Subject: FYI Prostitutes on Italian Highways

Many Nigerian and other North African women stand alongside the
superstrade in Italy to service the truckers.  When I was there last
Spring, the most popular routes seemed to be those between, say, Arezzo
- Sansepulcro, Sansepulcro - Citta di Castello, and Citta di Castello -
Apechhio - Acqualagna.

According to my Italian friends, these women generally work via pimps
who drop them off in minivans at various points along the major truck
routes (the non-autostrade ones, which are generally two lanes.
Sometimes you'll see two or three women sitting around a radio, passing
the time, but generally they stand alone, smoking.  They have blankets
in the brush for their customers.  At the end of the day, the pimps pick
them back up again -- like a bus service.  The more affluent and
independent women will have their own caravans by the side of the road,
which makes for better privacy and security.  However, from what I saw,
the carabinieri were ignoring the trade.

The whole setup seems strange to an American, but Italians seem quite
used to it -- I saw plenty of men going about these transactions
casually, and with impunity.

Most of these women are not only very tall by Italian standards, but
quite voluptuous, and (unusual for Italy) are dressed in bright colors.
You can't miss 'em.

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