Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 19:32:57 UTC

I am surprised that you do not have our country, Pakistan, on the list !

The major cities here are: Islamabad (The capital), Lahore and Karachi.

Let me tell you about prices and areas in Lahore.

Type        Where     Blow-job   1 Cuntfuck     Anal sex   Mugging risk
=====       =====     =======    ==========    =========   ===========

Standard     Room      3$          15$            15$          Nil

Hi-Quality   Room      N/A        200$           200$          Nil
(Hotel/Posh area)

Alcoholic drinks are not taken by the prostitutes.
A good Dinner, a dress and some gifts have to be given to the Hi-Q
whore. (50 $ total).

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