Sure, El salvador has a bum rap because of wars and death squads, but
they're harboring some of the most beautiful women in Central America.....

Estitica Para Hombres  features women who could eaily pass for Sports
Illustrated swim suit babes.  The club cost about US$10  to enter and
features free beer to patrons who look serious about staying awhile.  The
cost is about US$50 for about  one-and-a-half hours (but time tends to
stand still here).  They pass out a 'menu' that features different house
specials and there associated price....Ex: a lesbian show would cost about
US120 for an all out two hour session.  The club has on-site rooms or you
can take them back to your hotel for an arranged fee.  The club is located
near the the entrance to the city from the airport

Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 21:00:33 -0800
Subject: El Salvador


I think your site is excellent.  The information here is priceless and I
wish you continued success in keeping it alive.

I noticed you didn't have any postings for El Salvador, so I figured I'd
send you what I've experienced.  This haven is still relatively unknown
by tourists.

There's a kind of brothel located about 15-20 minutes walking distance
from the Camino Real, off of Boulevard de los Heroes.  If you exit the
Camino Real to the left and head down the main road to the third light,
you will definitely see the girls hanging around within plus or minus a
block from about 9pm on.  They don't seem to care about any authority,
so I didn't either. They most definitely dress sexy, and offer the full
range of looks.

At the third light, if you turn right and head further down about 10
minutes walking, you can't miss the location of this "motel" as girls
will be scattered within plus or minus a block of the motel.  It is
actually a hotel catering only to hookers, but it is locally known as a
"motel".  The girls at either location are usually consistent, asking
for about 100 to 150 colones for full service.  The motel is 25 colones
the half hour or full hour, depending on who's at the front door and
what mood he's in.  At today's exchange, we're talking about $15 for the
girl and another $3 for the motel.  Don't expect Sheraton standards.

Caution.  There is also the occasional Transvestite lingering about. 
Very attractive from afar, but offers a surprise to those not careful.

Use condoms.  The girls usually pick a couple up for you from the motel
attendant when you pay for the room.  Knowing Spanish helps get the
rates mentioned above.

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