Name:        Eros - German Hostess Service
Address:     Paderborn-Sennelager, Bielefelder Str.
Hours:       Mo-Fr 13-23, Sa-Su 17-23
Sex workers: three to four young pretty women between 20 and 30
Atmosphere:  relaxed bar atmosphere
Prices:      half an hour plain wo/blowjob DM 150, half an hour full service
             DM 200, one hour full service DM 300
Status:      singly checked

I took half an hour without blowjob for DM 150 with a foreign
girl about 22 years old which could not speak much german nor
english. She was shaved at the cunt lips, but had left a delta over
the clitoris. She was not tender, I was not allowed to see/touch/lick
her cunt lips, I was forced to sex right after I was hard. After 15
mins she asked me to speed up, but I fucked her for almost 10 mins
more. After finish she was immediately in the bath room, no tenderness
after orgasm. Summary: Do not go there. [date: Aug 1994]

Date: Aug 1994

Address:     Paderborn, Hildebrandstr. 10, Bell: "Sommer", Tel. +49 5251 56316
Hours:       Mo-Th 11-21, Fr 11-18, closed on Sa, Su
Sex workers: one woman, new every week
Atmosphere:  regular flat, relaxed
Prices:      one fuck with blowjob DM 100; one fuck, long version, with
             blowjob and cunnilingus DM 150; one fuck, super version, 
             extra long, DM 200; two times, super version DM 300
Status: singly checked

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