Makati About 5-8 are scattered around the Manila Peninsula Hotel vicinity. There are as much Transvestites as there are watch out. There are only one or two 9s. The better ones can be found in the bars of Makati which are mostly located on P.Burgos Street. Dimples is a popular spot. So is Papillon. Avoid Mogambo. =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 09:09:17 -0700 Makati, Metro Manila Despite Mayor Binay's much publicised attempts to clean up Makati, prostitution is alive and well in Makati and available through a variety of venues. Below the benefit of some 16 months of living in Makati, for what it is worth; ESCORT The yellow pages has the usual selection of out-call services. And as is always the case, you places your call and you takes your chances; you never know what is going to show up at your door. Fairly expensive, in the range of PP3,000 (US$115) for the usual 2 hour deal service. Not highly recommended. WOMEN'S DORMS Most any cab driver will be able to take you to one of these. Usually in a middle class residential district. Pimp Palace really. Enter a room with around 10 to 15 women sitting along the edges. The pimp will sit you down next to him but bit too far from the women for a good view and ask which one interests you. Make your selection, negotiate the price (PP2~3,000) and you are off for the night. She will stay with you until the early morning but I imagine other arrangements are available as well. Not recommended however; who wants to deal with a pimp if you don't have to? BURGOS STREET Just off the edge of the Central Business District is the heart of Makati Vice, Burgos Street. Around 12 clubs all within walking distance of each other and even your hotel in Makati. All have bar fines or minimum drink orders that must be paid if you wish to take out. The women run the entire spectrum from rather poorly educated 5 and 6s to University graduate 9 and 10s and more than a few young mothers. Unless you are in town for a short time or looking for only one night stand, beware the sometimes possessive nature of these girls. Despite the current professions, most seem to be looking for a husband and way out; this said not in a negative sense either, can't blame them really. The preference on their side is for you to have a regular girl as opposed to being a 'butterfly', flying from flower to flower. It can get messy at times when you have decided that you are ready for something new but your first/current lady doesn't agree. Best to be checking out the nectar in one of the other bars than jumping from girl to girl within a single bar. Also, keep in mind that these women are sentient beings; if they don't take a shine to your or your money, they can refuse to leave with you and the mama-san will back them up. The business they have with you outside of the bar is their business, not the bars. Bar fines are all pretty similar, PP1,500~2,000 with the price of the lady's company until the next morning within the same range. All the women will stay through the night with you if you like and I never had a bad experience but some were definitely better than others. Other arrangements such as weekends off to Boracay are of course possible. Up to you. Rogues - small bar where you are welcome to drink but if you want company, you need to make arrangement through Mama-san. She will assign a lady or two to you. Dancing, small stage for shows. Pool table. Papillion - larger space, medium sized stage with many women dancing. Smaller island type stages where the girls rotate in and out of. If you want one to sit with you, you must invite one through Mama-san. Recently remodelled and expanded although I haven't seen the results. Bottoms - small, dark and lively, my personal favourite. Small stage, well staffed with many very friendly girls. Up to you to choose the company you'd like. Mama-san is there to keep the peace. Considerable freedom as to fondling allowed in those dark corners. Often had the tops off with my pants opened. Bottoms is open from noon as well and on tougher days, I went in for lunch, ordered a light meal, couple of beers and found some company. Above Bottoms is Inn Suites where you can rent a nice room for PP700 for 3 hours. Put a whole new spin on an otherwise bad day.

Dimples - tried it a couple of times. Eh. Rascals - Some of the more attractive women work here, seemingly all with long hair. Small stage. Similar to Bottoms in that the Mama-san is in the background as opposed to more active participation as in Rogues or Papillion. Jools - probably the largest and classiest. Usually live music, many beautiful women, stage on ground floor with shows on 2nd floor. This a probably the only place you could take a date. Bit more on the pricy side when compared to the others but as is always the case, you get what you pay for. Others include Cathouse, High Heels (rumoured to not have any bar fines), Grand Prix, Friday's, Blue Lagoon, Magumbo, etc. No experience other than walking in the door and walking out of a few of these. QUESON CITY Metallica Bit of a trek from Makati. Large open bar with large central stage where dancers strip. You can ask for one from the stage to join you or even tour the dressing room to make your selection. Around the back and sides are several private rooms where you can retire to. Never did so but was lead to believe that most anything goes inside. One woman after her dance came up to our table completely naked, grabbed my beer bottle and glass and proceeded to pour beer down her chest between her breast and collected the runoff in the glass down at her crotch. Hmmm. Metallica seemed well frequented by filipinos with few expats. For the experience, worth it once. Follow up with a trip to Maalikaya Health Complex to salvage whatever shortfall you expereince in Metallica. Maalikaya Health Complex Rather well known massage parlour discussed elsewhere in this section. Three levels of service although I am not certain of the differences having tried the mid-level only once, about PP1,500. Select your masseuse from a video and then go to a room and await her arrival. Very nice massage which you can follow with full service, negotiated directly with the lady. Very pleasant fuck albeit somewhat impersonal given the circumstances and limited time. Still recommended. =========================================================================== Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 11:46:10 +0000 Subject: [ASP] Report on Girls in Makati, Philippines 18 June 1997. Contrary to other reports, Makati remains a great place to get laid! While it is true that prices for bar fines, etc tend to be higher, anyone who can spend a little time here can reduce that considerably. Ladies drinks in the P. Burgos bars tend to average 22 pesos, about $8.50. A typical bar fine is 8 to 10 drinks. However, if you spend a few days here, and are a fun, friendly guy, you will get invitations to meet after the bar closes, or the lady will just come over to your room. They will fuck you all night long, continuing to roll over and get you up after you are ready for sleep! Some places and tips: High Heels Club. Go up P.Burgos street and follow the signs. Some cute young (no, no) girls on the street will give you a flyer good for a free beer. Loud music, girls aren't real pushy. Girls vary from average to excellent. Ladies drinks are 220 pesos, bar fine standard is 10 drinks. Talk to Mama Raquel, tell her a "friend" said it was 6 see if you can agree on 8. To try and avoid a bar fine, be friendly and fun to the lady you love, then ask if you can meet her after closing at Wendys (5 minute walk) and buy her breakfast. High Heels closes at 4AM, Sunday at 3AM. Don't let the mamasan or doorman (Joseph) know about this or the girl gets in trouble. I go home from the club early, get 4 hours sleep, then meet my friends. Buy your dream (and probably 1 or two friends) breakfast, make them laugh, and you are going home to get hammered! Blue Velvet. On Kalayaan Avenue, upstairs over Galleon Restaurant. Claim the best blow job in Manila. The word from girls in the other bars is "all the ladies there know how to sing, but! first you have to wash your microphone!. Check to see if it is still open, they were facing prostitution charges in June, '97. Galleon Restaurant. On Kalayaan Avenue. Not many girls, average looks at best. Not a "bar fine" place. Country Western live band (Filipino!), and ladies in sailor outfits. Ladies drinks are 125 pesos, beer as cheap as 25 pesos. Management doesn't mind what the ladies do after closing. Treat a lady here nice, and she will fall i love with you in an evening. Tip: if you don't want to wait till closing each night, ask the girl to be absent. She will be fined 500 pesos, but you should be able to cover that! Then you have 24 hours, and she will be happy to keep her legs spread the whole time! She wants you to love her, she wants to find a husband! Night Watch. On Kalayaan Avenue. Best floor show in Makati! Girls (some real beauties!) go through about a dozen costume changes, some do a complete strip to show that gorgeous, thinly haired Philippina bush! More later! Keep the ladies laughing, that is your job! Cowboy

=========================================================================== Subject: Makati (Manila),Philippines Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 23:18:40 PDT I LIVE IN MAKATI AND WILL BE FOR ABOUT THREE YEARS. RECENTLY HAVE GONE TO P.BURGOS STREET AND TRIED THE BAR SCENE. BAR FINE SEEMED TO RUN ABOUT 2,200 PECOS (ABOUT $80U.S.) AND THEN YOU NEED TO TIP THE GIRL ABOUT THE SAME. THIS WOULD GET YOU AN ALNIGHT GIG. MOST OF THE GIRLS TALK ABOUT MARRIAGE, HAVING A HARD LIFE, SUPPORTING THE FAMILY, ETC.. WHATEVER THEY SURE ARE CUTE. THE INCALL THING WORKS FOR ME, I LIVE HERE AND THE GUARD AT MY BUILDING WRITES DOWN EVERYTHING. CALL ME PARANOID. WENT TO A MASSAGE PARLOR CALLED IMPERIAL BATH HOUSE ON MAKATI AVENUE JUST PAST WENDY'S. THE MASSAGE IS 1,000 PECOS AND THE GIRL WANTS THE SAME FOR EXTRA SERVICE. THIS WORKED GOOD FOR ME I CAN TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS AND GO BACK TO WORK, NOT A PARTY ANIMAL. THE GIRLS ARE ALL PRETTY, LOTS OF 6 AND 7, SOME 8 AND 9.. AT THE IMPERIAL BATH HOUSE YOU WALK IN AND PAY 1000 PECOS AT THE COUNTER, THEY ASK YOU PICK A GIRL FROM A ROOM FULL (AT LEAST 20) BEHIND A MIRROR. THEY ALL LOOKED GOOD TO ME WITH THEIR LITTLE WHITE UNIFORM MINI SKIRTS. MY GIRL WAS #8 LYN, SHE WAS GOOD LOOKING BUT SEEMED KINDA COLD. THE BLOWJOB AND FUCK LACKED ENTHUSIASIM. SHE GOT ON TOP AND SQUATTED OVER ME NOT REALLY TOUCHING ME. SHE TALKED ABOUT A BONUS FOR HER WHILE GIGGLING BUT I ONLY GAVE HER THE 1,000 PECOS FOR THE EXTRA SERVICE. I WILL GO BACK TO THIS PLACE AND TRY SOME OF THE OTHER GIRLS. WITH THE U.S. DOLLAR STRONG AGAINST THE PECOS (29 PECOS PER DOLLAR). ALL OF THE ASIAN CURRENCIES ARE LOOSING AGAINST THE DOLLAR. TRAVELING TO THIS AREA NOW IS LIKE GETTING A 10% TO 12% DISCOUNT. IT MAY IMPROVE BUT NOT FOR LONG, SOME PLACES HAVE ADJUSTED PRICES ALREADY TO REFLECT THE DEVALUATION. GOOD FOOD AT FRIDAYS AMERICAN GRILLE (TGI FRIDAYS) ON MAKATI AVENUE. NO GIRLS, JUST ZIP YOUR ZIPPER, HAVE A COLD BEER AND EAT A BURGER. NOW GO CATCH PUSSY, NOT CHASE, UNTIL 4 AM. I WILL HAVE TO TAKE A WEEKEND TO BANGCOK OR SINGAPORE AND REPORT BACK. NO I DON'T HAVE AN EXTRA BED, NO BOADERS. =========================================================================== Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 22:21:57 -0800 (PST) Subject: ASP: Philippines ( Makati and Angeles City ) Makati Well, if you have the time, spend some time in the evening at the park in front of the Shangri-La hotel, around 7pm, having a cigaratte there, if you smoke, just relax, pretty soon, someone will come over and talk to you, Roy, the guy who talked to me, well, some simple harmless chitchat, then it will go to his business, which is social escort. He offer a girl to me for USD100, the whole night. Since i am not looking for a long-one, so, we bargained to about P2000 till 10pm. My girl, Rowena, which is a cosmetic sales girl in the nearby shopping mall, follow me back to the hotel, as usual, she took a shower, without me, too shy, i guess, and came out wrapped in a towel, and joined me in the bed and start giving me a great blowjob, nothing exciting, but a decent one. after couple of minutes, she starts to go on top and that was when i took out the condom, you can't be too carefull. Under the towel was a nice nody, a 8, the tits can be better. We did it twice with shower in between, both time with her on top, i will say it is so far a pretty good experience, my first philipino. ;) P. Burgos Street. Well, i did visit a bar there, Bottom, with dancing girls on the stage. The minute i step in, i was surrounded by dancers, everyone of them trying to make me buy them lady's drink. I have 2 girls with me which we talked quite a bit, and i like one of the girls, and since her shift is over and i ask her to join me to my hotel, which she agrees to, unfortunately, she is a cherry-girl. But then, i don't really mind at all. so, we met outside the bar near the Pizza-Hut since i did not bar-fine her, so, we are not supposed to let the management know. We have a dinner near the pizza-hut and took a cab back to my hotel, cab fee about P40. We have couple of hours of heavy petting in my room with her jacking me off twice. Took me a while to convince her to do it, she said this is the first time she actually went to a hotel with a customer, i believe her, from her reaction for everything. She does the similar handjob again in the morning. I send her to catch a cab and slip her P500 for the cab and the tips. Actually i do not have to pay her at all, but she is a really nice girl.

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