The following details are my experiences from a trip to Indonesia in August 1993 as far as sex is concerned. I always travel alone and the experiences you make if you travel in a group or with your wife may be very different from what I describe below. I am male and I report from a male point of view for single male travelers. If you feel offended by this, or if you are a feminist, then better not go ahead. Abstract Althrouh nominally a muslim country, there's a lot of fun in Indonesia both for gays and heteros. Due to its good infrastructure Indonesia is a country where you can have all the fun but still live air conditioned. There is a very marked difference between Jakarta and the rest of the country. If you want it every night, try to find a girl that comes with you. This can easily be arranged in Jakarta, probably in Yogyakarta but most likely not elsewhere. The area I have covered is most of Java, Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores. I have not been to Bali. Prostitution in General It's probably all there, but only in Bima (on Sumbawa island) I have come accross real prostitution, that is someone who comes to see you in your hotel room for money that is paid in advance to the hotel manager. Even then it was great fun - unlike what it is like in the States or what I hear about some European destinations. I have no idea about this sort prostitution in Jakarta (although I am sure it is there). I made friendship with a girl I travelled with her and this seems to be what many travellers do. This is not only dramatically cheaper but also a lot more personal (and also safer in terms of AIDS) but still there's a lot of fun this way. The girls who go with foreigners are mostly schoolgirls not professional prostitutes and if you really love her - go ahead, take her with you, get married. This is what all of them want and many have already been somewhere with someone. Jakarta I got to Jakarta after more than one day in planes and airports, jet-lagged, dehydrated, tired and fed up. After a good hot shower in my hotel I took off to find me something to eat and some up-to-date information on what was ahead in this vast country. The Jalan Jaksa area is highly recommended as a place where independent travellers meet.

Jalan Jaksa ("Jalan" means "Street") is basically a short road just south of the Monas monument with plenty of bars, discos and cheap hotels. While I can recommend the eateries, better stay away from those bottom end places both because of the cockroaches and the security situation that I think is not very good. Jakarta is not exactly a safe place in particular not after dark. Just at the southern end of Jalan Jaksa there is also a new and very good hotel but always keep your credit card in sight when you pay (!). The place is packed with foreigners at night and most single travellers have Indonesian friends at their side. I was among a couple of girls and they came very close and I could feel they wanted me. I called a taxi and we got to my hotel, my friend and me in the back of the car and her sister in front and when we took off I put my arm around her and gently kissed her and found her breasts to be naked under her shirt and she could not wait until we got to my room and she sat on my lap and my hands discovered that she was wet and I found it very difficult to get my dick out of my trouser and I couldn't help making love to her while the taxi got stuck in the Jakarta traffic on the way back to my hotel. When we got to my room her sister said that she was tired and got into my bed while I first jumped in the shower and my friend followed me and we washed each other and I never forget her small breasts and her hard nibbles and she was shaved completely and I sat in front of her and licked her under the running water. We got back completely naked and her sister slept on one side of the large bed while I got into the other side and took my friend in the middle. She was a schoolgirl and had her homework with her and I told her about places I have seen or lived in but she had to learn about in geography. She was very close and completely naked and under the cool air from the air con I felt her body heat. I placed my head on her lap while she sat in the middle of the bed with her schoolbooks and I could smell her and I kissed her lower body and she opened her legs and my tongue discovered her vagina. She put her schoolbooks aside and came on top of me and when she made my penis gently touch the heart of her love without penetrating it and suddenly I felt her hot urine flow down my big thing and there was absolutely nothing disgusting about it and she was so wet and tender and she gave me so much pleaseure I will never forget. Only when we were finished and she rested on my chest and I gently kissed her face and touched her nice black hair I discovered that her sister wasn't asleep at all but had watched us all of the time. While you are not allowed visitors in your room in some places there were no such hassles in Jakarta and when we travelled together accross Java we could easily check into hotels together no questions asked. Yogyakarta Yogyakarta ("Yogya") is half a day by train or an hour or so by plane from Jakarta and one of the most important places in Java for a tourist visit. It is one of the several jump-off points to visit the famous Borobudur. There are many foreigners in town and lot's of bars with girls that very obviously look for single travellers but as I had my friend with me I had no chance to try it out. The one thing I know is that there are ladyboys who stick around for customers, so either beware or find out yourself, it's up to you.

Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores There does not seem to be any prostitution around in the small towns, probably not even an experience like the one I made in Jakarta (with Bima being the one exception). I was there a few days before their national holidays and schools always have a large parade that is being rehearsed days before. When I watched I heared people shout "oh, you're very beautiful" and things like this and when they were finished they came to me, curious girls who wanted to know everything about me but there was no sort of sexual dimension to it. In Labhuan Bajo (Flores) there seems to be a brothel but just one and you can't take a girl to your own room. The hotel boy who offered me to show me the way said he could loose his job if he brought one of the girls to me. Bima Bima is a small town in Eastern Sumbawa, a couple of hours from the harbor if you have come by boat from Flores. It does not have the best reputation due to the remarks in some widely used guidebooks and this is why the first time I just moved thru. But the second time I got stuck. I had come after dark and the last bus accross Sumbawa had left hours before. So I had to stay. Bima is very muslim, a lot more that the rest of Indonesia. Women wear headscarfs and you hear the muezzin call five times a day. My hotel was in the center of the town and when I got there I found it hard to make them understand that I wanted to stay a day or two as no one understood English. In sexual terms I was starved as there was nothing on Flores before. While I tried to make the receptionist understand what I wanted I felt that a girl that was hanging around in the hall watched me carefully. When I got to my room both the receptionist and that girl followed me a couple of minutes later. A short discussion of prices followed that mainly consisted of showing up the bills as my grasp of Bahasa Indonesa was less than minimal, but so were the costs. When an agreement was reached the receptionist left me with her. I was naked because I had taken a shower to wash off the dust from the long bus ride before and she sat on my bed and tried to talk to me in her language and I felt her breasts under her skirt and her long hair gently touched my body and I caressed her face and then she came over me and I discovered that she was not wearing any underwear under her long muslim skirt. She was never fully undressed but when she was on top of me I could see the shadow of her breasts move inside her dress and she very hot and very wet...

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