Subject: Venezuela

Dear Atta

Found another good fuck on my travels.

Maracaibo is a city in Northern Venezuela, well known to the oil

I had a couple of good fuck with girls picked up from the lobby of the
Hotel Inter Continental del Largo. The asking price is US $ 100 but all
the girls will accept $ 60 plus $ 10 to bribe the hotel security. There
is a selection of 6 - 8 girls. All fuck good unhurried sex, what ever
you want goes.

Happy fucking.

Re: Maracaibo, Venezuela, March 97

 A good place to stay is Hotel Maruma (5*) -- a big place
on the outskirts of town, close to the airport. It has
a bar/disco, large outdoor pool, several restaurants, and 
no apparent problems with bringing guests to your room.
 Ask a taxi driver to take you to some of the discos
(taxi was 4000 bolivars = USD$9 per hour) -- the ones
I have seen are bars with small dance floors, and tend
to contain 6-15 girls, looks 4-8.  Most a very friendly,
and will gladly dance and talk to you.  They may get
offended if you ask about the price.  I was told that
you just give them some money afterwards, you might
want to find out the going rates in advance from taxi
drivers, bellhops, or friends.
 The hotel bar might be a good place too.  On the first
night I did not see any single females there. However
on the second, when all the discos in town were closed
on account of Friday before Easter, and we were sitting
there gloom nad dejected, suddenly 3 girls walked in.
A local friend invited them promptly to our table,
and they have proven to be friendly and available.
Two were Venezuelans and students, in early twenties,
one Colombian with a day job, looks 5-7.  I ended up
with one of the Venezuelans, and had one of the best
nights in my life.  She never asked for money, and did
not check how much I placed in her purse.  I can not
say if it is typical of Maracaibo, I think I might
have been on the lucky side.  Still, it is a place
I would not mind visiting again.

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