Indonesia is a large country consisting of thousands of islands and spanning thousands of miles. The women there tend to be friendly, and very pretty (most closely resembling Filipino women). After 4 trips to Indonesia and numerous encounters with the women, here are my observations and recommendations (note:all prices are in U.S. $ unless otherwise stated): JAVA: This is the main island in Indonesia and also the most populated. People here tend to be very poor and as a result many women opt for prostitution to support their families. Prices and availablility of women vary greatly throughout Java with the highest costs being in Jakarta. A far cheaper area is in and around the city of Surabaya on the south-east coast, and not far from Bali. In Surabaya itself there is an excellent selection of girls of all ages at generally reasonable prices. You need to hire a driver from your hotel to take you to the local red light district and be your guide/interpreter/negotiator (this will cost you about $3 to $5 an hour). The district doesn't really get active until after 7:00 PM and it consists of about 4 or 5 blocks of small bars and houses along a narrow dimly lit street (not a place to go without a local guide!). Each of the many bars or houses in this area is home to between 10 to 30 girls. You walk into any place, look the girls over (they are usually seated on benches), and if you don't find what you want you walk next door to the next place. Finding a good looking girl is no problem since most are young and fresh looking (average age is probably 20). You should let your guide know if you want a girl who will give head, otherwise you will probably get only straight sex. The prices are highly negotiable and the first price quoted will often be high. Be prepared to walk out and look at more places if the price is too high. Price for a short-time is usually $20-$25, and a girl for all night is $60 to $90. The local hotels have no problem with customers bringing women to their rooms. Near Surabaya is the town of Tretes. This is a beautiful place high in the mountains where it is scenic and cool. In Tretes there is a subdivision set off from the road where you have to pass a guard at a toll booth. You pay 500 Rupiah (about 24 cents, U.S.) and he raises a gate to let your car pass. Inside this area are about 40 or 50 establishments much like the ones in Surabaya, but here the prices are lower. Short time is $10 to $15 and all night is $40 to $70. In the Surabaya area there are women from the nearby island of Madura. You might want to ask for one of these since they are famous throughout Indonesia for practicing a type of sexual massage. This massage is given to your penis with their vagina muscles and it is like they have a little milking machine up inside their pussy. Damndest thing I ever felt!

A popular city for tourists in Java is Yogokarta. However, the place is a disappointment when it comes to women - especially after experiencing Surabaya. Prices are high ($40 for a short time) and there are only 2 or three small brothels in town. Hotel drivers can take you there. There are no massage parlours for tourists that I could find. Many hotels won't allow you to bring girls to your room, so all-nighters are difficult. An even bigger disappointment is the capital city of Jakarta. The prices there are ridiculous ($100 or more for a short time at the 3 brothels I visited). There are many freelancers working the bars and discos (Jakarta has a very lively nightlife) in areas such as Blok M, and these are much cheaper. However, keep in mind that the crime rate in Jakarta is very high, so watch your wallet and be very careful of who you go with and where. Most good hotels in Jakarta won't allow you to bring a girl to your room because of problems with theft. In all, your best bet in Jakarta is to catch the first plane headed to Surabaya. Even with the air fare ($150 one way) you will come out ahead after 2 or 3 days and you won't have to worry about getting robbed. North of Java is Sumatra and a large group of Indonesian islands called the Riau Islands. Two of these islands, Batam and Bintan, are located just south of Singapore. Anyone going to Singapore can easily visit these islands by catching the ferry from the World Trade Center in Singapore. RT to Batam is $17 and RT to the town of T.G. Pinang on Bintan is $57. On Batam there are many clubs that cater to visitors from Singapore. Club 88, club 77, and Golder Star are a few. Each is filled with 30 to 60 girls that can be had for 50 Singapore Dollars ($35 U.S.) for a short time, or 100 Sing. Dollars for all night. Prices at the different clubs are all about the same and they won't negotiate. The quality of the women at these clubs are fair to good - average age maybe 20 or 21. Hotels on Batam are much cheaper than on Singapore - you can find decent lodging for you and your girl for about $40 - $50 a night. The trip to T.G. Pinang on Bintan costs more and takes longer (3 hours), but you might make it up in lower hotel rates ($30 is average). There are several brothels within and near T.G. Pinang with fair selections of girls. Again, you must have a driver to take you there and be your interpreter. This is no problem since as soon as you step off of the ferry you will be approached by drivers. You MUST get your driver from the ferry landing area since most hotels do not have drivers. One place of special interest to see is called '24' since it is located 24 kilometers from town. This is a small village where between 500 to 1000 girls live. Each of the many small buildings in this area has between 15 to 30 girls, and in the late afternoon many come out and sit on the front porches so that you can drive or walk up and down the streets and look them over. Prices are $10 to $20 for a short time and $40 to 65 for all night (you must bargain). The girls don't like short-times - they want you to 'book' them for all night. The quality here is uneven - the better lookers probably end up in Batam or closer to town. This should be no problem with so many to choose from. Be advised that these girls are not 'pros'. They, like most prostitutes in Indonesia, are young women from rural areas in Java or elsewhere who are trying to make some money to support their families back home. You shouldn't expect too much in the way of performance from these girls since many are shy, speak no English, and in some cases have had limited prior sexual experiences. Finally, be advised that girls coming from most brothels in Indonesia come with a 'money back guarantee'. If the customer complains about a girl not performing, skipping out, or any other legitimate complaint then he will usually be refunded his money. However, you should never complain unless the girl really deserves it because the brothel owner will then fine the girl something like $300 U.S.

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