The German newsmagazine "Spiegel Spezial" has a report about gigolos
in Jamaica who sell sex and affection to western female tourists. The
story is about the beach of Negril. You get a fuck for US $20 -$30 and
one guy offers a four-hour-basic for $75 and all night for $150. Condoms
are used if the women brings them. The most frequent customers are
German women. All gigolos claim to be 25 and single while in fact they
often have wife and family. Some of them deal in Marihuana on the side
and have to pay off the police in order not to go to jail.

Subject: [ASP] Information on Jamaica
Date: 6 May 1997 16:51:07 -0400

By far the best place for sex in Jamaica is Negril.  Sex is available
and cheap, and for those of us who prefer black women, I can't think of
anywhere that comes close.  A few weeks ago I went to Hedonism II,
which, as many of you will know, is also a mecca for free sex and
swinging.  If your partner is into that sort of thing, it's a great
place for swinging with couples from the US and Canada.  This time, I
went alone, intending to try to score with one of the pretty young
Jamaican girls who come along for the Friday and Saturday night discos.
Well, to cut a long story short, it got to about 1 am and the cute young
girl I had been chatting up in the disco decided she was not going to
let me fuck her that night and left with her friends.  By now I was
ultra-horny so I cruised around looking for a girl and finally wandered
outside onto the beach (I was also pretty pissed).  Someone called me
from under a tree and I noticed a group of very attractive local girls
standing there with one of the security guards.  One in particular
caught my eye.  She was very slim, wearing a clinging very low cut long
black dress with a slit up the side.  She had a nice flat stomach and a
deliciously curved ass.  She asked if I was looking for someone and
(being pissed) I blurted out that I was looking for a girl.  Immediately
she took my arm and led me down the path.  All she said was "I want
US$100", to which I replied, "All night?" and she said "OK."  That's it.
 No negotiation and no hassle.  Once in my room I realised that she was
an absolute stunner.  She was also unbelievably horny.  We began by
kissing (really) and she told me how she wanted me to fuck her.  She let
me take her dress off and I discovered a fantastic body underneath with
really firm 36C breasts.  We both showered and then got down to
business.  I'm not going to give a blow by blow description but suffice
it to say that she was one of the hottest fucks I have ever had in my
life.  For a start she was wet as anything and went crazy when I went
down on her.  Eventually she came all over my face with just the amount
of noise I like to hear.  As I was a bit drunk I was able to hold on for
longer than usual and we fucked in just about every position imaginable.
 The excitement was more because Hedonism rooms have mirrored ceilings
so we could watch everything.  At one point I asked if I could fuck her
ass and her only comment was "How much?"  She was obviously no ass
virgin as I had my dick in her pussy and three fingers up her ass at the
time, but I didn't persist mainly becuase I was on the verge of cumming
anyway and couldn't be bothered to talk about money at that stage.
Actually, if I had just continued she would probably have let me do it
for nothing she was so horny.

Anyway, I eventually allowed myself to cum and then we slept for a
while.  After about an hour we started again and this time (since I
didn't have a condom) she made me cum in her mouth after I had sucked
her off again.  In the morning (actually about 9 a.m. we tried it once
more although this time she didn't want to take my dick in her mouth
(reasonable enough) and ended up letting me shoot what little bit of cum
I had left over her tits.

After we cleaned up I took her for breakfast and then a ride home to
Negril.  I guess I paid her about $120 which I considered a very
reasonable tip for a superb night's sex.  I took her number and agreed
to call her next time I'm in Negril. Basically Marcia (not her real
name) is not a real hooker, but a very attractive and horny girl who
likes to make a bit of extra money (much needed in Jamaica).  In return,
if you treat her right, she'll give you a great time with no hassle.
There's plenty of village girls like this around Negril and Montego Bay
these days. The best thing is to ask the security men at the hotels
(slip them a few dollars) because the girls all have to get past the
security at  night and in the morning.  There are a lot of STDs so use
condoms and pick only the clean girls - there's plenty of them.

Hope the info is useful.  Look forward to more info on Jamaica,
particularly Kingston.  Anyone heard of a swinger's scene called
Tropical Connections?  I read about it on the net but haven't been able
to find it.

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 21:31:57 -0400
Subject: Negril Jamaica

It is possible to pick up a young whore at the Close Encounters Club in
Negril if you have the balls to enter the place and somewhere to take
her. The cost is $20.00US to get her out of the club and about $70.0US
for the girl. Most of the luxury resorts will let you bring one in if
you pay a hefty fee of about $150.00. All in all not worth it.

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