Prostitution is all over Honduras but more so in LARGE cities like
Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Tela, La Ceiba; Etc.

It is accepted as a way of life to earn $$; and the Police don't bother you
if you just want a good time.

Aids is all over the World so be carefull and use protection.

BARGAIN for your best prices for the whole night.  $15 to $25 is fair; but
they will ask for more.

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 20:04:38 +0100
Subject: Honduras

Dear Atta,

San Pedro Sula is the second city of Hounduras.

It has exceptionally good value street prostitution. Street girls can be
found along 5th Avenue at the junction of 8th street (Calle 8). They all
have small rooms to rent for a short time. This costs US $ 2 and for the
girl US $ 3 to 5 for 15 minutes. This is for strait fucking. For $ 6 or
7  they will suck, fuck or you can suck them. The girls range from about
16 to 40. All shaps and sizes.

There are nightclubs, but I've no experience of them.

Happy fucking

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 12:55:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Honduras

Generally prostitution in Tegucigalpa, Honduras is fairly
disappointing. Most houses are of poor quality, but there is one
private house "Elsa" with a moderate stock of girls, even though most
of them have one or two children.  They charge 400-500 lempiras for 2
hours. Ask a cab to take you there.

Opposite the airport is the best brothel, but prices are steep. They
ask $80, but sometimes one may find one or two good looking
hookers. The best thing is to ask their phone number and in stead of
going out with them, call them a few days and offer them $40

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 97 04:01:33 UT

I was there a few yrs ago while in the service and found out that prostitution 
is legal there and the girls all have regular health checks. If they are clean 
they have a card which they carry. This was even before the AIDs thing came 
around. Like most of the Latin Women they all enjoy a good nite and I spent 
many a nights with there with one lady and it would only run between $15-20 
USD then but they also spent the entire night as well.  I know this was more 
than she expected but she was a single working mom with a child. I hooked up 
some of my Air Force buddies and we all had a great time. 

We stayed at the Hotel Maya in Tegucigalpa and met many women while we were 
there, of all shapes and sizes. Even though I am fluent in Spanish and 
hispanic. They were more than willing to spend a night or two with some of my 
gringo friends for free. Something about blue eyes and blonde hair that they 
were attracted to. 

They averaged from 16 which is the age of consent and able to work out there 
to very well maintained women in their fiftys who could suck start a Harley. 
So you have alot of willing and able women in Honduras. It may not be the 
greatest place to be a tourist, but if you want a tiny petite spanish women. 
This is a good a place as any. Unless you know Spanish, you do not need to pay 
the hotel to allow the girl in. But if the has a bad reputation in the town or 
city. The hotel clerk will stop you and warm you about her since she has 
probably been there and stolen things from the hotel. When I was coming in 
with my date. I met a lobby clerk who was escorting my friends date out of the 
hotel. My friend did not speak spanish, but the hotel staff translated the 
message thru me she was a bad person. 

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 11:18:04 -0800
Subject: world sex guide, honduras

Prostitution . Honduras  01/24/98

As elsewhere at this site , prices quoted are grossly inflated as they
usually get quoted by visiting gringos that got ripped off by local
standards. Real beauties in La Ceiba will quote 200 Lempiras but 
settle for 100 ( US$ 7) after some bargaining. Expats and regulars 
n e v e r pay more for the night. Some locals even claim to get them 
for 50 Lemps, but I cannot verify this . Maybe this is for ugly fat 
girls or some of the black caribs that live in shacks by the beach.
Official AIDS figures are 4% of the population of Honduras being 
infected, that works out to probably a l l prostitutes. Many expats
live in Honduras because of cheap booze and hookers and many spread 
AIDS by having unprotected sex with daily changing girls, not just

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