OK...I'll contribute...her are a collection of 6 write ups I did after 
one of my Bangkok trips...  

Having just returned from my second trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I thought 
that I would forward on some of my experiences and observations.  I have 
found Bangkok to be everything that it's claimed to be as the East's 
most sexually open city.  It is a city that seems to be totally geared 
to the sexual fun of the adventuresome male.  A song from a Broadway 
play that was subsequently made into a rock song goes something like 

	One night in Bangkok and the World's your oyster,
	  All the bars are temples, but the girls ain't free.
	One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble,
	  Not much difference between despair and ecstasy!

Having my appetite whetted on a previous trip of 3 days, I recently 
planned a 8 day stay.  Now having returned, I better understand what the 
song's author meant by "....makes a hard man humble."  Every man should 
have the opportunity once in his life to visit what is known in the Far 
East as the "City of Angels."   

     As a little background, Bangkok developed its reputation as a wild 
place  when it served as a main R&R center during the Vietnam war 
period.  To its  credit, Bangkok has some outstanding sights to see, the 
cheapest shopping in  Asia, good cheap food, and ease of entry/exit.  To 
its dismay, it is now a  city of over 10 million people and traffic has 
become hopelessly snarled and  polluted.  For our purposes, we will just 
overlook all of those things that  you can read in any tourist guide 
book.  Thailand is known as the Land of a  1000 smiles......one can also 
add 500,000 bar girls!
     The "fun" activities center around the bars and massage parlors.  
However, there are also plenty of private clubs, discos, and normal 
"watering holes" as well as restaurants of any type.  There are a lot of 
expat's in Bangkok. 
Farangs as they are called by the Thai's.  The sexual scene is often 
divided into "Western", "Japanese", and local establishments.  Most 
likely, you will only be able to enter the "Western" based 
establishments so we won't discuss the others.  
      First the Massage Parlors!  Massage in Thailand is a national art 
and there are many places that specialize in "Traditional Massage" that 
you will avoid like the plague.  The parlors that you will be interested 
in cater to your sexual appetites as well.   On virtually every block, 
you can find some small parlor holding perhaps 4-8 girls.  Impressive 
though, are the major parlors of which there are perhaps a dozen in the 
city.  These facilities are about the size of a department store at the 
mall!  Often 4-5 stories tall including cafes, bars, and other rooms in 
addition to the private massage rooms on the upper floors.  
     The first shock that awaits you as you enter is a large glass 
window area perhaps 50 feet long and floor to ceiling glass.  Behind the 
glass sits 50 to 100 or more beautiful Thai ladies wearing little 
numbers on their prom dresses!  All these women are there for your 
choosing.  You can discuss your selection(s) with an assistant who will 
then notify the proper companion(s).  Just like in an old Chinese 
restaurant, you order by number.  For a straight massage of 90 
minutes or so, it will cost about 500 Bhat or $20.  If you wish to 
include other activities such as a full body massage or "The works" it 
is easily arranged.  The full course will run about 1500 Bhat or $60 in 
the fancier places.
     For your $60, you will receive treatment the likes of which you can 
only dream about!  Having selected your beauty, you and she will retire 
to your own personal room which is equipped with a large sunken bath, 
(un)dressing area, and bed/massage area.  An attendant will check to see 
if you would like something to drink and to your other needs.  Once 
started, the girl will insist upon removing your shoes and socks before 
letting you remove the rest of your clothes and jumping into a towel 
cover-up while the bath is filling. This is the opportunity for you to 
get to know her a little with some rudimentary English.  Most of the 
girls, unless they are real new, know 100-200 words of English and 
communication is no big hassle if you keep it simple.  And for what you 
have in mind, a lot of communication is not necessary.
     The Thai's are incredibly shy people for all of their 
permissiveness. She will disrobe underneath a towel with her back turned 
to you!  As she comes over, takes your hand, and leads you to the now 
full bath, a smile is all that's required.  In the bath she will begin 
bathing each and every part of your body at least once with her soapy 
little hands.  Individual toes, fingers, and limbs get equal attention.  
Sooner or later she will assume an cross-legged Indian sitting position 
between your legs.  They then have a cute move where they pull you up 
onto their lap so that your butt is cradled in their legs as you sort of 
float on your back.  You can imagine what part of your body is now up to 
the surface of the water and what will receive attention next!
     Having survived the through ministrations of the lady's hands and 
fingers and feeling just short of eternal bliss from the warm water, 
suds, and her hands, she will then begin the "body" massage both front 
and back as the water drains from the tub.  Two soapy bodies slithering 
around can arouse a lot of passion!  Here is this little shy gal who 
refused to undress in front of you smiling and giggling with you 
especially when your hardening cock bangs against her.  All too soon she 
will be rinsing you well with a spray.  She will begin to dry your body 
with a big fluffy towel and while you complete the job, she will bath 
herself in preparation.  When you retire to the bed, the lady begins a 
slow and long period of traditional Thai massage.  These gals could put 
any Chiropractor to shame! Most of the work is done with the finger tips 
working on individual muscles starting with your toes and ending with 
your temples.  After she has flipped you over once or twice, attacked 
every muscle and bone in your body until you are ready to die, you will 
notice (If you can even open your eyes at this point) that her towel has 
slipped off and her fingers have been replaced with her lips!
     Aw...now is the time.  She will work her way up and down your body 
with infinite skill and patience.  Its also your chance to do a little 
exploring of your own if you wish.  Definitely by now, she has flattered 
your ego by describing your size vis a' vis her own countrymen with a 
lot of giggles, wide eyed wonder, and comparisons to the diameter of her 
tiny wrist.  Don't worry however, because she quickly leads her lips to 
the tip and begins swallowing your joint in an enthusiastic manner.  
What happens next is pretty much up to you.  You can continue as you 
are, or cut off the oral attention to get into some straight screwing.  
Whatever your choice, you have probably 
come as close to heaven as possible at this time.  

Now when you are figuratively and literally drained, it is your chance to attempt some more of that dialogue in fractured English. After a short rest, she will lead you back to the tub for a quick wash and rinse. Now after fucking your eyes out, she will retire behind her towel and shyly get dressed! Taking your hand she will lead you down the elevator, and out into the lobby. There at the side, with a big smile on her face as if you were the ONLY man ever in her life, she will bid you good-bye and wish for your return to visit her again. Suave man that you are, you will only shyly peek in the big window during your exit, just in case there is someone else you might have missed previously! Out on the street again, you wonder if it could ever be any better than this! The women of Bangkok who make up its sex industry are really special. Today, most of them are young ladies from the northern provinces who have come to Bangkok and the South for the bucks. While the Thai permissive society allows all of them to do their thing, they are really considered low on the social scale. In part, this is not due to what they do, but the fact that they are peasant girls from the boonies. It is arguable that the Thai women are the most beautiful in the World. Personally, I wouldn't want to argue against them! I find them very exotic, erotic, and alluring. They all look incredibly young. Although their usual ages run from 20 to 28 years old, to us Westerners they all look 18 or even less! Each one seems to be about 4'8" to 5'2" and weigh around 95-100 lbs. They are very small boned and the further north they come from the fairer the skin which is highly prized in Thailand. You see no "Tan Lines" on any self respecting Thai woman. By being a bar girl (or Masseuse) they can earn more money in one week, than their family might earn in 6 months to a year up North! In fact, their average earnings are about equal to a Thai engineer which might only mean that the Thai's have a better understanding of social worth! So it is very common for a gal to work the bars for a year or two, put away as much money as they can, and then return to their families or get married. Others unfortunately, virtually get "sold" by their families into the industry. The stories about the bar girls are legion. While they may only have the equivalent of a 3rd grade education, many of them have outwitted some love struck Farang (Western Foreigner) for a fortune! They play by the rules if treated fairly.....but are vicious if mistreated. They are known to be adept with a straight razor should their "Man" butterfly on them! No one wants to cross a bar girl! They come to the south of Thailand in the thousands. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 of them working in various sexual activities today. Invariably, they are all beautiful to our eyes. Picking out the cream of the crop usually boils down to picky little things like hair style. When's the last time you choose your evening companion by picking the one with the best teeth? Going around the bars puts new meaning in the phrase "Like a kid in a candy store." The bars in Bangkok are most often "Go-Go" bars, a style that goes back to the Viet Nam era. The dancers remain clothed in a bathing suit, bikini, or g-string/top in the bar. It is illegal for them to dance topless or nude.......more about which later. Don't try to compare these bars with what you might remember (if you're old enough) as Go-Go bars her in the states! The Go-Go bars are clustered in about 4 general areas of Bangkok. The most famous is the area called Patpong obviously from the Patpong Rd. they are located on. The others in Nana, Soi Cowboy, and Sukumviet Rd. all have their attributes, but Patpong is THE center. This is where the out of town visitor usually heads. Having sampled the others, I would recommend that you just stay in Patpong. Like the books say, the others are more laid back, less hassle, and maybe cheaper. However, since you're in for a quick visit you might as well O.D. on the biggest and baddest! Patpong is really 2 or 3 little streets about 1 block long. Each is less than a standard neighborhood street in width. The 3rd street is really an alley (even more than the first two) that caters to the gay crowd and Japanese private clubs so we'll ignore it totally for now. Patpong 1 is filled with 2 to 6 story buildings that have several things in common. Each has a bar or bars on its first floor and often times its second floor as well. I've never seen this style of "Bar" anywhere else in the world. Typically, the bar is very small--perhaps 20 feet across and 50 feet deep. In the center will be a small stage about 8' by 12'. Around the stage is a horseshoe shaped bar with stools for about 25 to 30 patrons. Perhaps on one or both walls there will be seating for an additional 25 people for a packed house of maybe 50. In the bar besides the patrons, there will be about 30-40 of those afore mentioned BEAUTIFUL CREATURES! Don't confuse these bars with ours where you have your choice of staring at 4-5 tattooed, overweight ladies! Often times, the girls will out number the customers. At one time about 1/3 of them will be crowded on the small stage dancing a set. The groups revolve out as the night goes on. As one can imagine, in just the first bar, one reaches visual overload quickly. Couple this with the fact that each of the girls believes that you are her personal ticket out for the evening and you can imagine the attention you get upon entering! Hardly before you first drink arrives, some angel's arm snakes around you and you hear this little voice breathing in your ear, "Howwoo, sir. You rike me?" Its breathing in your ear because the music is usually playing somewhere around 90-95 decibels! The girls often will start massaging your neck or back or .........before hitting you up for a drink. Heck, with your beer costing about 50 Bhat ($2) and her "cola" the same, you often find yourself buying for a bevy of beauties who are all vying for your attention simultaneously! Damn hard way to go........ Here you are trying to scope out the possibilities that interest you from around 40 of so gals, 2 or 3 are hanging onto you passionately, and your heart is beating so fast that you can't swallow! What makes this scene so very, very incredible, is that this bar is only the first of about 20 ON THAT BLOCK!!!! The girls are not real pushy about it either. Once they see that you are not going to spring for a drink they allow you to watch in peace. My technique is to buy the first one who comes over a drink, pretend to be madly in love when others approach, and then scope out who I want to talk to later. I leave after my first drink which avoids having one of the gals "claim me" and then later can return if I spotted something interesting. With all that ground to cover, it would be a shame to spend too much time in one place.

By moving from one bar to another, you will quickly develop "favorites". Perhaps you think that the overall quality of the bar girls is better in some, perhaps you'll like the music mix better, or perhaps how you are treated in some better than others. Whatever your reasons, there is plenty of time to scope them out and return. I would suggest that you avoid a beer in EACH ONE. The local Shinga beer is real high in alcohol content and quickly does a number on you! Juices or soft drinks are an easy alternate and the bars are use to serving them. When your little heart finally settles down to a dull roar and you have fallen madly in "love", and the lady of your finest wet dream has been identified, you're ready to make the move! Several options now present themselves. You can contract for a "short time" meaning a nice long fuck. Or you can look for a "long time" meaning all night. The standard rules for a "long time" are 1) you pay her her fee fully and don't try to cheat her, 2) you and she usually do it then and once again in the morning, 3) you are not responsible to fix or buy breakfast for her. Fees for this "service" vary as you might expect. In Patpong which is probably the most expensive, a short time will run 1000 to 1500 Bhat ($40-$60). A long time will usually be 2000 Bhat ($80). Some of the other areas have prices running down to half of Patpong's prices However, Patpong is the center for the most sophisticated and stylish women. You pay your money, you make your choices............. The "how" is very easy. You simply negotiate with the object of your temporary affection. Often times, the only thing necessary is to point first at her and then yourself and nod your head. She will understand quickly. Funny, but even though they may only know a limited amount of English, the girls can count in about 100 languages! Since you are taking her from a bar, you will be responsible for paying a "Bar Fine". The idea of this is to compensate the bar owner who is about to loose the services of the young lady for the evening. The bar fines run about 325 Bhat ($13). Your other choice involves the "where". Unless you are staying at one of the real high class hotels, your friend is welcome in your room. However, the hotel will insist upon charging you for a double! If you are going for the short time, there are a couple of "guest houses" right on or by Patpong that charge 200 Bhat ($8) and are preferred by the girls to avoid a long walk to your hotel. They are interesting as you also get to watch the constant traffic in and out by other participants (hehehehe). An interesting sidelight is that the most popular short time hotel, the MMM Guest House on Patpong is entered via a hallway off the street. Running along the hallway is a neat, quiet little bar just for socializing and drinking--no music--with nuke Hanoi Jane posters and owned by a group of ex Nam vets. The long part of the bar along side the hallway is enclosed with one way glass windows. Everyone sits, BS's, and watches the flow into and out of the guest house making the appropriate comments. With your choice of about 1000 wonderful bodies within 100 yards, your choice is a hard one! It's a horrible job...someone has got to do it. AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO PATPONG 2 YET!!!!!! Well, having gotten you through the massage parlors, and the Go-Go bars, I should mention some of the "special shows". Many of the second floor bars in Patpong offer shows. They are illegal and occasionally get raided without effect to the patrons. However, Bangkok is very tolerant and the shows have become a way of life. All the clubs are suppose to close at 1:00 AM, but most now run on until closer to 3:00 since no one seems to mind and everyone is enjoying themselves. It is in the "special shows" that one is exposed to the world class talent of the city. Each bar seems to try to outdo each other to see who has the wildest show. In many of the clubs you will see tourist couples (Look at that Ma! They will never believe this back in Des Moines!). The shows are soooooooo far out that they become comical the first time or two that you see one. Sexy and erotic...not really...but a MUST do for you sometime during your visit. In my two trips so far, I have observed the following: 1) Young lady smoking a cigarette with her pussy. 2) Young lady blowing a whistle with her pussy. 3) Gal using a large straw and her pussy to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. 4) Gal inserts a banana and then spits it out, cutting it into 3 pieces in the process. I DID not chance getting into that one! 5) Lady opens a soda bottle using only her pussy! 6) Lady removes 2 dozen razor blades connected by a string from her pussy! They were real! I suspect that she was wearing a protective device. I didn't want to touch that one either! 7) Ping Pong balls propelled across the room by a pussy. 8) Very talented gals using a blow dart gun and their pussy to pop balloons held above their head by customers. 9) My Favorite! Two gals come on stage carrying a large brandy snifter full of water. First gal deposits a load of pebbles in the bottom of the glass from her pussy. Second gal deposits 3 live tropical fish into the "aquarium"! 10) Gal did an act including insertion using two 6 foot pythons. No, she didn't get all 6 feet in...just about 8" .....head first! Obviously, going to Patpong and missing all of this culture would be a waste of time. Look at it this way. It will be something to tell your grandchildren about and piss their mother off!

Actually, this is an account of Pattaya, a city south of Bangkok. Pattaya is to Bangkok as Galveston is to Houston--the beach resort about 2 hours down the road. Pattaya is about the size of downtown Galveston proper. In other words, you could walk it end to end if you had to. One difference however, is that Pattaya has about 50% of its population working as bar girls! The Go-Go scene is not the big deal like in Bangkok. Here there are beer bars. The beer bars are exposed, outside bars, that seat maybe 25 people and are staffed with perhaps 10 girls. Another 5 or so girls will be sitting out on the stools as well. Up and down Pattaya beach, there must be 500 of them total! Some are more major attractions which put on some entertainment like Thai Kick Boxing. The common ground is the bar girls. To put it in perspective, Pattaya is the most favored shore leave for ALL the world's navies! They say that when the 7th fleet is in town, all hell breaks loose. No navy of any fleet was present during my visit, and as far as I am concerned all hell WAS breaking loose without them! Comparing Pattaya with Bangkok I found a more laid back atmosphere, lower prices, and a less sophisticated lady. While Patpong women tend to make up and dress in a Western style, these gals seem more "local". Perhaps, that made them a little less attractive to me. One good point is that here one can waste away an hour or so talking to a bar girl, playing a little bar game for drinks, and not feel so pressured. But the focus of this part is on a bar I ran into in Pattaya! I saw an advertisement for it, thought it was cute, and walked over to try and get a copy to take home. In Bangkok the have what is called "no hands" restaurants where your party is fed by waitresses sitting on your laps. All night long you can use your hands elsewhere, instead of worrying about putting food and drink into your mouth! I thought that this was just a bar in the same vein......WRONG! What I discovered was an "upstairs" bar which only had 8 barstools. The bar itself was chest high and had semi-circular cut-outs at each barstool. Upon entering, one was approached by a bar girl, the massage started on the neck, and a drink bought. Only then did my eyes become accustomed to the subdued lighting. The "special services" offered were accomplished by the bar girl going around to the inside of the bar, kneeling down under the bar, parting a curtain, pulling down your pants, and applying her mouth to ones swelling member! The "special service" was accomplished for the mere sum of 250 Bhat ($10)!! WOW now that "service" would be welcome just about anywhere. The incredible scene around one was one of XXX videos on the tube, 6 or so guys leaning on the bar in their own cut-outs, with the wildest expressions on their faces! A sign on the bar top said, "when pants are down around ankle, please to put valuables on top of bar". As perverted as this place is, and I must say it tops my list of perverted places, in its own way I certainly will always remember it. The bar has its own listing of "firsts and mosts". You will be told that the most is 7 by one individual in one night (Definitely a Playline potential member). The oldest was 85 ( it wasn't Jack). The biggest was 5 at the bar and then this guy took 3 bar girls into the back room for a bi scene. By the way, most of the bars in Pattaya and some in Bangkok have back rooms you can rent on the spot. And not to be outdone, the first woman was a certain Helga from West Germany! In all they have a listing of 20 odd different "firsts and mosts". Most of which I couldn't read or remember since my eyes were bulging out so far. No discussion of Bangkok would be complete without talking about their world famous TV/TS's. Generations of visiting sailors have returned to the ship suddenly very sober, muttering comments like, ".........and then when I took off her panties I got the biggest surprise of my life"! Part of the possible reason probably is that both the Thai women and men are so small in bone structure compared to most Westerners. While here we are accustomed to seeing the 5'10 Transvestites in size 12 heels, over there there is little if any difference in physical sizes. Couple this with the fact the their surgeons are very experienced in the procedures and the permissiveness that allows them to do the surgery. I read during my visit that a "guy" could have the entire "lower parts" done for only $800. A good bar gal can clear that much in several weeks. The guides which I read warned that even observing them in "natures own clothing" was not a good indicator so skilled were the surgeons. The best suggestion they could give was to look for an adams apple! My experience looking at adams apples with these small bodied creatures gave me absolutely no clue! There are several Clubs and Cabarets in Bangkok for both TV's and TS's. In addition, a small percentage of the bar girls are "remakes". In Pattaya there are probably the world's two largest and fanciest cabarets featuring their acts. In addition, Pattaya boasts a goodly number of them on the streets. Must be something about the 7th fleet that attracts them. I usually pride myself here in the states of being able to "spot" a converted guy/gal fairly easily. I don't know really why that should be such an outstanding attribute, but....... In Thailand, I was mystified! The "gals" are as striking as the original ones! Should you lean to playing with this type of enchanting creature, you will be as pleased with Thailand as those who lust after the women. I hope that these revelations about Thailand have wetted your appetite for visiting the country. If you decide to go sometime, can I carry your luggage?

On one of my visits to a major Bangkok massage parlor, I was comfortably sitting in the lobby and discussing with an attendant, the various attributes of the many girls behind the glass wall. Picking out the best looker out of 4 or 5 in a bar is easy. Picking out the best from over 80 gals arrayed for your inspection is difficult. Quietly, my helper suggested that perhaps I would be interested in seeing what also was available in one of the special bar areas. What he alluded to made my heart race wildly. He said that in there they had some "young ones". Seeing how most Thai women in their 20's look in their teens to me, this was something that I had to see! Inside the other room off of the lobby, which actually was a small bar, sat about 12 little girls watching TV. As we entered, they were watching, playing grabass, and giggling! On a command from my attendant, they all sat back up on the couches and smiled at me, giving me their full attention. Before me sat the 12, with the youngest at my guess about 12. It was obvious that these young things had not yet matured into ladies....their giggles and squirming quickly gave them away. No dummies either, the establishment had made no attempts to dress them sexy, but rather clothed them in young girl outfits befitting their age. I couldn't restrain myself! I had to have one of them. I picked out what I took to probably be the oldest one as she was the most attractive to me. My attendant assured me that all of them were suitably trained, but my heart went to this one. Her name was Bii (pronounced Bee), a nickname given to her at birth. She turned out to be 16 years old. As she led me away to the room, I knew I was in for a wild time. The massage and bath went according to the standard routine as described in the Bangkok massage story and there is no need to report it again. However, this little gal probably exhibited the most interest and talent when soaping down my by now VERY HARD member. A lot of giggles accompanied her ministrations. As the bath and massage finished she began to work her lips and mouth down my body and appropriately enough ended up with her tiny mouth over my cock. I watched as she sensuously devoured me, taking a surprising amount into her mouth. I knew that this would be over all too shortly if I allowed it to continue too long, and beside, I wanted to taste some of her. As I laid her on her back, she prepared for me to enter her. Was she surprised to see my lips trail from her tiny little nipples, down her stomach, and latch onto her clit! I don't think that her entire slit, from bottom to clit, could have been over 2 1/2 to 3 inches! Believe me, it tasted sweet! As I ran my tongue up and down its length, she began to squirm around on the bed, unaccustomed to the feel and sensations. Soon, she was clutching the sheets with both hands and moaning. I licked a finger and began to finger her pussy in preparation for later as I continued my assault on her little clit. Quickly, she cried out, muscles clenching, and bucked her hips wildly! Partially moaning and partially wimpering, she pulled me up, pushed me over on my back, straddled me, and took my rock hard cock in both hands. Could she do it? Well, Bun sure wanted to try! I watched with awe as the head of my cock slowly entered her tiny sweet pussy. Looking up at her I saw a face contorted in a grimace of pain. "No", I told her, "easy". But she simply shook her head and continued to slide down on my shaft. Soon, all of me was inside her and she stopped to catch her breath. In a minute, she started slowly bobbing up and down on me, now with a contented smile on her face. Well, you can imagine just how long it took to bring me off! As she sensed my quickening pace, she placed her feet flat on the bed on either side of my hips, squatted over me, and began to plunge away. BINGO....that was all it took to pull me over the edge! As I felt gusher after gusher of cum spurt from my cock, I knew that I had reach the heights of ecstasy! After letting me deflate inside her, Bii led me back to the tub and once again cleaned my entire body. It is an experience I'll never forget. =========================================================================== A>that's a great and very informative article about Bangkok you have A>there! I'll include it in the next version of the Prostitution FAQ. A>One question though: when did your visits take place? I would like to A>add a date-tag to it. I wrote those after my second trip to BKK in Oct 1991. However, I just returned from an Oct, 1994 visit as well. I don't know of hardly anything that I would change though.

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