Subject: Curacao

Dear Atta,

I am writing to update you on the Caribbean island of Curacao. It is an
island belonging to Holland, near to the coast of Venezuela.

Just a short way from the airport just off Franklin D Roosevent Weg is a
pleasure centre which has existed since the late 1940's - originally
named the Campo Allegre it has recently been renamed the Mirage. Every
man should visit for a truly wonderful experience.

Admission to the camp, which looks like an old army camp with nissan
huts costs 2 Guilders US$ 1.2. Inside are girls either in the bar at the
centre of the camp or on the door  steps of their individual rooms. The
cost is about $ 30.00 when anything goes. The girls are from either
Dominican Republic or from Columbia. $ 30 buys you unhurried sex oral -
whatever you want all included in the $ 30.

It's a wonderful plance to go - typifies the Dutch attitude to sex -
happy fucking

Subject: Curacao
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 16:54:45 -0600

Noticed you don't have Curacao on your world guide under Caribbean

Curacao has a legal whorehouse called "Mirage" it is a old army camp turned
into a legal whorehouse  . There are over 100 room . Girls come for a 3
month contract from Columbia and Dominican Republic . All the girls are
tested before they can work and are regulary tested . The girls are only
allowed out of the camp from 6am to 6Pm , then after they all have to be in
. You can find all kind of shapes and sizes even some hot hot ones . Some
of the girls are from University that come over to make some money for
their studies . The going rate is about $28 . You can get any fantacy you
want . these girls love to suck, you and fuck you . Hey they even take it
up the arse , even come on their pretty faces .

You won't be dissapointed

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