First information about Liege....Belgium

You can find prostitution in Liege center (rue Varin) close to the
station.  Small streets at the end of rue Cathedrale (close to the
river and rue Leopold) but they are old and unsafe. and in the suburb
(Seraing - Awans ...)

The place I prefer is the road between Liege and St Truiden. From
Awans, you can find a lot of places called "BAR". A girl is sitting in
the front window and is waiting for customers. Most of them are very
safe and sexy. Ask to a couple of them before making your choice !
Normal price is 3000Bef for 1/2 hour (BJ and penetration). It is in a
nice bedroom with quick wash before and after. Be very careful because
some girls try to ask you more for the same service. If you are a good
looking man, just be kind and respectful and you can have it for
2000Bef. The best place is in Brustem (close StTruiden), more than 30
bars in 5 kms.

In rue Varin (close to Guillemins station) it's 3000-4000 Bef if you
are close to the station...1000-2000Bef at the end of the road... I
don't know these bars but I think most of the time it's not in a bed

Seraing is the cheapest place. A lot of african girls and very vulgar
girls. You can make love for 1000Bef very easily but the girls are not
all the time 100% safe.


Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 15:03:52 +0000
Subject: more info


Try down by the railway station in the early evening. Some stunners but
my French is not very good, and none of them spoke English. I must learn
a bit more French!!!

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