MEXICALI Mexicali is about 15 miles south of El Centro, California. If you are travelling on I-8 EC is about 1 hour 40 minutes from San Diego, 50 minutes from Yuma. The pussy in Mexicali is quite good. Many of the pros truly like their profession - they like to do the wild thing. Mexicali does not have the quantity of women as Tijuana. However, Mexicali is safer and while there are no guarantees in life you can walk around at all hours and no get mugged or your car broken into. There are bars just across the border crossing [go straight, a slight veer to the left after crossing]. For the red zone [zona roja] turn left after crossing and go about 5 blocks then turn right. STREET PRICES: Expect to pay $20 for straight sex, no foreplay, the lady does not kiss little elvis. Quality differs. I generally stay away from the women on the street. Look for them standing outside a hotel. There are three good places to go: Bahia Bar San Diego aka Motel Las Dunas aka San Diego Bar El Establo Bahia: The best known however quality and quantity of women has gone down. Going rate is $40, girls first quote $50 hoping for you to bite. Stick to you guns and only offer $40, I have never been refused. Room rates (upstairs) varies from $10-13. On most nites there are only about 5-7 women. Beer or a soda is 18 pesos (about $2.50), a ripe off for a pony bottle. Get tanked up in the Zona Roja first. Bahia has a good day shift for those desiring a good quickie, I generally go after 7 p.m. Bar San Diego aka Motel Las Dunas aka San Diego Bar: Probably the best overall whore house in Mexicali. After crossing stay straight (slight veer to left after crossing) and follow the sign AEROPUERTO. BSD is about 4 miles down then 4 blocks to the right. Rates are $40 + 13 and there are 15-20 vixens to serve your needs starting after 6:30 p.m.. El Establo: Good after hours bar. Women number 10-15. Price is $50 + $27, high for a room. Women number about 10. Drinks are cheaper than the Bahia. Directions: Turn right after the border crossing. Proceed to Laslo Cardenas (Walmart on the Right) and turn left. Look for a large coca cola bottling plant and many a U-turn. El Establo is about 150 yards on the right. Many women hang outside the bar so drive through and check the goods outside first. It is relatively safe to drive in Mexicali. One day insurance is $7, for the last 10 years I have driven an older vehicle just in case. I have never had any problems. One driving tip - it illegal to make u-turns in Mexico irrspective on the size i.e. wide street or time of day. If stopped by the policia it is customary to fold a $20 around your license. Don't argue just do it, it saves much hassle and there is no record, points on your license, increased insurance rates, etc. For those with expensive vehicles, park in Calexico. Cab fares are inexpensive $3-5. A second border crossing has been open for about 1 year, however, it closes at 10 p.m. =========================================================================== Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 01:09:00 -0700 Subject: mexicali I typed in Mexicali and this is one of the things I got! I have to say that I got a chuckle out of it! As for the San Diego Bar/Las Dunas, it will be easier to find knowing that is is located on a street named Rio Culiacan in the neighborhood Colonia Pro Hogar...just in case anyone is interested. On the subject of anal sex, if you ask a Mexican prostitute for "estilio Greco", all you'll get is a blank stare.They don't associate Greeks and anal sex like we do. I offer this advice based on my experiences while actually living in Mexicali for almost a year.

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