I found no street action at all - not even around the train station. In the hotels there is a guide as to what is happening during the week. In the back of that guide are listed two places that looked like they might have some action: both a couple of blocks away from the train station. The one doesn't open until 11pm and apparently has hostesses and a floor show. I could not get a feel for anything there. At the other (turn right out of the station, down a block, then right and over the rail road tracks, then right again). That was much more promising - but unfortunately it was not a very explicit promise (we will have a good time - the place for the good time is in a back room with slightly more private booths) and it was pretty expensive to find out (about $2-300). There are several other such places within a block or two as well. One of these others was a bit more forthcoming, but shied away from actually committing to sex - just a good time (which of course can mean anything from nothing to what you want)

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