> Saw a part of a story on CNN last night talking about a brothel in Australia.
> Are they legal there? Anyone "down under" reading this news group like to
> reply?

Just spent 6 months there writing a travel book... brothels are legal in
Victoria and ACT.  There's one described as "Australia's most politically
correct brothel" in Canberra -- they had the Grand Press Opening a few
months back.  And a place in Melbourne called "The Daily Planet" has just
gone for a stock exchange listing.

Other places have "tolerated areas".  Hay Street in Kalgoorlie is the most
famous.  Perth has more brothels than Hamburg.  But from what I saw, you
wouldn't REALLY want to bother, in general, unless you were a sex-starved
bushie paying your first visit to town for 6 months.

Prices?  Around AU$130 an hour.

Now you know.

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 22:44:41 UTC

Perth age of consent is 16 (prostitutes need to be 18+) .... Hourly
rate for escort services (i.e. girl delivered to door or
home/hotel/motel) is around A$150 - A$200 hr.  The driver (I used to
be one) usually waits outside and monitors the situation (for the
safety of the girls) .. we all have tell-tale signs and
signals. Condoms is compulsory. Most girls will do couples while some
specialise in female-female intimacy.  The lower class girls are
usually found in brothels.  Prostitution in not legal in Perth nor is
it illegal. The police have a 'blind-eye' policy.  Health checks are
not compulsory nor do many of the girls undergo health checks .. no
matter what they may tell you.  As with any city/country .. a large
number of them carry the hepatitus virus (whatever strain) .. and a
couple have been known to carry the HIV virus.  Madams to do not care
about the health situation of the girls as long as they are bringing
the money in.

Prices above are for regular sex (which mean the man gets to ejaculate
once in the time period) ... other forms of sexual activity can be
negotiated with the girl on site. i.e. French, Greek, wet sex
... etc...  Greek (anal sex) with prostitutes is illegal however, some
girls will perform for the right price (usually $200 on top of the
going rate).

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 02:27:25 +0800
Subject: Sex Industry Representatives in WA on the Web


I'm the webmaster for the web site set up to promote 
the local sex industry.  As part of this activity
we are hosting the home pages for S.I.E.R.A (Support,
Information, Education, Referral Association) the 
industry support and lobby group in Western Australia.
The SIERA area is still young but more information
is arriving all the time.  The information held in your Australian area
is now out of date.  New contact details for SIERA are as follows:
   180 Newcastle Street
   Perth  6000
   Ph: (+619) 328 8488
   Email: siera@wasex.com.au
   URL:   http://www.wasex.com.au/SIERA
For any information concerning prostitution in Perth or
Western Australia feel free to contact either myself

Date: Mon Apr  6 21:47:28 1998 GMT

Port Hedland, Western Australia

I lived there for a years and found it reasonable.  The local estcourt
agencies (there were two of them) were bringing girls up from Perth on a
rotating two week roster.  If you don't know Port Hedland is a mining town 
and there are about four men to every women.  You have some good and some
bad.  If you find someone nice she will probaby only be there for a couple
of weeks.  $200 an hour, girls 6-9. 

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