You can't call it a Red Light District because it's one huge building with
many windows. It's located near the "Kronenburger Park" in the street called
"Nieuwe Markt". It's a 10 minutes-walk from the central station. The
building has ambiance with many red lights. The area is safe (also at
night). There are always 'normal' people around. Nijmegen is not far from
Arnhem (20 minutes by train). So maybe you can combine the visit to the two

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:47:01 +0100
Subject: Clubs in Holland

Well, I visited some clubs in Holland, and I wish to tell you there is
one club I really enjoyed myself in. This is a club in Molenhoek, near
Nijmegen, called "Lovers Lane".
Prices there are about hfl 200,= (140,= US dollars) for about 30
minutes, and the girls are really beautiful and very nice. If ever you
visit Nijmegen, try and get there!!!

Subject:      [ASP] Review Melinda Nijmegen The Netherlands
Date:         1998/01/08

Review of Melinda in Nijmegen
The prices in Holland differs from 50 guilders for 15 minutes for women
behind the windows in the famous red light districts, till 500 or more
for expensive escorts. You can have luck and meet a girl in a private
house who love her work and will give you a full service for 100
guilders in 30 minutes. I've been lucky several times, but the last
times I didn't like the girls, too fat, not pretty enough.
So it was time to investigate if paying more money would increase the
service level.

I called a private house (with no name) in Nijmegen (024-3790986). I
nice lady answered the phone and explained me that the price was 200
guilders for 30 minutes and 300 guilders for a full hour. She promised
the girls were really nice and pretty so I made my appointment for the
next day.
It was easy to find the well furnished (and expensive) apartment. A
young woman introduced me to sexy dressed lady's. I immediately were
attracted by the blond woman. We went to her room, washed and she
started to give me a body to body massage. Her tanned body was very
nice, with firm breasts, long legs and a very well trimmed pussy. The
massage was without a condom and it just felt great. We did French
kissing, after she gave me a blow job I ended doggy style. We relaxed a
while and talked a little bit. She was real nice. We washed and I left.
I'm sure I'll meet her again. 

If you have plans to make a visit tell her you got the address from the
Internet. I'm sure you will have a good time. Give her my regards

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