Most of the expats in HK that I know fly to Manila for the weekend about
once a month.  Believe it or not, but you can fly roundtrip from HK to
Manila, stay in a 3-star hotel, and get a girl for the night for less then
you would spend to get laid in Hong Kong.  You can figure that it will
cost you about $100 in Manila (bar fine plus paying the girl).  Best place
in Metro Manila is the Firehouse, which is located in Pasay City.  Bar
fine there is 500 pesos ($20).

Subject: Manila Ressurected
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 08:40:16 UTC

After Lim (Mayor/ex-General) closed down the Ermita strip, then the
"Food Complex" at Pasay, things got rather dead for a while. The new
International Entertainment centre, cnr EDSA & Harrrison has breathed
new life into the old girl.

Five bars, all brand new, grace a one-stop purpose built development with 
fast food to compliment the prime activity of disco bars. Firehouse, My Fair
and Australian/Cotton Club are old names from Pasay, along with Casino 
with a welcome return to a famous name from del Pilar of the '80s
being Pitstop.

Clean, safe and well-run, it's a joy to see a return to the
action....reckon I used to barfine some of the current girls mothers!!

Subject: Re: Bangkok versus Manilla

>Bangkok is NOT what it used to be. Manila is wild but harder,
>personally I don't really like the girls down there, to loud, to much
>talking etc etc.  Also Manilla has changed considerably over the last
>4 years, I have lived in both towns and generally tend to use Manila
>for my blowouts and keep a nice bunch of girlfriends in Bangkok. In
>Manila go to Mabini, there's a couple of bars there (maybe closed
>down now) called Visions and Firehouse, take it from there. The girls
>in these bars get shots every fortnight and you can see the
>plasters. DONT take the girls from the bars in Bangkok (Patpong)
>ALWAYS use a condom there, actually Soi Cowboy in Bangkok is probably
>more fun now. Theres a bar called Thermai on Shukumvit Rd, can't give
>you the Soi. If it's still open go there it's good. Another thing,
>it's kinda nice to pick up the girls in Mabini and bring them down to
>one of the Islands with you for a week, it's cheap and they make good
>little wives, cooking etc just down turn your back on them Phillipino
>girls. ;-)

Manila is more than what it used to be!   With the US military
presence at the zero level most of the ladies that used to be in the
strips outside the bases are now in Manila.   Be very careful!   The
ladies know exactly how to get the bucks out of you.   The best places
are in Makati, not down along the water (Roxas Blvd).   Stay in one of
the less expensive hotels down along Makati Ave, I suggest Regine's
Apartel.   The rooms are nice and the people are great.   From there
you're only one city block away from the current entertainment centers.

Enjoy Manila, it is a great place!

Date: June 1996

In the massage parlour "Dawn of Life" on President Quirino Avenue, you
can get one of the classic body shampoos and massages for $32 and full
service for an additional tip of some $35.

Then there is the Maalikaya Health Complex in the Asis Building, 386
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Considered to be the premier massage
parlour in Manila/Quezon, it extends over four floors, with different
prices and services on each floor. Check it all out before you
choose. You pay the house between $8 and $60 for a one and a half hour
massage and then about the same amount as tip to the girl for full
service. This is negotiated with the girl. You can also get a double
massage (3 hours) or twin attendants for less than double the price.

About the night clubs: most of them feature pretty good strip
shows. They require that you buy a minimum number of drinks per hour,
and if you have a girl at your table, they charge an hourly fee for that. To
take out a girl for the night, you pay a bar fine to the floor manager
and a tip to the girl; all in all, you'll probably pay $150-$200 for
the night. Examples:

Miss Saygon Disco Theater, Timog Ave., Quezon City

Madison Square Disco, 2110 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Babylon Night Club, Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Subject: manila update
Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 03:36:58 UTC

This is a short manila update as I haven't seen much about that 
location.  This is dated April 96.  I was told the 'Firehouse' was shut 
down by police due to nude dancing violations.  Could have been BS or 
re-opened now.  Instead a taxi driver took me to an area in metro 
Manila called "Mayberry" or something like that.  (No I did NOT see 
Andy Griffith!).  Right behind the big brown Welcome To...  sign, was a 
house with a black steel gate.  It was a 'girls house' as described in 
the other FAQ areas.  I was surprised to see about 15 cute girls in 
their early 20s there to choose from.  The cost was 100 USD for all 
night.  I took one out at about 5pm and had to leave the next morning.  
I tipped her very generously.  She was well worth the money.  Nothing 
exotic, but as frequent and long as I desired.  I would go back and 
visit if to see her again, but, the airport and country seem to be 
regressing, and I enjoyed Bangkok more (and it was cheaper also).    

=========================================================================== Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:19:11 UTC I have ever been to Philippine 3 times in one year, because I cannot forget the great place-HAPPY SAUNA. Trust me, it really makes you very happy, including service, price and the faces of ladies. HAPPY SAUNA is in Quezon City, but I am sorry for I don't know the real address. Actually, even you know the address of it, I am sure that you still the need taxi driver's help, Because in metro Manila, a foreigner is difficult to find a place only by address. I suggest that you'd better take the taxi from Cubao, and tell the taxi driver that you want to go to HAPPY SAUNA (Of course, the taxi drivers in Cubao all knows this place). Entering the door, you will see many people are waiting for their favorite girls(Sure, these girls who they want to call are BUSY now). At this time, you just go to the counter and pay 250 pesos($10) service charge(for 50 minutes), get a room number ticket,then find your own room and take a shower by yourself. After that, all things you have to do is lie on bed and relax yourself. Ofcourse, praying for a favorite girl will knock your door is necessary. After a romantic massage, you should start to discuss for your bussiness . One shot usually costs 200-300 pesos ($10-12). All things should be finished in 50 minutes. My latest experience in HAPPY SAUNA was Dec.1/1995. =========================================================================== Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 01:27:19 -0800 Subject: Manila, Philippines Dear Sirs: Please do not dislose my identity. Nor give out my mailing address. The following are some information based on my recent experience:-- If you temporarily stay in Manila and wanna have some fun at night, the best place to visit is Burgos Street. This street is located in Makati, less than 10 minutes by car from the major office buildings or hotels in Makati. In Burgos, there are 20 or more bars, each has 20-50 girls. One drink for yourself will cost you 60 pesos, and one drink for a girl will cost you 190 pesos (as of January 1997). In most bars, a bar fine is around 1,900 pesos. It's up to your girl and yourself how much you've got to pay to her. But it seems most girls request 2,000 pesos per night in these days. My favorite bars include: Bottoms Dimple Friday Hollywood Ivory In Burgos, there are several condominiums where you can stay for 1,300 to 2,000 pesos per night. One of the best is Century Citadel Inn with its telephone number: (632) 897-2370. From there, you can go to the bars on foot. =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 20:37:05 -0800 (PST) I had spend five days in manilla and the sit rep for there is.... my vote is a really big place called miss universe on harrison. the place has 200 girls with a huge stage were the girls dance or do a fashion show. also in between the girls the place runs shit like acrobats and magic. The girls will sit with you and the cost runs about 120 pessos an hour, she gets three drinks with that. If she likes you, arrangements (under the table) to meet outside after closing. Its up to her cuz if she gets caught the place will charge her a fine a rather large one. This place is were the well to do locals go or the really good company boys take their important clients. All of the girls here are 8-10. I mean those number. Speak really good english and you'll find that they are educated. I've seen the shit in Makati and man the universe is the place bar none. In Makati..avoid ivory's ...a daycare center..young girls( 14 they say they not but sure as shit are!-17) right out of the back woods, no bar fine and hustle and drink the drinks faster than any human being on the planet. Once I was talking to a girl in bottoms bar and I had mentioned that I was in this place she goes" oh you go to playschool ..why?" =========================================================================== Subject: Manila report Date: 21 Feb 1997 08:53:36 -0500 Januray 30, 1997 I am a native Filifino who returned to Manila for the first time since I left the country in 1982. Was surprised with many changes in the city, but one thing never can find girls any where in town. Go to Manila Ramada Hotel (now Midtown Hotel) and you will be approached by a couple of guys standing in front of the main lobby door. For 1,500 psts (approximately US$60) they will take you to a "lady's house" where you will have a selection of young high school ladies. You can have her there for one hour; they provide a clean room with shower, or you can take her to your hotel for all night. One I had was 17 and a high school senior. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 23:24:19 +0800 Subject: Philippines Activity level of transvestites outside Peninsular Hotel (Makati Avenue) has increased of late. As a general rule if you get picked up there it IS a bloke - no matter how convincing he/she/it might appear. If your tastes run in that direction never forget the old adage " there's no such thing as a bad blow job". Those appearing outside Papillon's on P. Bourgos circa 2.00am. are similalrly endowed .... be aware ... As prices increase on Bourgos the Entertainment complex opposite the Heritage has increased in popularity. Unfortunately "Don" has now left the Firehouse with new management being the typically overweight sweaty child molester usually associated with the area. Girls are still great though! Can't recommend Rogues in Bourgos enough. Attractive girls ... good atmosphere ... reasonable price attitude. Ask for Ian and tell him his "brother" recommended you. Jools is becoming pricey and now has a showcharge ... a lot of look don't touch up there so beware!!! JJ's needs the money so check it out .....

=========================================================================== Subject: HI ATTA FROM TUNA TOWN ..MANILA!!!!! Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 00:13:28 PST SINCE THE CURRENCY GOING DOWN ON THE SLIDER..34 P TO USD AND THE PRICES ARE THE SAME AS BEFORE NO CHANGE TO ANY THING..BAR FINE ABOUT 1500 -2500P BOTTOMS BAR HAS A NEW SISTER BAR CALLED CUDDLES...UP THE STREET O P BURGUS. NICE PLACE BIG AND SPACIOUS. THE UPSTAIRS IS QUIET AND HAS A STAGE FOR THE GIRLS TO PUT ON A PRIVATE SHOW... I MUST VOICE OPINION ON BOTTOMS BAR ..A SCAM SHACK IT IS AND THE WATCH THE MAMAS..ESP..el NIGRA..THE BLACK ONE. JUST SAT DOWN IN THE BAR AND THE WAITRESS COME FLYING WITH A ROUND OF WORM JUICE AND THE WAVING THE BILL AT ME..MANAGED TO FIGHT HER OFF BECAUSE I NEVER ORDERED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE BUT LATER I WANDER OFF TO THE PISSER..RETURN AND I ALWAYS CHECK THE BIN AND SURE AS SHIT STICKS...ANOTHER ROUND TO WORM JUICE AND A BILL FOR A BROKEN ASHTRAY THAT GOT BROKEN BY THE GIRL I WAS SITTING WITH..i CAN'T BELIVE THAT SHIT. i TOLD THAT HOTEL OWNER..INN SUITES I WOULD NOT BE STAYING AGAIN AND THE REFFERAL TO THE HOTEL WOULD STOP AND I WOULD ADVISE OTHER EXPATS AND FRIENDS THAT THE PLACE WARRANTS ENTRY IN PAIRS ONE MUST BE SOBER!! ALOT OF THE BARS ARE BEING RAIDED AND ARE DECLARING NO BARFINE RULE FOR THE GIRLS AND THEREFORE THE COPS ARE HAPPY. AT JOOLS THERE IS TWO WESTERN GIRLS WHO DANCE A REALLY GOOD SHOW !:>> JUST WALK STRAIGHT DOWN THE SAME STREET THAT JOOLS IS ON AND CROSS THE MAKATI AVE AND ON THE LEFT IS A NICE HEALTH CLUB..SHAISTU MASSAGE 1 HR 1500P OR THEY HAVE A MENU FOR OTHER TASTES! IN QUEZON CITY I GIVE HIGH REGARDS TO GEORGIOS..GOOD STRIP BAR ...ALL THE CHICK HAVE TITS AND IF THEY ARE NOT BLESSED BY MOTHER NATURE...CLUB SPONSER THE NEW SET. aLOT OF THE CLUBS ON THE SAME STREET HAVE BEEN CLOSED BUT THIS PLACE IS ON THE THIRD YEAR= POLITICAL TIES I GUESS! MISS UNIVERSE IS THE BEST BAR NONE !!!! =========================================================================== Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:12:39 +0800 Okay, here's a piece I posted on Makati on August 22: Two trips to Manila, one in July '97, one in August '97.... In July, I was just there for one night. My first trip, so I followed a friend down to Burgos Street (tell the taxi driver "P Burgos") and we headed to Jools. Pretty much what I was led to expect, a ton of women working there, and since we got there early, my friend and I got mobbed. Eventually we managed to chase most of them away, and sat back with two girls each. Of course you're being hustled to buy the girls frequent drinks, at 200 pesos per pop. And, if you want to take them out, you have to pay for 10 drinks as the bar fine. Now here's the bit no one tells you: if you go into one of these places and you're only planning to take one girl out, you won't get away with just 10 drinks, it will be more like 20. You'll be buying drinks for the girl you're gonna take, you'll be pressured to buy for some of the other girls crowded around you, and for the mamasans and waitresses as well (the old "lucky drink" thing). At Jools, they do put on a floor show of sorts 2 or 3 times a night, and for what it is, it's actually fairly decently choreographed and somewhat entertaining. Finally, once you do take the girl out, depending on the girl (and how eager you are), she will ask for somewhere between 2000 and 4000 pesos. For that they'll spend the entire night with you if you want. Keep in mind though, these women don't HAVE to go out with you. If they don't like you somewhat (or if they're not hard up for money that particular night) they can turn you down. All in all, okay, not great but not bad either. After I took the girl back downstairs to get a taxi, I thought I'd walk around for a bit. It was around 1 AM and taxi drivers started following me on foot. One introduced himself, asked me where I was going, and wouldn't I let him get me some women. I told him I'd just had one and he asked where I got her from. When I said Jools, he said "I think the women at Jools are very professional, no? I can get you department store girls!" Some other time, I told him. Second trip I was there for a week. So on my first night we headed down to P Burgos again but I wanted to try a different place. We walked around for a little while until, for some now forgotten reason, we decided to try Ivory. Pretty similar to Jools -- walk in, get mobbed by 5 women apiece, and eventually we each pretty much settled on two and then settled into booths towards the back. Now, memory is a tricky thing (especially when one is drinking) but it seems to me that overall the women at Ivory were nicer looking than the ones at Jools. After sitting in the back for awhile, the girls suggested that we should go upstairs to the karaoke lounge. They said that they could "do more" up there, although drinks were a bit more expensive at 280 pesos each. What the hell, we went for it. So upstairs there's this little dance floor with a ring of booths surrounding it and a tv at one end. The girls immediately suggested that we go for tequila body shots -- in which they squeeze the lemon and sprinkle the salt onto their nipples. What a nice idea. We all went for it. After that, they suggested blow jobs -- no, not the real thing, the drink, during which they each demonstrated their prowess with a glass. Not as exciting. But what the hell, I figured if we had to pay for ten drinks, some of them should actually get drank. Eventually I headed back to the hotel with one girl who looked more than a little bit like a Filipina version of Salma Hayek. Good choice. Now, I think I've been around enough to know what the deal is, and to not expect any "real" reactions from hookers, but this one seemed different. It seemed like she was really turned on, that she got wet for real. I don't think I'm fooling myself (too much) when I say that she was really into it. She also told me it was the first time she'd let anyone take her out in at least a month, that she'd been too depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend a while ago, but that she liked me. I got her pager number before she left. SIDEBAR: She didn't have any condoms with her, and neither did I. To cut a long story short, I discovered that one could call down to room service (I was at the Shangri-La in Makati) and that they would send the nurse up with some condoms. Now that's what I call room service! Speaking of room service, at the Shangri-La, you can order up a massage in your room 24 hours. The massage is just under a thousand pesos, and they'll throw in a handjob if you toss in an extra thousand as a tip. A friend stayed at the Mandarin in Makati recently, where the massage girl offered full service and stayed the entire night... Anyway, back to my friend from Ivory. We spoke the next day but I had a long day at the office and wasn't into going out. But the following night we headed back to Ivory again and I asked for her as soon as we walked in the door. She said she'd had a lot of guys trying to pick her, but she kept turning them all down, saying she was expecting her "boyfriend" to show up. Anyway, one of the guys who went with us this night, it was his first time going to a place like this and he got carried away. I looked over and saw that he was buying drinks for at least five women. I had to go over and tell him to cool it down a little bit. (By the end of the night, he'd ended up buying at least 30 drinks.) So, same routine, back up to the karaoke lounge, more body shots, etc. This time I managed to just go up there with the one girl instead of a posse, and I did take her back to the hotel again. And again, she was so into it that I believed that this was a real reaction, not faked. I finally said to her, "Don't like me too much." And she said, "How do I do that?" I told her that in a few days I'd be gone and probably not coming back to Manila, she said she wanted me to put her in my suitcase and bring her home with me. Well, considering what a shithole Manila is overall, I didn't have a hard time believing that. Next two nights I took it easy, since I was working pretty hard and just wanted to relax. For my final night, I was planning on checking out Maalikaya. Seems like every local person whom I'd asked gave it a thumbs up. But it was raining all day and by nightfall Manila was flooded out. Getting from Makati to Quezon City would have been impossible. Someone else recommended that I try Topaz, which was in the Makati area, so I did. Topaz is a fishbowl massage place. Different room sizes and features, for prices from 300 to 1500 pesos. Then you look through a window at all the women sitting there and pick the one you like. If you take a 1500 peso room, you can pick two, so I did. The room was a small one with a bed and a fair-sized jacuzzi. After a very nice massage, the girls started talking money. I'll confess, they were asking for a ridiculous amount (they wanted 5000 pesos each) and weren't budging from that price. I considered the late hour, the rain, how worked up I was, and how they peso was falling through the floor, and decided to go for it. The girls were okay looking, decent faces, so-so bodies, but they gave very enthusiastic service for an hour and a half or so. Overall, I paid way too much and felt a bit guilty about that. I did have a good time, but I don't think I'll be going back there. The girl from Ivory? Well, I saved her pager number. Not sure if I'm ever going back to Manila, but if I do, I intend to give her a call.

=========================================================================== Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 18:13:21 -0700 Subject: quezon city philippines update This is an update to the scene in Quezon City, Philippines. The famous Maalikaya Health Center has been closed down due to political pressure! It may open or it may not, depending of course on the owners powers of persuasion. It now hosts a restaurant on the first level. Metallica, another good place, has been shut down for approx. a year now. Now for a few places that are still open; Pegasus, a very expensive place, but all the girls are 9-10's. They do have stage shows, or should I say "model revues" fully clothed, but you could ask any of them to sit with you. I don't know what the price is for a ladies drink are, since I usually go upstairs to the karaoke rooms. Price for the Karaoke rooms range from P2000, to around P10,000. Downstairs they do have an 'aquarium' for the quickies and for those that don't like to charm the 'models' at the main level. The girls in the aquarium were between 3-8, with the occasional diamond in the rough. Price for the massage was P1500, and tips average P1000. Not a very cheap place, but it was the best head I've ever gotten PERIOD, in addition to the sex. Other places similar to Pegasus are Lexus and Infiniti. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 08:37:34 -0800 Subject: sex in manila my recent visit at manila was sept 1997. this visit was by far my most enjoyable. i went to places like lexus at timog. this place was the classiest. no nude shows just plain old fashion shows and singers. but they charge a lot especially when you table the models. a model just to keep you company would cost you around 2,000 pesos(50us$@1=40P). but its worth it cause this is where all those bold actresses in the phil come from. you don't have to actually pay these girls to sleep with you. you just have to table them. meet them, ask their phone number or pager. then if they like you assuming your young good looking and speaks the native language won't hurt, then probably around the 3rd or 4th date you can get laid. so its like you invest 2,000p to meet her at the bar to ask everything about her then use the phone or whatever to contact her outside the bar. the same procedure goes with heartbeat and mystique at quezon avenue. but i highly recommend miss universe at pasay city . you'll get more for your buck but come at around 9pm so you'll get the best selection and this place has the most girls in their display room. happy hunting. =========================================================================== Subject: WSG contribution Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 06:53:55 -0600 I have been intending to contribute for some time now. Here is the straight scoop on the Philippines, Manila. 1. Bougrous St. in Makati is becoming a real rip-off. Bar fines are gone. Now the bars are demanding a 10 drink per girl fee. This is at about P225 each. After the deal is done, the girl leaves with you. Usually, unless you pick a real hardcase, the answer to "how much"? is whatever you want to pay. P750 up to what you feel like is OK. 2. The places still having bar fines are across the street from the Heritage Hotel in Paysay. The old reliable Firehouse, Casino Club, Cotton Club, etc. Bar fine is up to about P650. Otherwise the same deal. Talent is widely variable both in apperance, skill and enthusiasm. Money well spent is to buy the "mamma-san" a drink, tell her what you are seeking, and follow her recommendation. If you are happy, give her a small tip next time. "Life is like a box of chocklits.." 3. Most hotels are no problem for overnight. If you send the girl away in the morning alone, hotel security will stop her, and you will likely get a phone call asking if you know this person, and did you spend the night. If you answer No, she is in big trouble. Don't lie about it. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 11:22:33 -0600 Subject: Manila and Cebu In Manila, there are several bars along Burgos St. If you're on budget I recommend staying at the Robelle House, on Valdez St., within walking distance of the bars. A single is 1078P (about $30/night). It's not the ritz but air conditioned, cable tv, friendly staff. Anyway, the bars really differ in quality. I especially liked Jools which 2-1 drinks during happy hour (6-8pm) including ladies drinks. Drinks for you are 80P and for ladies their 220P. The bar fine is equal to 10 ladies drinks or 2200P (about $50). =========================================================================== Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:53:59 EST Subject: Crime in the Philippines. Having travelled extensively in Manila Philippines a word of caution to the tourist. Manila can be a great place but the poverty combined with a population of ten million people creates a breeding ground for crime . The market areas of Baclaran and Pasay City both in Manila are invested with pickpocket gangs made up of local boys working under an older male. The Baclaran gang was temporarily put out of buisness when the leader of the gang a P.N.P. philippine national police officer was arressted in Oct. of 97. Holdup men routinely rob the passengers of bus s and jeepneys. This is a daily occurance in Manila but not quite as bad in the outlying provinces. A word of caution.....dont get caught with drugs in the Philippines, the penalty is death. Several chinese and one austrailian and a japanese are currently sitting in Muntinlupa prison awating their executions. The drug of choice is methanphetamine or Shabu as the locals call it. When I am drinking in the local bars I always carry a knife as a last resort but the ideal is to leave at the slightest hint of trouble. Filipino men drink to oblivian and can be quite nasty tempered when drunk. Dont trust anyone or accept rides to destinations you are not sure of. You can make friends easily with the women but dont mistreat them in anyway. Believe me when I say they or one of their friends will find you. Last year a Koreantourist was found dead after mistreating several girls. He would take the girls back to his room, tie them to a chair and urinate on them and stick beer bottles into their vaginas. Once word got out it didnt take long to track him down even though he changed hotel rooms daily. He was found with hands tied behind his back and severlal plastic grcocery bags stuffed into his mouth and throat slashed with a fan knife. The Philippines is a wonderful country and filipino woman make excellant wives, I should know I am married to one. Just use comman sense and treat the ladies with respect and they will love you beyond your wildest dreams. =========================================================================== Subject: Phillipine Visit- February, 1998 Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 03:48:53 -0000 Here is some updated Manila Info from my February, 1998 visit. Manila action centers around Makati (P. Bourgos Street) and Pasay. P. Bourgos is a small street with about 20 clubs that have go-go dancers offering action. Best club I saw was Jools with a good twenty minute floor showseveral times each night. Barfines in this area are P$2500 and then you need 1500-2000 for the girl. Good looking girls but not cost effective. Go immediately to the International Complex across the street from the Heritage Hotel in Pasay. Pussy heaven! Six or seven clubs with barfines of P$750 and you'll need approx. P$1500 for the girl. Firehouse, Cotton Club, and Casino were particularly outstanding during my visit. There are numerous other clubs along Roxas Blvd but I never went there. I did visit Narita Massage next to the Miami Club on Roxas and picked a girl out from a lineup behind a plate glass. Excellent selection but I spent P$700 for the cheapest room and gave the girl $1500. A little expensive considering there was no body massage and this was essentially a quickie. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 21:40:13 +0300 Be advised that the "entertainment" area in Manila has long since moved from Roxas Bvd. to the "EDSA" entertainment complex on EDSA oposite the Heritage Hotel. It contains 6 clubs of a high standard with a total of 500 girls. If tou can't get it at EDSA You can't get it. =========================================================================== Subject: visit to manila Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 21:11:58 PST Settled in the Duset/Nikko/Manila Garden. The locals seem offended that the Japanese used the hotel as a brothel. Locals tell me that the Japanese bussed the local girls in for the night when it was the Nikko. Now it's Thai. On the VIP floor expect $350/night for king room. Includes comp laundry and breakfast. It's a very nice hotel near the airport and in the Makati district. This is a very up-scale American hotel. Give US tips at this hotel, and they will treat you well. I took a taxi, about P30 ($1.00) to the Imperial Baths. Recommended by a Philippine physician. CALL IT BEGINNERS LUCK! Since it was before noon, I went into the TGIFridays across the street from Imperial Baths, for lunch before my massage. I sat at the bar beside two pretty girls who said they were "absent" from Mogombo. I had heard of this place and was told to stay out. Anyway, these two girls were great, Nina and Sue (I'll protect their names because they seem to have boyfriends that are pretty mean) Anyway, after a good time at the bar I bought their lunch and asked them to come back to my place. The girls were nervous about the security at the hotel lobby. I told them to stick with me and ignore the guys with earphones at the lobby. The hotel security just winked at me as I went in with these two sweet things (both 6 or 7). When we got to the room I offered P1000 and they refused. I asked for a massage and Sue offered. I got naked and Sue did a nice job, she told Nina to come lay next to us. After a nice massage, Sue said she had to go and we walked her to the lobby and I put her in a cab with 3X the fare. Nina and I went back to the room. We had great sex. I gave Nina P1000 ($25). I walked her down to the lobby and put her in a cab with about 3X the cab fare home ($5) Imperial Baths I went in and selected two pretty girls (7 or 8) from behind the window (P1800) $60. A nice girl leads me to my room, asking coke, juice, or coffee. I asked for juice. The room is basic, a bed, with thin mattress, two pillows, sheets appear clean, night stands, shower, etc. After arriving at the room, a young man in white brings me towels and my drink. As I undress the two ladies I selected come into the room. They are very friendly, and seem to be having fun. As I shower, they watch and suggest that they would like to be "Rose" if I would be "Leo" as they fondled my hardening cock. The two gave me a nice massage. Then suggested that they would "go all the way" for extra. I offered P2000 and had great sex with two lovely girls. Great way to spend the day. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 21:29:43 +0800 Subject: Response Atta, I am currently working here in the Philippines in golf course development. I have been here 2 years. I started out in the P Burgos circut. About 1 month passed until the day I was told to go to Angeles. Great but kind of long trip from Manila to do frequently. Burgos has changed severly. The prices and the girls have become outrageous. The girls are more money hungry than ever. Barfines average P2,500 plus Minimum P2,000 tip? Crazy. When I got here 5-96 barfine was P1,500 plus P1,000 tip. There is a town you should check out. Pasay. Vixen's, Vision's, the Firehouse, Cotton Club, Pit Stop, are clubs from Ermita that moved to the EDSA food complex. 6 clubs in the security of one building. 800 women on the weekends with barfines of P750/$15 plus only P1,000 tip allnight. Clearly the place to be. Burgos women are strictly after the Japanese or extremely wealthy. It is still fun to visit but for us who live here Pasay is the place. =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 22:30:26 -0400 If you get tired of maddening crowd of night clubs and bars. And wanting to get something out of ordinary. Check out the place called Arianna Studio. I found out this by asking the waiters in New Haven Restaurant next to US embassy and Quirino grandstand. Arianna Studio girls were beautiful, sophisticated and well educated too. Mostly models not making enough to meet their end needs. Some young ladies trying to finish their college education self supporting students. When you get the phone numbers (the number always changing due to uncertainty of business to avoid police harrasment) ask Arianna that you would like to make a contribution to their girl's educational funding. She'll understand what you want. Very discreet over the phone don't ask too many questions. Only ask to check the photo albums then you discuss what you see that appeal to your desire. Prices range from $60 to $ 100 for short time appro. 3 hours. the traffic usually will take about 1 hour very bad to worse. Most of these students and starving models they have to support their parents & families. Show some respect & compassion. and you will get what you want. I had been there twice never get disappointed. If you don't see what you like she can introduce you to Benjie. You will go to this small studio type place about 12 to 20 beautiful girls for you to pick. Prices ranging from $40 to $80 depending on the availability . That's for short time more or less 2 hours . If you wish to spend over night an extra $40 or more. Mostly students going to college needing extra income. Most of her girls are prettier than Makati hookers they look more like decent girls. Never hurried in bed very submissive & never nagging like most girls I met. Ariadne's and Benjie's girls only cater to Americans, all speak good English. I'm not into Greek ( anal sex ) I don't know if they do. Usually extra $ 40 you can get over night depending on the girl if they have exams next day if not usually you get an Okay. Check out the photo albums ask for availability & prices first. They're as good as you see from the albums. If you have a change of heart you give the girl $ 10 for her trouble coming to meet you & taxi fare, that's before sex not after. I think it's one of the few well-kept secrets exclusively for US tourists. Why not to the locals ? I asked one of them . She told me to avoid meeting someone from her hometown they will not be treated kindly if they will be seen with guys specially the local guys they like to boast & to brag who they slept last night. Arianna does give free first drink for potential contributors ( mostly beer or coke or coffee ) like chatting before sex stay with Benjie you can dance until 2 am. Either one ( Arianna or Benjie ) I'll give them 2 thumbs up for caring & quality service you will not find anywhere else. My experiences with them always very satisfying & gratifying one I will never pick up just anyone on the streets. It's safe even when I was so drunk I did not lose my Rolex watch while they moved me to my hotel. Never try that with just anyone. I would not hesistate to tell you they are the fairest & honest operators in my book. I mean in Manila. Good luck and have fun . Do not forget to mention you're a friend of Benjie to those waiters. It's helpful to have your passport or US drivers license handy to prove you're not local police or local locos (crazy) mad man trying to harm them. =========================================================================== Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 01:22:56 -0700 Subject: Prostitution info Manila A nice place to go is Imperial Bath along Makati Avenue. You can get to choose a lady and get a room for around 1,500 pesos. That's good for 1 1/2 hours. I got one who was fair-skinned and was just so good. We first went to take a bath together. After that, she gave me the most pleasurable body massage I ever had. She used her boobs so well to make my dick stand for almost half an hour. AFter that, she gave me a blowjob so good I almost came. We made love so intense, but of course I fucked with condoms to be safe. But it was heavenly pleasure. After that, I gave her a generous tip for such a wonderful fuck. The place is open from lunchtime till midnight.

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