but I assume they have rooms in the neighborhood.

I can report from first-hand experience about the nightclubs or 
"boites" There are several throughout the city. Some are: "Variette" 
(sp?) right off Avenida Busch and Calle Panama, in Miraflores;  
"Coral", near the north end of the soccer stadium, also in Miraflores; 
"Vivian's", on Avenida 6 de Agosto, in Sopocachi; and "Amazonas", near 
the corner of Calle Landaeta and Avenida 20 de Octubre. I was told 
about several other locals I did not visited.

All these places have the same "modus operandi". No cover charge. 
Depending on the day of the week, you could find from 10 to 20 young 
women (late teens to late twenties), and more on weekends. They are 
refered as "coperas" or "copetineras". Most are 4s to 6's, 
occassionally a 7 or 8, and a rare 9.

A mixed drink for customers cost from 6 to 8 dollars. The women make 
money on the drinks customers buy for them at outrageous prices (13 to 
15 dollars). These places open from 10:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M., but the 
real action takes place after 11:30 P.M. If your intent is to catch a 
mediocre strip show (usually at 12:30 and 2:OO A.M.) you are better off 
buying a bottle or half-bottle of your favorite liquor for about 30 to 
50 dollars.

The women are not aggressive. In fact, they will leave you alone, but 
they will join you at your table if you choose so. Beware! Once one of 
them join you at your table, she will try to have you buy her drinks or 
will help you finish your bottle as fast as possible. The more money 
you spend the more intimate the contact she will allow. No lap dances, 
but she will frequently invite you to dance with her on the stage. The 
idea is to get you thirsty and keep buying drinks. An intersting fact I 
observed in these places is that these young women are not local girls, 
they come from other regions of Bolivia, such as Santa Cruz and Beni, 
and from neighboring countries, mainly Chile, Brazil and Paraguay. My 
guess is that local girls willing to do this work are not attractive 

If getting laid is what you want, negotiate right away! The asking 
price for a 2 to 3 hours session is 75 dollars, but most of them, if 
not all, will do it for 50. Make sure to let her know in advance what 
you want and reach an agreement. Of course, a good knowledge of Spanish 
is required for this, since most of these girls undesrtand little or no 

After you agree on the price and the service, you van use the private 
or semi-private rooms at the nightclub (not recommended) at the rate of 
15 to 20 dollars per hour, or you can go to one of many special motels. 
This will cost you an additional 50 dollars to take the girl out plus 
another 20 bucks for the hotel. You can bypass these charges and 
arrange for an encounter during the day. Again, Spanish required.

Taxis in La Paz, are safe, inexpensive and plentiful at any time of day 
or night. In fact, in all my frequent travelling throughout Latin 
America, I have never seen any city where catching a cab is faster and 
easier than La Paz.

Enjoy your visit to La Paz, but don't drink, don't try to walk at a 
normal pace and don't do any excercise the first two or three days. 
Otherwise, the altitude sickness "Soroche" will get the best of you. 
Remember, La Paz is at over 13,000 feet above sea level. The best 
remedy for altitude sickness is a cup of coca-leaf tea. Don't worry, it 
has nothing to do with cocaine. You can get it at any hotel or 
restaurante. It comes in little bags similar to our familiar tea bags. 
Just ask for "Un mate de coca".

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