Prostitution in: Philippines

General Information about country, people, geography and climate can be gotten from the CIA World Factbook entry.

Legal Situation: Prostitution is technically illegal, but tolerated. In fact, women working in the bars have to be registered and are required to undergo frequent health checks. Recently, the government has announced measures to battle the country's child prostitution image.

The age of consent unknown.

Finding prostitutes: Magazines or books with informations: unknown.

A little dictionary:

mabuhay hello
oh-oh yes
hindi no
salamat thank you
a-ko I (myself)
e-kow you
ma-gan-da beautiful
pang-it ugly
ma-sa-rap delicious
ma-lee-bog horny
bola-bola bullshit, a lie
bastos bastard
loco-loco a little crazy
A-no? what?
Ka-must-ta-ka? How are you?
Mag-ka-no? How much?
Ma-hall! That is very expensive!
See-gay-na! Come on, please!
Ma-hall-key-ta. I love you.

Contributed information

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