Myanmar (Burma): This note is for information only and is not a promotion. Anyone seeking a wild time should go somewhere else. Summary: Scene revolves around Karaoke. If you're in a place where girls are getting up in turn to sing then you're on the right track; these girls are available for extra-curricular activities. The locals can find brothels in the countryside which are just shacks where a couple of girls are available. Bring your own boxing gloves. Yangon (Rangoon): Not the number 1 nightlife city in the region by any stretch. Karaoke places can be found on the stretch of Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road between Mahabandoola St. and Kyone Gyee St. There are many big neon signs in Chinese so you'll know this street when you see it. There were a couple of well hootered women hanging around outside the clubs. The disco in the Equatorial Hotel had quite a few unaccompanied women. Quoted price was $100 all night. Unconfirmed rumors have reached this desk that certain teahouses and yogurt shops (yes, yogurt) may harbour friendly ladies. Look for Nilar on Mahabandoola St. and Pinky at Sule Pagoda. Mandalay: Karaoke places abound. Usually the girls won't have one word of English. One place called the Mann Mandalar Restaurant - situated in a mini fairground to the north of the city centre - had a big karaoke show where many girls sang individually and as a group. If one takes your fancy you can communicate this to any of the attendents who will arrange a meeting. The girls are supposed to be college students supplementing their tuition grants so maybe they speak some English. Quoted price was $25 all night. Don't know what you have to pay to the hotel security to get one in. If you hook up with the right locals they can find a brothel in the outskirts where you can choose a country lass for a quick liaison behind a bamboo screen. Prices are in the $10-15 range.

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